Portable, Battery-Powered Valve Exerciser Produces 400 ft-lbs of Torque

Portable, Battery-Powered Valve Exerciser Produces 400 ft-lbs of Torque
US Saws

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The VEX400 battery-powered valve exerciser from US Saws features variable-torque control ranging from 75 to 400 ft-lbs. The tool is collapsible for easy storage and transportation, and can reach valves 8 to 108 inches underground.

“It’s the first battery-powered tool designed for valve exercising that is lightweight and portable and still able to produce 400 ft-lbs of output,” says Bill Glynn, sales manager for US Saws. “Even the most sticky valve has the potential to be turned with this unit. It fits in the back of the car or a pickup truck. A worker can go out and exercise between 20 and 30 valves per day quite easily, especially critical valves.”

The unit operates on an 18.8-volt lithium-ion battery. The deluxe kit comes with three batteries. One battery will operate up to 10 8-inch valves, according to Glynn. A battery charger is included.

“If your vehicle is so-equipped with an inverter you can charge batteries on the fly, and it does come with three batteries, so you can effectively charge those up in the afternoon or the evening and those would be set and ready to go for the next morning, and you’d never have to stop,” he says.
Accessories include a wheel-controlled valve adapter and hydrant key.

While valve exercising is necessary for making sure a water system delivers flow and can be turned off during emergencies, this tool can also be used for more routine functions.

“People are finding this tool so effective that they are moving it now from actual valve-exercising operations to a variety of field operations — shutdowns, isolations, testing, anytime a valve needs to be used. They’re now putting it on standard service trucks because it’s faster and easier,” Glynn says.

“It takes the physical labor and repetitive motions out of closing and opening valves, so more and more service trucks are starting to receive units like this.” 860/668-2402; www.ussaws.com


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