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You look back over the last 50 years, whenever there were fiscal pressures, the unseen world of the municipal water system is where weak city leaders turned to cut spending.

— New York Suspends Work on Crucial Water Tunnel - mswmag.com/featured

FLOODING FARMLAND: Aquifer Recharge Efforts Ramp Up

For decades, water has been removed from California aquifers faster than Mother Nature can refill them. Now, as groundwater continues to dwindle, scientists at UC Davis are helping the state replenish its parched aquifers and safeguard the water supply against future droughts. mswmag.com/featured

WATER WINNER: The King of Berkeley Springs

At the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting event in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, water producers from around the world gather each year for some friendly competition. Find out which water utility took home honors (again) for best tap water in the world. After all, a win at the annual competition is a distinction worth touting. mswmag.com/featured

ON TOP OF IT: Keeping Florida Canals Clean

Floating debris in Tallahassee’s urban stormwater conveyance system is the main maintenance challenge for the city’s Stormwater Management Group. After years of struggling to keep trash out of Lake Elberta, creative engineering led to an effective solution. mswmag.com/featured


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