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War on FOG: Fighting an Age-Old Battle

Everyone is trying to reach the goal of a FOG-free sewer line, but there is no single solution that can handle every FOG problem. Learn more about some of the approaches to controlling fats, oils and grease in the country’s sewer lines and treatment plants, including source control, additives and mechanical solutions. www.mswmag.com/featured

Lake Erie Troubles: It’s a Blue-Green Algae World

Along the shores of Lake Erie, summer comes in shades of blue and green as thick algae mats begin their seasonal takeover. Could green infrastructure solve the lake’s algae woes? Learn how municipalities are using millions of EPA dollars to control runoff, protect the lake and reduce blue-green algae. www.mswmag.com/featured

Stormwater Inspiration: Where Art Means Infrastructure

In Springfield, Mo., decorative storm drains and manhole covers educate the public, highlight infrastructure and help satisfy MS4 permit regulations. Learn more about Storm Water Reveal — an innovative program that has paired 38 artists with storm drains throughout the city — and find out why the city created decorative manhole covers for its stormwater system. www.mswmag.com/featured

Overheard Online: Are You Ready for Pipe Bursting Season?

Rather than subcontracting pipe bursting work this season, perhaps it’s time to invest in the necessary equipment and train your municipal workers to do the specialty jobs. www.mswmag.com/featured

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