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Electronic system locates leaks in irrigation main

Problem: The Salt River Project maintains a 1,300-mile irrigation system for the Phoenix metropolitan area. Recently, a 27-inch gravity-fed raw water concrete irrigation main was thought to be leaking. After previous inspections, Electro Scan was invited to evaluate the pipe to pinpoint any leaks.

Solution: Electro Scan technology accurately locates and measures leaks without operator interpretation using a probe that emits a low-voltage, high-frequency electric current to assess the pipe wall. Traveling at 45 to 60 feet per minute and taking readings every 14 milliseconds, the probe collects 10,000 to 20,000 data points every 300 feet. Data is processed on its CriticalH2O cloud application, which estimates defect flows in gpm for the whole pipe and each leak individually. The water probe uses the existing cable and reel typically found in CCTV vans and can locate defects to the closest 0.4-inch. A four-in-one probe is available for pressurized water mains for direct entry through air valves, fire hydrants, flow meters, gate valves and pressure fittings. The probe, offered as a service from Electro Scan, includes Electro Scan, an acoustic sensor, color HD CCTV camera and pressure sensor.

Result: Electro Scan was able to locate 31 defects for the 321-foot pipe, resulting in a combined defect flow rate of 35.21 gpm. As suspected, the 60-foot section where bubbling water was found accounted for 75 percent of the total defect flow. 800/975-6149; www.electroscan.com.

Flowmeter package installed quickly, with minimal disruption

Problem: The Indian Springs Resort and Spa in Napa Valley, California, needed to install a flowmeter in its private wastewater collections system. The flowmeter assembly needed to meter the discharge of a geothermal water source into the City of Calistoga’s public collections system. The city required the new flowmeter due to the problems that the geothermal wastewater caused in the municipal collections system and at the sewer treatment plant. It needed to be installed quickly to minimize the impact to the city and the spa.

Solution: The property owner had his civil engineer contact Romtec Utilities regarding the supply of a prefabricated flowmeter assembly. Romtec designed and supplied the complete assembly, which included a Toshiba Mount-Anywhere Magmeter with an associated totalizer, a Val-Matic Swing-Flex check valve, and two Val-Matic Cam-Centric plug valves, all prefabricated into a 5-foot I.D. precast concrete vault with an access hatch. Romtec Utilities also worked with the city to provide remote monitoring of the flowmeter.

Result: The prefabricated flowmeter assembly allowed for quick installation by the site contractor with little to no impact on the operation of the spa. The package system offered easy operation and maintenance. The city was also happy with the reliable and accurate flowmetering that is monitored remotely. 541/496-9678; www.romtecutilities.com.

Leak detection system reduces water loss

Problem: El Paso Water Utilities in Texas needed to replace leak-noise loggers. The existing loggers had become maintenance-intensive and low in sensitivity over the years. More plastic distribution pipes in the ground presented additional challenges in terms of finding leaks.

Solution: A team of EPWU employees conducted a three-month pilot test on four leak detection systems. They measured and compared performance under real and simulated conditions, and ranked the loggers by sound sensitivity, radio transmission range, corrosion and water resistance, and ease of use. The team purchased 12,000 Vivax-Metrotech LOGN3 acoustic leak detection loggers. The loggers showed the best combination of features, usability, leak detection sensitivity and value.

Result: After a total delivery time of six months, all loggers have been placed throughout the 2,500-mile water distribution system. The enhanced, preventive leak detection system helps the utility to better manage its water resources, detect potential main breaks early and keep single leak repair cost at a minimum. 800/446-3392; www.vivax-metrotech.com.


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