Product News - July 2014

Product News - July 2014
Smith & Loveless non-clog pump

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Smith & Loveless non-clog pump

The S&L Non-Clog Pump from Smith & Loveless has an oversized, stainless steel pump shaft that minimizes overhang for less shaft deflection. Shaft runout is limited to 0.003 inches. The full-diameter back shroud prevents stringy material from winding around the shaft. 800/898-9122;

Grundfos Sewer Chewer grinder

The Sewer Chewer grinder from Grundfos Pumps is designed for wastewater and sludge-handling systems and features a durable ductile iron frame and high-pressure pipe flanged seal. Submersible up to 90 psi, the grinder has a NEMA 4X FRP controller and PLC keypad operator interface. 800/921-7867;

Spire ultrasonic water meter

The Prime Series 280W – Cl ultrasonic water meter from Spire Metering Technology is designed for durability, wide dynamic range (2 to 10 inches) and leakage detection. Features include multi-path technology, no moving parts and bidirectional flow, and is AMR/AMI ready with pulse, M-Bus, Modbus, BACnet or wireless interface. 888/738-0188;

Blue-White diaphragm metering pump

The Chempro-M diaphragm metering pump from Blue-White Industries is designed for the injection of aggressive and/or viscous chemicals. The non-loss motion pump is powered by a variable-speed DC motor. Features include a Dia-Flex single layer PVDF diaphragm for chemical compatibility and an all PVDF pump head. The LCD with UV protective cover indicates output in several optional measurements, including mL/mm or gpm. Intelligent electronics permit connection to SCADA systems and other remote controllers. 714/893-8529;

Franklin Electric submersible pumps

SR Series submersible pumps from Franklin Electric are designed for municipal and industrial applications. Features include fully welded impellers and diffusers. Available in two models, the 6-inch pump delivers flow up to 400 gpm, while the 8-inch pump delivers up to 650 gpm. 866/271-2859;

Isuzu 2014, 2015 N-Series diesel models

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America has introduced its lineup of 2014 and 2015 model year N-Series diesels. The 2014 NPR ECO-Max features increased frontal area, enabling non-air-deflector models to handle bodies with inside heights up to 85 inches. The 2015 NPR-HD, NQR and NRR models feature the 4J 3.0 liter, four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine with Denso air conditioning compressor, along with 19.5-inch Bridgestone M895 low rolling resistant tires for improved fuel efficiency. 866/441-9638;

Val-Matic QuadroSphere ball valve

The QuadroSphere ball valve from Val-Matic Valve & Manufacturing Corp. features a contoured ball with four recessed surfaces that allow solids to be flushed from the body/ball cavity, preventing them from being trapped around the back of the seat rings and bearings. Recessed surfaces on the ball provide lipped edges for scraping the seats clean to avoid buildup of solids and scale. 630/941-7600;

Nu Flow portable dust collector

The commercial cyclone and dust collector from Nu Flow Technologies is designed for use during cleaning prior to epoxy barrier coating. The cart-mounted, 1,000 cfm unit has a reinforced steel frame. The filtration purge system allows for filter cleaning between applications. It has two 2-inch connections and one 3-inch inlet connection. The two-piece system locks together and offers easy access to collection drawers and filters. 800/834-9597;

Guardair pneumatic Gun Vac

The pneumatic Flexible Gun Vac from Guardair Corp. has an 18-inch by 1 5/16-inch O.D. tapered flexible metal extension. The tapered vacuum inlet accepts standard 1 1/4-inch vacuum accessories. Designed for industrial cleaning, features include comfort grip, filtration collection bag and dual 1/4-inch FNPT air inlets (bottom and rear). 800/482-7324;

StoneAge rotary shotgun tool

The Barracuda BC-H9-XXLF-TI rotary shotgun tool from StoneAge has a maximum pressure of 40,000 psi and flow range from 1.68 to 3.12 gpm. Designed for hand-held shotgun waterblast cleaning, the 3.2-pound tool is 8.88 inches long, has a 2.45-inch head diameter and a 9/16 HP inlet connection. 866/795-1586;

Condux underground hydraulic puller

The ARS709 hydraulic puller from Condux Tesmec is designed for a range of underground pulling applications, including power transmission and distribution cable installation. Features include 20 tons of pulling force, negative self-acting hydraulic brake, integrated hydraulic dynamometer, hydraulic cooling system and advanced user controls. The pull, speed monitor and recorder provide real-time data on pulling operations. 800/533-2077;

MagneGas liquid biomass fuel trailer

The mobile liquid biomass fuel unit from MagneGas Corp. converts liquid waste, including sewage, sludge, agricultural manure and bio-diesel into sterilized water, usable for irrigation, fertilization and hydrogen-based fuel. The process uses MagneGas’ Plasma Arc Flow that gasifies the waste. 727/934-3448;


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