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Better Than Bottled: City Shows Off Water With Traveling Tap

Tap water made a splash across southeastern Wisconsin this summer. Since making its debut during the Fourth of July weekend, Kenosha’s Traveling Tap wagon has received two thumbs up from thirsty residents and their canine friends. Learn more about how the utility promotes the environmental and economic benefits of microfiltered Great Lakes water. mswmag.com/featured

Overheard Online

There is a lot to be said for historic preservation. But when it comes to transferring stormwater, we prefer that it actually works.

— Savannah Stormwater: City to Replace 19th Century Brick Pipeline mswmag.com/featured

H2 OH, MY!: Worms Invade Neighborhood Drinking Water

Residents from the Woodland Acres subdivision near Houston, Texas, gathered in the street to compare tap water samples that contained several slimy red and black worms after a power outage disrupted services at the private water company that services the area. What could have led to the infestation, and who is to blame? mswmag.com/featured

Storms A-Comin’: Readying for Rain in Drought-Stricken California

Major rain events in southern California are not commonplace. In the midst of four years of severe drought, recent downpours have arrived as an even bigger shock, testing the preparedness of local officials and infrastructure. With another El Niño on its way, a proactive approach to stormwater management helps mitigate risks when the state suddenly gets too much rain. mswmag.com/featured

Supply & Demand: New Water Tunnel Built for the Future

As population, business and industry continue to grow in Maryland’s Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, the area’s water system will be ready to deliver. Meeting the demands of projected growth required years of precise planning and execution for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission and its partners, and the result is a new 5.3-mile, 84-inch-diameter pipeline that came online in February. mswmag.com/featured


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