U-TECK Safe-T Lid Prevents Falls Into Manholes

U-TECK Safe-T Lid Prevents Falls Into Manholes

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Safe-T Lid temporary manhole covers from U-TECK provide fall-in protection while the manhole or hand-hole lid is removed. Made from high-impact-resistant composite, each lid weighs 11 to 14 pounds and can support up to 400 pounds of direct weight.

“The Safe-T Lid is a safety device that you can put over the manhole opening after the permanent lid has been removed while you’re doing work in the manhole, like sewer inspections,” says U-TECK Vice President Russ Mason. “It’s an extra precautionary device in case someone was walking at the work site and happens to fall in.

“That’s really the main reason why we came up with this, just to keep people from falling in and protecting municipalities from work site accidents,” he says. “It’s very inexpensive insurance, and they take up very little space in a van or a truck.”

Openings along the edge of the Safe-T Lid accommodate cables, ducts or hoses. Hand openings allow for easy transport, placement and removal.

“It’s very lightweight,” Mason says. “Two hand holes are cut into each of these lids that a person can hold onto and lower it directly into that manhole opening; it sets firmly on the flange. They just drop in.”

Custom sizes and engraving are available. Lids come in high-visibility yellow or orange.

“It’s not just a physical barrier, it’s a visual barrier, too,” Mason says. “If someone sees this yellow lid, they’re less likely to walk near it or step on it.” 800/542-7011; www.uteck.com.


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