Hydroexcavation And Industrial Jet/Vac Services

Hydroexcavation And Industrial Jet/Vac Services
The VacSimizer vacuum system from Advanced Waste Services

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Hydroexcavation technology continues to grow in popularity among municipalities. New tools for jetting and hydroexcavating, including trucks, trailers and nozzles, serve a variety of functions, from the elimination of wastewater, roots and grease, to removing paint and other coatings from surfaces, to exposing and cutting pipe. Here is a look at some of the latest technology.

Jet/Vac Combination Trucks/Trailers

Truck vacuum excavator

The FXT50 truck vacuum excavator from Ditch Witch mounts directly to a truck’s frame rails, allowing the system to flex independently of the truck. A dealer will mount the unit to the single-axle truck of the customers’ choosing, and can customize the truck with toolboxes and other support equipment, such as a 1,020 cfm blower, and 3,000 psi water system flowing 5 gpm. 800/654-6481; www.ditchwitch.com.

Harsh climate hydrovac

The Hydrovac 2000 from Foremost Industries is built to withstand harsh climates and challenging work environments. It has a 13-cubic-yard epoxy-coated debris tank, a sloped debris tank and centrifugal pump tank flush off-loading, 2,000-gallon epoxy-coated water tank, Robuschi positive displacement vacuum blowers, CAT water pumps, up to 1 million Btu boiler systems, 70-inch heated, insulated and lit van bodies, a wirelessly controlled 26-foot extendable 8-inch boom system with 340-degree rotation, a 52- by 48-inch dump door, and a winterization package. 403/295-5800; www.foremost.ca.

CANbus-controlled combination jet/vac

The MC Advanced Series combination jet/vac from GapVax is ideal for catch basin and sewer line jetting. It is CANbus controlled, and includes a monitoring system allowing the operator to observe and troubleshoot the entire system. The display screen controls most functions, while providing manual control should something go wrong electrically. All body, boom and hose reel functions, vacuum break, throttle and lighting are wirelessly controlled, still maintaining proportional boom and hose reel control. Specs include 3/16-inch ASTM A572 Grade 50 Exten steel, 5- to 12-cubic-yard debris body and stainless steel water tank with capacity up to 2,000 gallons. Vacuum pump options range from 3,500 to 5,000 cfm, with up to 27 inches Hg. The boom is an 8-foot, front-mounted telescopic design with dual lift cylinders, reaching 26 feet with a 270-degree rotation. 888/442-7829; www.gapvax.com.

High-powered hydro/vac

The X-10 from Hi-Vac Corporation can hydroexcavate, and perform vacuum excavation, potholing and daylighting. It has easy operation and simple maintenance required. A state-of-the-art water pump and vacuum technology combine to create high vacuum excavation power. 740/374-2306; www.x-vac.com.

Trailer vacuum system

Outfitted with a powerful valve exerciser, the Valve & Vac 250 trailer vacuum system from Hurco Technologies allows for quick removal of debris from the valve box and performs required exercising of the valve to ensure it works properly in an emergency. This small portable vacuum has suction power and high-pressure water, resulting in fast hydroexcavation. The unit can expose buried utilities, excavate for a street sign and clean a debris pit in a service stall. 800/888-1436; www.gethurco.com.

Multipurpose cleaning truck

The PAT 949 multipurpose combination truck from Polston Applied Technologies provides a complete, stand-alone cleaning system that delivers up to 425 hp, enabling it to pump/separate sand and water at up to 2,500 gpm. It can remove sand and grit at depths of more than 27 feet. It can perform with equal efficiency in surcharged conditions, allowing the facility to remain online, as no shutdown is needed, no bypass pumping is required, and the process operation does not have to be taken out of service. It has an extra-long hydraulic knuckleboom crane, with up to 49 feet of reach from the center and 180-degree rotation. It operates using a closed-loop and non-odor emitting design. 866/862-7271; www.polstonprocess.com.

Conventionally sized hydroexcavator

The HX-15 conventionally sized hydroexcavator from Ramvac has a 15-yard debris tank with a temperature-controlled environmental chamber and a directional discharge system to off-load debris back into the excavation site. It has a long-range wireless remote, NEMA 4 electrical system, 400,000 Btu water boiler and a three-stage cyclonic filtration system. It comes standard with a 3,000 cfm blower, with an optional RamAir air excavation system. 800/323-1604; www.ram-vac.com.

Maneuverable hydroexcavator

The Mud Dog 650 truck-mounted hydroexcavator from Super Products has a 6.5-cubic-yard debris dump body, and is ideal for safe, effective digging in confined urban settings, rough compact terrains and remote hard-to-reach locations. It has a 500-gallon freshwater tank and offers water pressures up to 10 gpm at 2,500 psi, while its 8-inch positive displacement vacuum system provides airflow of 3,600 cfm. It utilizes a single-engine design that can result in lower fuel costs and maintenance requirements, and a simple control panel setup. 800/837-9711; www.superproductsllc.com.

Mud sweep hydrovac

The F4 Slope hydrovac from Tornado Hydrovacs holds 13 cubic yards of mud and more than 2,100 gallons of freshwater. It has a water tank to excavate, a mud tank where excavated spoils are held, a water pump, a boiler to heat the water, and a 3,600 to 6,300 cfm positive-displacement vacuum blower to pull the spoils to the tank via a boom. The boom has a 342-degree rotation and a 26-foot reach. All of the critical components are housed in an insulated and heated aluminum van body. The mud sweep enables operators to empty the tank without having to hoist it, eliminating the dangers of dumping on uneven ground and overhead power lines. 877/340-8141; www.tornadotrucks.com.

Efficient hydroexcavator

The X-Cavator hydroexcavator from Vac-Con has an efficient chassis engine with hydrostatic drive for the vacuum that eliminates the need for PTO, clutch and gearbox operation. It also has water systems up to 4,000 psi available, and a wireless remote control system that enables the operator to work the chassis engine rpm, boom, automatic vacuum breaker, dump controls and hydraulic door locks from remote areas up to 1/2 mile away. The boom rotates up to 270 degrees. 888/491-5762; www.vac-con.com.

High-dump combination sewer cleaner

The high-dump capability of the AllJetVac combination jet/vac sewer cleaner from Vacall – Gradall Industries allows the operator to raise the debris tank 76 inches above ground level and shift the tank horizontally 21 inches beyond the rear bumper. After removing debris from clogged sewer lines, the operator can raise, shift and tilt the debris tank to dump material faster and more efficiently into municipal dewatering containers, avoiding the need for ramps. The tank movement and dumping is accomplished with a wireless remote control mechanism, affording the operator a clear view of the dumping process. The chance of spills can be further avoided with an optional slanting splash shield, extending from the debris tank. 800/382-8302; www.vacallindustries.com.

Compact hydro/vac

The truck-mounted Ramjet from Vactor Manufacturing has a Jet Rodder water pump to break up blockages in sanitary lines and flush out debris. Armed with up to 2,500 gallons of water in a stainless steel tank, it delivers flows of 60 to 100 gpm at 2,000 or 2,500 psi. The single-piston, hydraulically driven, dual-acting pump delivers jackhammer action water flow, breaking through line blockages and scouring caked-on debris from pipe walls. A single operator can quickly drive to each job site to solve line problems and tackle regular line maintenance. The Ramjet can be configured with either a front- or rear-mounted hose reel. The auto-wind hose guide allows hands-free operation from the control panel for a clean, tight wrap. 800/627-3171; www.vactor.com.


The Cusco Hydro-Trencher Excavator from Wastequip is designed for directional boring and removing liquids, sludge, slurries, mud, gravel and other solid waste materials. It can excavate around fragile oil and gas pipelines, or be used to install fiber optic cables, repair utility lines, or excavate in remote areas with limited access. It has dual 500-gallon stainless steel vertical water tanks that separate water storage, maximizing weight distribution and providing corrosion resistance and safer dumping. It has cyclonic filtration technology with vacuum system airflow ratings of 5,300 cfm that generate 28 inches Hg of vacuum, an 18 gpm, 3,000 psi wash pump and high-pressure waterjetting. 800/490-3541; www.wastequip-cusco.com.

Industrial Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum trailer system

The VacSimizer vacuum system from Advanced Waste Services is designed for one-person operation. Easily maneuverable in tight areas, it delivers 2,400 cfm and legally hauls 42,000 pounds (80,000 pounds GVW). It has the capacity of a 5,000-gallon semi-tanker and the maneuverability of a straight vacuum truck. Axles retract for tight locations and extend to comply with bridge laws for driving with a full load. Features include 25-foot hose trays and 76-degree tipping angle with a full-opening rear door. The unit carries 200 feet of 4-inch vacuum hose and can be loaded from either side. 800/842-9792; www.advancedwasteservices.com.

Hydroexcavation Equipment and Supplies

Hydroexcavating boom elbows

Custom Boom Elbows manufactures both 70- and 90-degree boom elbows available for a range of hydroexcavating and municipal sewer work vehicles. Both feature a 25.1-inch circumference and 8-inch diameter with flanged ends. All models are built with a 1/2-inch wall thickness for longevity and endurance. 604/835-0199; www.customboomelbowsbc.com.

Heavy removal nozzle

The Magredi Nozzle from Jetter Depot is designed for heavy removal in larger pipeline applications. This skid-shaped nozzle makes easy work of removing sand, sludge, mud, stones and rocks. It is effective in 12- to 60-inch pipe, and comes with replaceable ceramic inserts angled at 0, 5, 10, 15 and 25 degrees. 770/406-8248; www.jetterdepot.com.

Hydroexcavation nozzle

The F-4 MONRO-JET from NozzTeq combines the power of a solid stream pencil jet with the large coverage of a fan jet. Its lightweight and sturdy design makes it ideal for hydroexcavation use. Its circular cutting motion generates power at modest gpm rates, allowing operators to move more efficiently. It is also effective for other types of surface cleaning such as concrete, steel, castings and large surface areas including line removal from runways. It can be modified for internal pipe cleaning of sewers and pipes of all types. Its orbital design leads to pressures as high as 36,250 psi. 866/620-5915; www.nozzteq.com.

Hydroexcavating tool

The Soil Surgeon hydroexcavating tool designed to fit any sewer combination truck equipped with a telescopic 6- or 8-inch boom. The tool has a 1-inch water connection. The operator controls water pressure and power with truck controls. It has a 6-foot Tuff Tube with handles fabricated to the tube to guide the unit down for potholing or side to side for trenching. Six jets boring inward cut the soil, while six boring outward bring the tube down. 949/363-1401; www.soilsurgeoninc.com.

Filter accessory kit

Conde Accessory Kits from Westmoor Ltd. include the primary, secondary, pre-filter and oil catch muffler. They can be fitted with 1- or 1 1/2-inch NPT connections. The weld-in primary trap comes in a choice of CR steel, stainless steel or aluminum, with the secondary trap with drain and pre-filter constructed of stainless steel and the oil catch muffler with drain constructed of aluminum diamond plate. The kit is designed to protect the pump/vacuum system for several years. 800/367-0972; www.westmoorltd.com.


Liquid-cooled vacuum pump

The PM3000 liquid-cooled vacuum pump from Moro USA is capable of 29 psi and a continuous vacuum of 24 inches Hg, along with a flow rate of 1,000 cfm and 1,200 rpm rotating speed. Its onboard liquid cooling system incorporates a forced circulation external water pump. It is capable of pumping nonvolatile liquids and sludge from long distances, with a suggested tank capacity of 3,000 to 6,000 gallons. It includes an integrated check valve, changeover valve, automatic oiling system, industrial duty bearings, Viton seals and Kevlar vanes. It also has 4-inch flange connection. 800/383-6304; www.morousa.com.


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