Pumps, Lift Stations and Conveyance

It is essential for pumps, valves and electrical equipment in lift stations to run independently and efficiently. Here are several of the components that make up lift stations and piping systems and keep them operating, including pumps meters, valves, control panels and SCADA systems.
Pumps, Lift Stations and Conveyance
Product Focus: Pumps, Lift Stations and Conveyance

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Tension fabric building

Tension fabric buildings from Legacy Building Solutions combine rigid frame engineering with tension fabric, incorporating structural steel beams instead of open web trusses, providing flexibility for a variety of building applications, including wastewater treatment plants, lift stations, public works facilities and general storage. The solid structural steel beams are not vulnerable to unseen corrosion, and have multiple coating options, including hot dip galvanizing, red oxide primer and powder-coat paint. Buildings can be customized beyond the confines of standard sizes to the exact width, length and height required. They have high-quality polyethylene fabric roofs that eliminate corrosion concerns. A wide variety of PVC fabrics are also available. The durable fabric allows natural light to permeate the structure, while insulation can be added to meet energy codes when required. 877/259-1528; www.legacybuildingsolutions.com.

Insulated enclosure

DuraFiber strong, lightweight, super-insulated fiberglass enclosures from Orenco Systems can house process and control equipment, chemicals, generators and workers. Standard sizes are 8 feet tall; 4, 6 and 8 feet wide; and up to 22 feet long. They come with foam-core fiberglass walls 2 to 4 inches thick; single piece, closed-molded construction; weatherproof, watertight, seamless structure; inside surfaces protected with polyester gelcoat; outside surfaces protected with high-performance polyurethane; insulation value up to R24; chemicals and corrosion resistance; an internal pocket attachment system; lifting brackets for moving/setting; internal/external lighting; a roof structure rated up to 100 pounds per square foot; and a wind rating to 130 mph. Options include skid-proof fiberglass floors, roll-up doors, windows, HVAC, load centers, ventilation fans, multiple color schemes and insulated lift station controls. 800/348-9843; www.orenco.com.


Bypass pump

The Yakka150i bypass/dewatering pump from AllightPrimax has replaceable wear plates and impellers made of stainless steel. It operates quietly, emitting only 65 dBA at 23 feet. The body is impact resistant and requires minimal maintenance. The strong tubular frame design provides side and end protection. Lockable gull-wing doors are wrapped over the body for security and easy access. All controls are inside the lockable module. 877/477-4629; www.allightprimax.com.

Replacement grinder pump

The Upgrade progressive cavity replacement grinder pump from Environment One Corporation is designed to fit virtually any other grinder pump wetwell. It is designed to replace the troublesome components of a centrifugal pump, including slide rails, pump/motor, float switches, piping and motor control devices. All solids are ground into fine particles, allowing them to pass easily through the pump, check valve and small-diameter pipelines. It is designed not to jam and for minimum wear to the grinding mechanism. It comes with a self-contained level control system, eliminating float switches, is automatically activated and runs for very short periods. The 1 1/4-inch slide face discharge connection is adaptable to any existing discharge piping. The internal check valve assembly is custom designed for non-clog, trouble-free operation. Units are available with a number of discharge hose lengths to accommodate a wide range of existing tank depths. 518/579-3068; www.eone.com.

Submersible turbine pump

STS Series submersible turbine pumps from Franklin Electric offer premium ductile iron bowls, discharges, motor brackets, investment cast 304SS impellers, lengthened bronze discharge bearing, bronze motor bracket bearing, and other custom options to meet the job’s requirements. It can be used for irrigation, industrial, commercial or municipal submersible water pumping applications. 800/269-0063; www.franklinwater.com.

Buildup-preventing grinder pump

The 1GA 1 1/2-inch grinder pump from Goulds Water Technology – a xylem brand, is ideal for high head and pressure sewage systems in municipal, commercial or industrial applications. The cutter system reduces sewage to fine slurry, preventing buildup. The float leakage sensor (FLS), a small internal float switch, is used to detect the presence of water in the stator chamber. When this is activated, a monitoring relay will signal an alarm, and if desired, stop the pump. The impeller and casing are made of cast iron and designed for high efficiency. The pumps are painted with a two-coat system to ensure superior surface protection. 866/325-4210; www.goulds.com.

Sewage pump

S Pumps from Grundfos Pumps can be used for transferring unscreened raw sewage or water, pumping water containing sludge or pumping industrial effluent. They feature a SmartTrim impeller clearance adjustment system and SmartSeal for leakage prevention. The SmartTrim system makes it easy to adjust the factory-set impeller clearance to maintain efficiency. The SmartSeal auto-coupling gasket provides a leak-proof connection between the pump and the base unit of the auto-coupling system. The shaft seal is capable of rotating in either direction. When installed with separate pipework, sludge sedimentation can be avoided by back-flushing at regular intervals. 800/921-7867; www.grundfos.us.

Pressure sewer system

The InviziQ Pressure Sewer System utilizes reliable grinding and pumping to efficiently and responsibly move sewage to treatment facilities, no matter the terrain, slope, environmental sensitivity of the area or complex topography of the region. It offers the Dry Well design that delivers clean access to the system motor and other working parts of the unit, increasing overall safety for contractors. Network monitoring and control is built into every system and gives users a host of diagnostic resources for system management. 281/854-0300; www.inviziq.com.

Single-stage centrifugal pump

The CRP overhung single-stage centrifugal pump from Ruhrpumpen is ideally suited for the chemical and petrochemical market, and can also be utilized in tank farms, HVAC, power plants and lift stations. It is available in 33 hydraulic combinations capable of reaching every operating condition required, and conforms to the standard DIN EN ISO 2858, with standardized operating points and dimensions. Known as “Chemienormpumps,” they offer advantages regarding service, supply of spare parts and maintenance. 918/627-8400; www.ruhrpumpen.com.

Submersible sewage pump

ABS submersible sewage pumps from Sulzer Pumps / ABS USA use premium-efficiency IE3 motors for low operating cost and reduced carbon footprint. Long-term reliability limits the risk of overflows. A Contrablock Plus impeller provides quality rag handling. 800/525-7790; www.sulzer.com.

Self-priming centrifugal pump

The Series 2100 trash- and solids-handling self-priming pump from Vertiflo Pump Co. has easy access to the impeller and case to remove debris. It has an oversized, tapered bore and a self-flushing seal chamber, and optional external flush resulting in extended seal life. It has a back pullout design with external impeller adjustment, plus a replaceable case wearplate, allowing for continuous high-efficiency performance. It has capacities to 2,100 gpm, heads to 130 feet TDH and is available in 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-inch sizes. It is capable of handling solids with up to 3-inch-diameter spheres. 513/530-0888; www.vertiflopump.com.

Pump-disconnect system

The Z-Rail pump-disconnect system for threaded discharge submersible pumps from Zoeller Company is engineered to perform in high-head and/or high-pressure systems. The ductile iron unit will support a 300-pound pump. Its epoxy powder-coat finish withstands harsh conditions, and the unit’s grooved, machined fit provides superior sealing. 800/928-7867; www.zoellerengprod.com.


Stainless steel ultrasonic meter

The stainless steel E-Series ultrasonic water meter from Badger Meter uses solid-state technology in a compact, encapsulated, weatherproof and UV-resistant housing. It has an easy-to-read nine-digit LCD display and presents consumption, rate of flow, reverse flow indication and alarms. Available with a high-resolution encoder protocol, it sends status indicators as part of an extended meter-reading message. It has extended low-flow accuracy to within 3 percent. The corrosion resistant meter complies with lead-free regulations. 800/876-3837; www.badgermeter.com.

Flow monitor

The wireless, low-power, multi-sensor open-channel FlowSiren flow monitor with vision sensor from Blue-Siren lets operators measure and view flow conditions using contact and noncontact sensors. It operates for over two years using a single power pack. With IP68 connectors, it is fully submersible and completely encapsulated using impact-proof plastics. Data is automatically uploaded to a server or a hosting platform powered by Earth Monitoring DataBase. Two-way communication allows operators to program sensor alarms, wireless upload frequency and sample rates remotely from a website or tablet. 321/242-0300; www.blue-siren.com.

Vortex-shedding insertion flowmeter

The X144 e-FlowMeter vortex-shedding insertion flowmeter from CLA-VAL can be retrofitted into a CLA-VAL Control Valve to capture flow data without installing an inline meter. The X145 e-Display works in tandem with the flowmeter to provide local display of flow rate, pressure and valve position. The e-Display is SCADA compatible, has customizable units and is simple to program. Both the flowmeter and the e-Display can be operated using the X143IP power generator, which uses the hydraulic energy in distribution system piping to generate up to 14 watts of power without tying into the power grid. 800/942-6326; www.cla-val.com.

Level sensor

The FLO-DAR sensor from Hach Flow Meter Products & Services uses advanced digital Doppler radar technology to measure velocity and ultrasonic pulse echo to determine level. It eliminates sensor fouling and missed flow data, ensuring accurate data under challenging flow conditions, including high solids content, high temperature, and shallow, greasy or caustic flows. It can be combined with the FLO-STATION flowmeter to create a convenient monitoring solution. 800/368-2723; www.hachflow.com.


The WATERFLUX magmeter from KROHNE measures precisely, has no moving parts and is maintenance-free during its service life. Its rectangular sensor conditions the flow, eliminating the need for any upstream and downstream piping, while improving low-flow performance. The durable RILSAN-lined measuring tube is available in 1- to 12-inch sizes, and the available battery-powered converter features a 15-year battery life. It is an ideal replacement for aging mechanical meters where power is not available. 800/356-9464; www.us.krohne.com.

Web-based cellular remote monitoring system

The Pump Watch remote monitoring system from PRIMEX Controls allows for management of municipal lift stations and wastewater collection systems remotely via a secure cellular network from a Web browser on a PC, tablet or smartphone. The system visually tracks system performance through data logging and critical information trending. Alarms are monitored and service personnel notified via email or text messaging. Users can monitor data and trending 24/7 from the website. Models are available for new or existing pump stations. 888/342-5753; www.primexcontrols.com.

Ultrasonic water meter

The 280W-D ultrasonic water meter from Spire Metering Technology has no moving parts, a waterproof design and high-quality bronze construction. It enables proactive monitoring of drinking water with the ability to detect leaks as low as a few drops per second. Its large dynamic range and low-flow performance make it accurate for residential water metering. It complies with AWWA C700 and C750 standards and can be used to retrofit mechanical water meters. 888/738-0188; www.spiremt.com.

Wireless lift station monitor

Wireless lift station monitors from Telog Instruments collect information on station operation and provides a combination of real-time alarm notification via SMS text or email, time-stamp event data, trend data, station flow history, pump cycle data, pumping rate history, pump energy efficiency history and site diagnostics. Information is shared with interested parties via Web server access, email and/or SMS message alarms, daily/weekly/monthly reports, and data sharing with third party applications (modeling, SCADA, etc.). Data is automatically collected from lift stations using RTUs then transferred to a central server via a choice of communication technologies including cellular, landline telephone, radio or Ethernet. Data may be transmitted on a user-defined schedule and/or immediately on detection of a station alarm. 585/742-3000; www.telog.com.

Valves/Piping Accessories

Plug valve

Eccentric Plug Valves from DeZURIK Water Controls handle clean and dirty liquids, gases, sludge and slurries. They feature raised, welded nickel seats that provide protection against corrosion that can cause plug face damage and leakage. The rectangular port design has wide tolerance seating geometry for lasting shut-off. An adjustable packing gland allows packing to be inspected, replaced or adjusted under pressure without actuator removal or valve disassembly. They have corrosion-resistant bearings, grit excluders, and a choice of resilient plug facings for dead-tight shut-off. Options include 100 percent port area, rubber lining and glass lining. 320/259-2000; www.dezurik.com.

Double-containment vinyl piping system

The Double-See pressure-rated double containment vinyl piping system from GF Piping Systems offers an easy installation method, a closure coupling design that allows conformance to the ASME B31.3 test inspection requirements, and 3-D thermal expansion compensation. Both primary and secondary pipes are cut to the same length, and can be joined simultaneously, saving time and preventing potential mistakes caused by staggered pipe-cut measurement errors. It offers assembled and tested fittings and a pipe cut-length guidance system that simplifies installation. The system has pipe, fittings, leak detection and access tees, closure couplings and termination fittings. It is available in PVC and CPVC; either material may be primary or secondary, with clear PVC an option for the containment pipe. System size options range from 1/2- by 2-inch to 6- by 10-inch. 800/854-4090; www.gfpiping.com.

Wafer check valve

WCV Series wafer check valves from Hayward Flow Control have all thermoplastic molded construction, including angle seat and disc design for high flows. The valves fit ANSI 150 and PN10 flanges and are available in PVC and CPVC in 2- to 8-inch diameters with a maximum pressure rating of 150 psi non-shock at 70 degrees F. 888/429-4635; www.haywardflowcontrol.com.

Air valve

AirPro Max air valves from Henry Pratt Company have a body shape that fits a smaller valve vault. Their float/linkage design is suitable for higher pressures. The design keeps seat leakage and float mechanism failures from occurring, and has close-tolerance machined parts, stainless trim, and standard hoods or threaded caps. They are provided with a large orifice to break vacuum or a small orifice for air release under pressure. Both types can be combined with both features to allow maximum pumping efficiency, and protection from pipeline damage due to vacuum‑induced collapse or surge‑induced breaks. Options are available for applications requiring valves up to a 20-inch capacity. 877/436-7977; www.henrypratt.com.

Inline check valve

The CheckMate inline check valve from Red Valve Co. / Tideflex Technologies eliminates backflow from oceans, rivers and interceptors in outfalls, stormwater, CSO and SSO applications. The valve opens to near full pipe diameter, maximizing flow capacity of the outfall. The valve’s elastomer construction provides maintenance-free performance. 412/279-0044; www.tideflex.com.

Lift station inside drops

Using controlled inside drops from RELINER/Duran in lift stations can extend pump life by preventing aerated influent from being directly drawn into the pumps, causing cavitation. The drop pipe should always be extended below the low limit level and cut to follow the slope of the base fillet. If there is no fillet, cut the pipe at 45 degrees and in all cases maintain a distance from the floor or fillet of one pipe diameter. This will create a diffuser by directing the flow back against the structure, de-aerating the influent. Under no circumstance should the incoming flow be directed towards the pumps. It is easy to maintain, as there is nothing to collect rags and debris and can be cleaned from above. 800/508-6001; www.reliner.com.

Flange accessory pack

Flange Paks from SIGMA Corporation include every item required for joint connections in one box. The pack contains gaskets, nuts and bolts fabricated in a variety of materials. Gaskets come in red rubber, synthetic rubber, non-asbestos fiber, oval-ringed and full-faced. Nuts and bolts are offered in carbon steel with plain finish, stainless steel or zinc plated. 800/999-2550; www.sigmaco.com.

Valve position indicator

Valve Position Indicators from Trumbull Industries show the position of a valve when they are attached to the valve stem or actuator. Operators will not over-open or over-close the valve, which could cause costly damage, because the valve’s position is always visible. They are made of noncorrosive Dupont Delrin polymer, with double O-ring seals that keep out water and dirt, and are available in six models – a choice of 57, 275 and 870 valve turns, in both open-left and open-right options. They are available with a debris shield to keep dirt out of the valve box. 800/677-1799; www.trumbull-mfg.com.

Cleaning nozzle

The Alphajet cleaning nozzle from USB – Sewer Equipment Corporation cleans grease, sludge and crusts from lift stations and manholes prior to rehabilitations. It is actuated by water coming from the pressurized hose of the jetter truck. Four driving nozzles cause 360-degree controlled rotation in a horizontal plane, which eliminates the need to cover the manhole. The horizontal rotation only allows for observation of the cleaning progress. The body requires no lubrication or replacement of internal mechanical parts within the first 12 months of operation. Driving nozzles can be extended to accommodate various sizes of manholes/lift stations. 866/408-2814; www.usbsec.com.

Butterfly valve

American-BFV butterfly valves from Val-Matic Valve & Mfg. Corp. are offered in 150B and 250B AWWA Classes, with flanged end connections in 3- to 144-inch sizes and 4- to 48-inch mechanical joint end connections. They comply with AWWA C504 and C516, certified NSF/ANSI 61 for drinking water and NSF/ANSI 372 Certified Lead-Free. They have epoxy interiors, continuous uninterrupted seating, and a Tri-Loc seat-retention system that allows for field adjustment/replacement without the need for special tools or epoxies. The disc is constructed of ductile iron for improved headloss characteristics and added strength. They have self-adjusting/wear-resistant V-type packing shaft seals and stainless steel tangential taper pins to provide strength and rigidity. 630/941-7600; www.valmatic.com.

Control Panels

Pump station manager

The MultiSmart intelligent pump station manager from Flygt – a Xylem Brand, combines PLCs, RTUs and pump controllers into one comprehensive package, integrating numerous control panel components. It includes preprogrammed logic specifically designed to significantly reduce operating costs. Its out-of-the-box functionality is designed for fast and easy deployment. 704/409-9700; www.flygtus.com.

Lift station control

Integrinex lift station controls from Gorman-Rupp Company are available in four models. They include Basic, an affordable plug-and-play unit designed for accurate start/stop operation in a duplex alternation pump system; Standard, which has duplex and triplex alternation, level sensors, pump delay and alarms; Advanced, which includes Soft Starters and VFDs to manage electric inrush, hydraulic shock and matching starting and stopping torque-based management and monitoring; and Remote View, which has all the functionality of the advanced system, with the convenience of remote tablet-based management and monitoring. 419/755-1011; www.grpumps.com.

Versatile control panel

Control panels from Quanics are available from simple indoor high water alarms up to complex multi-pump custom controllers. Standard controls include simplex- and duplex-demand or timed-dose versions. Each is configured to accept either 115-volt or 230-volt pumps. All are built in NEMA 4X rated enclosures and carry both UL and CSA listings. The standard drip irrigation controller includes connections for external solenoid valves to allow for automation in the drip management system. Custom panels can include any and all accessories required for the particular application, including remote telemetry, counters, multi-pump alternation, heaters and logic controllers. 877/782-6427; www.quanics.net.

SCADA Systems/Accessories

Wireless monitoring system

The Guardian 2000 wireless monitor from FLO-CORP transmits data using cell towers or satellites. The battery-powered system can be used to report combined sewer overflows measured by the Ranger 1000 ultrasonic level transmitter, providing constant access to data. The wireless monitor also can report tank level, product temperature, exact tank truck locations, flow into the tank during pickups, and flow out during deliveries. It also can monitor frac fluid to ensure against overflow. 877/356-5463; www.flowlineoptions.com.

Communication module

The 100W+ water communication module from Itron has compact design, long battery life and technology designed to adapt and grow with a utility’s business. It helps utilities streamline operations and maximize resources, and includes Standard Consumption Message (SCM+) with more information than previous generation messages. It has capabilities in security and fixed network performance. 866/374-8766; www.itron.com.

Managed SCADA system

The managed SCADA system from Mission Communications is a complete monitoring and controls system that allows municipalities to better manage, operate and maintain collection and distribution systems. Real-time alarms are delivered by any combination of voice phone calls, text messages, emails, faxes and pagers, and each alarm is logged on the Web portal. Because the system is Web-based, enhancements and new features are immediately available at no extra cost. Compare pump station flow with local rainfall, analyze pump run times for anomalies or track site access with reports tailored to the water and wastewater industry. Reports assist with preventing noncompliant events from occurring. The Web portal can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any Web-enabled device. 877/993-1911; www.123mc.com.

SCADA-friendly analyzer

Signal output analyzers from SWAN Analytical USA are designed for integration with SCADA systems. Signal options include two analog outputs plus a third channel for an analog output or one of several types of commonly used serial bus communications. Upgrades can be retrofitted in the field. 847/229-1290; www.swan-analytical-usa.com.


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