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MORE THAN A MANHOLE: Regina Opts for Easier, Cheaper Way to Access Deep Sewers

There are spots in Regina, Saskatchewan, where sewer pipes are so deep that they can’t be safely accessed with equipment owned by the city. Rather than renting excavators and proper shoring cages, the Department of Water Works has developed an affordable method to provide permanent access to those locations. mswmag.com/featured

SEISMIC RELIABILITY: Utility Completes Last Two Critical Water Pipeline Projects

Upgraded infrastructure will allow the Bay Area to resume water service within 24 hours of a major earthquake now that construction is complete on the last two major regional water pipeline projects. It’s all part of the $4.8 billion Hetch Hetchy Water System Improvement Program, which will allow the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to serve its 2.6 million customers well into the future, even when disaster strikes. mswmag.com/featured


What all this means is that the situation in Flint (and a few other places) poses the danger of contaminating the image of tap water in general. And that would be a shame.

— We Can’t Let Flint Contaminate Tap Water’s Reputation mswmag.com/featured

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 14 Steps to Ensure Safety Around Trenches and Excavations

Safety expert David Dow provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-read list that simplifies OSHA’s general requirements and will help your crew plan for and greatly reduce the dangers around the job site. mswmag.com/featured


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