GPS For Any Fleet

GPS Insight offers scaled-down tracking software geared toward smaller municipalities
GPS For Any Fleet
GPS Insight regional sales manager Jen Gillham (center) and marketing events coordinator Brie Ann Gaylord discuss the various features offered in their Standard Edition fleet and asset tracking software with a WWETT 2015 attendee.

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Fleet and asset tracking software from GPS Insight gives municipal utilities complete visibility into mobile operations to reduce costs and drive efficiencies. 

Geared toward smaller fleets of one to 25 units, it tracks anything from utility trucks to heavy equipment, providing customizable software that allows managers to gather information in a variety of ways. The 2015 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show allowed GPS Insight personnel to share just how their product fits across several industry sectors.

“Providing these options is all about keeping up with the industry trends,” says Jen Gillham, regional sales manager with GPS Insight. “The Standard Edition is perfect for the ‘mom and pop’ shops and small municipalities on a tight budget. It’s a pretty minimal upfront investment.” 

The Standard Edition allows municipalities and service providers to track crews, heavy equipment and other assets. With real-time monitoring, management can see all fleet activity and easily dispatch vehicles. Crews are kept safe by monitoring driving habits and hours worked, as well as quick emergency response. It is Web-based and can be accessed from any mobile device.

“The program can keep track of every stop, proving when, where and how long technicians are on site,” says Gillham. “It really provides a lot of oversight very easily.”

During an outage or event, dispatchers can instantly determine the closest truck to a particular location and send directions to the driver via email, SMS text message, or to a Garmin navigation device. If a customer wants to know when a technician will arrive, the manager can provide a quick, accurate answer. The software allows users to go back as far as needed to look up the history of a specific vehicle’s location and activity data, which could help refute any claims and prove job completion.

“Not only will companies like these features, their customers will, too,” Gillham says. “There’s no more ‘We think the tech will be arriving between 8 and 11.’ The manager can locate the truck, determine where the tech is in their workload for the day, and provide the customer a more accurate estimate.”

For cost-conscious municipalities, eliminating excess idling and speeding, and identifying unauthorized vehicle usage can reduce monthly fuel costs. The routing function proactively assigns the shortest/fastest route to an outage location. Managers can analyze historical routes to determine unnecessary trips, and coach technicians to become more efficient. Fuel card reports are also available to flag non-fuel or fraudulent fuel purchases. Management is also immediately alerted when vehicles or equipment are moving where or when they shouldn’t to aid in stolen equipment recovery. Real-time mapping allows managers to report the location to the authorities, saving time and money in replacement costs. Around-the-clock technical support is also available to users.

“The size of the company or municipality doesn’t matter,” says Gillham. “You get the same support whether you have four units or 4,000. We help get you set up, and within a week you can be tracking your whole fleet.”

Gillham says the WWETT Show was the perfect opportunity to get GPS Insight in front of the company’s target market — municipalities and service providers. The main goal was to let companies, regardless of size, know that there is a GPS program available that will suit them. The company’s Pro Edition is geared toward fleets of more than 25 units, while the Enterprise Edition is aimed at large companies and municipalities that have in excess of 350 units.

“We’re trying to wave our flag to let these people know that they have options,” Gillham says. “That’s why a show like this is so perfect for us. We want these companies and cities to know that keeping tight track of assets is important, regardless of how big you are.” 866/477-4321; 


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