Direct Line of Communication

Good stories and good discussion provide perspective and insight that can help you improve your utilities.
Direct Line of Communication

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I’m always trying to engage you in conversation and develop new content that helps you and your utilities.

Sometimes that can mean telling compelling stories about utilities that have overcome limited budgets and laissez-faire attitudes to make major system improvements. Sometimes it’s simply a product or tool that solves a problem and boosts efficiency.

That’s the case in this month’s Tech Talk feature on mobile data collection. The tools available for data collection in the field and analysis in the office have improved significantly in recent years. Smartphones and tablets along with simple, flexible and affordable applications developed specifically for them make it possible to streamline every step of the collection, analysis and reporting of data. Learn how several different utilities are using these tools to improve their operations, and how you can do the same.

This issue also includes a feature on a Michigan utility that saved a significant amount of money and avoided major disruptions by using prechlorinated pipe bursting to replace 17,000 feet of deteriorating water mains. The story provides a detailed look at the process as well as the project.

I hope you find these stories helpful. If not, feel free to let me know. I always like getting calls and emails from readers. It lets me know that we’re connecting with you. Sometimes it lets me know we’re missing the mark. Either way, you’re the people in the field, using the tools and doing the work, so your perspective is extremely valuable to me.

To further that exchange, we recently relaunched our discussion board at It’s a forum for you to discuss the issues that matter to you. It’s another way for us to engage each other, to discuss the stories in MSW as well as your problems and successes in the field.

It’s going to take a little while to build up a robust library of questions and in-depth discussion, but we want this forum to be a resource for you. Just like our content is aimed at bringing you new perspectives and insights, the forum is a place for you to connect with your peers and get their thoughts and perspectives on the issues you’re facing. It could be anything from tricks for maintaining a jet/vac truck, to technical insight for stormwater control, or tips for boosting your team’s efficiency.

You’ll find the recent MSW Forum posts right on the MSW home page. Create a user name and join the discussion, or find the answer to your own question.

I hope you check it out and use it as a resource.

Enjoy this month’s issue.


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