LED Manhole Light Rated For Safe Use Around Sewer Gas And Dust

LED Manhole Light Rated For Safe Use Around Sewer Gas And Dust
Larson Electronics

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The 150-watt, explosion-proof LED temporary manhole light fixture from Larson Electronics features a 21-inch manway support bracket that allows the light to hang down 12 inches while the supporting plate rests on the lip of the opening. Custom sizes are available.

“It hangs down inside of the cavity,” says Rob Bresnahan, president, Larson Electronics. “You can position the light where you need it without blocking airflow. This particular model is explosion-proof. The light, cord and plug all have a Class 1, Division 1 rating so it can be used around dust and sewer gas.”

The 46-pound fixture, designed to accommodate blower systems, provides 13,000 lumens of light and is IP-67 water- and dust-resistant. The cast aluminum, powder-coated body provides durability and is vibration- and impact-resistant. The heat-dissipating design, along with LED technology, enables the fixture to achieve a 60,000-hour life span with 80 percent lumen retention.

“The top ring is built to exceed the diameter of the manway,” he says. “If it’s a 22-inch manway, we make a 23-inch ring. The light itself is only 16 inches. Basically, you just grab the light by the top and pass it through the opening. By design, the bigger top ring can’t fall though the hole. You just drop it in, plug it in and go. Workers can position the light from inside the hole.”

The light is available in AC (120 to 277 volts) and DC (11 to 25 volts) models, and delivers six to seven hours of illumination on a fully charged battery.

“You can run it off a generator or a vehicle battery,” Bresnahan says. “Any standard vehicle battery. It’s going to draw about 10 to 12 amps.”

The lamp contains 12 individual LED boards in a series of banks. Each bank contains two LED boards with individual drivers. Should a driver fail, only one bank of LEDs is affected. Should an LED fail, the other LEDs continue to operate. 800/369-6671; www.larsonelectronics.com.


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