Compact Ventis Pro5 Simplifies Gas Detection and Response

Compact Ventis Pro5 Simplifies Gas Detection and Response
Compact Ventis Pro5 Simplifies Gas Detection and Response

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The Ventis Pro5 multi-gas monitor from Industrial Scientific can detect up to five gases simultaneously, including toxic and combustible gases such as ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide and methane. Acknowledgeable alerts provide early warning to let users know when they are in the presence of gases below the low-alarm level.

“It’s small and compact — it’s the smallest five-gas detector on the market — and it’s got flexible sensor configurations,” says Chris Lange, director of marketing for Industrial Scientific.

“You can detect a large combination of gases in one compact, personal monitor.”

Designed with flexible sensor configuration options, the monitor takes gas readings every second and records readings-related data every 10 seconds.

“All gas monitors are designed to notify people of dangerous and hazardous conditions,” Lange says. “But with the Ventis Pro, specifically, there are a lot of extra benefits to raise the bar on worker safety, such as alarm-action messages.”

The messages provide written instructions during low- and high-alarm events, helping workers react appropriately.

“The Ventis Pro Series simplifies gas detection for users,” Lange says. “Instead of a user having to interpret how to respond when an instrument goes into alarm, they can focus on taking action in emergency situations with on-screen alarm action messages like ‘EVACUATE,’ or ‘VENTILATE.’”

A dedicated panic button and man-down alarm alert nearby workers when someone is in distress or loses consciousness. iAssign Technology tracks users and sites in real time using Near Field Communication to help safety managers identify and address job site gas hazards and improve asset management.

“You assign users and sites to each gas monitor,” Lange says. “You have accountability now. You know who had an instrument and where it was during an alarm.”

The instrument is available with an integral pump for confined spaces or without integral pump for personal protection. Both are IP68-rated for protection against damage from dust and water. 412/788-4353;


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