Mainline Inspection in a Compact Package

IRIS robotic crawler camera provides versatile solution for inspecting a range of pipe sizes.
Mainline Inspection in a Compact Package
Peter Chandler, left, manufacturing manager for Insight Vision Cameras, explains the features of the IRIS mainline crawler to an attendee at WWETT 2015. The inspection system offers compatibility with smart devices. (Photo by Craig Mandli)

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When municipalities perform their own pipe inspections, equipment that provides ease-of-use and versatility is the name of the game. That’s the message Insight Vision Cameras is sending out with the introduction of the IRIS (integrated remote inspection system) mainline crawler camera. The unit was featured at Insight Vision’s booth at the 2015 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show.

“This is a system that was designed for budget-challenged municipalities, municipal contractors and larger plumbing operations,” says Bob Masse, Insight Vision’s sales manager. “It’s a system that has many different uses and functions and can take the place of several camera systems.”

The IRIS Windows app-operated mainline crawler can be used to inspect pipes from 6 up to 12 inches, and up to 18 inches with a larger wheel set. The ultra-portable and heavy-duty unit comes with 1,000 feet of advanced tether cable, pan-and-tilt capability and a 10-inch LCD touch screen. The system includes a six-wheel-drive transporter and uses four powerful LED lights to illuminate a large area. Video will display on the reel unit as well as to an external monitor via HDMI or a dedicated Wi-Fi-enabled Windows tablet, allowing easy file management and post-software reporting.  

“This system allows a technician to stream the inspection feed directly to the touch screen in real time, or to a customer’s laptop, PC or tablet via the HDMI hookup,” says Masse. “In essence, the system itself serves as a computer. We believe that keeping the customer in the loop from the beginning is very important.”

The camera and transporter are controlled via a hand-held pendant. The six-wheeled crawler has various wheel size packages available. Its high-grip rubber wheels allow it to traverse demanding conditions and terrain. It has an automatic freewheel clutch for simple usage, and a manual lift comes standard. The motorized drum holds the multi-conductor flexible video cable and can operate automatically when in rewind mode, allowing the cable to be rewound at the same speed as the crawler to avoid running over the cable. The motorized drum is built with a telescopic handle and wheels for easy portability.

“We designed the IRIS to be easily portable and able to be operated by a two-man crew,” says Masse. “It is the culmination of everything our customers say they want in a portable mainline inspection system.”

Masse says the company decided to roll out its marketing campaign on the IRIS at the WWETT Show mainly to get feedback from what he called his company’s “core audience.”

“The attendees at WWETT are definitely the people we’re marketing this system to, so this was the perfect opportunity to get it out there and talk about it,” he says. “The people I talked with were excited about the portability of the system and the price point. We wanted to get people talking, and we certainly accomplished that.”

Masse says the company has taken the feedback received at WWETT and will use it to upgrade its product line for next year. “We want to increase the functionality of the app and how it integrates smart technology into the system,” he says. “We are planning some subtle changes to the crawler on the unit, too, that will make it more user-friendly. We plan on rolling those changes out at the 2016 show. We’re looking forward to it.” 800/488-8177;


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