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Cleaning and Maintenance
Vacuum unit used to clean up playground

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Compact jetter saves time, trouble and money

Problem: Craig Casteen of Casteen Plumbing & Repair in North Carolina faced working in a residential crawl space that didn’t allow much room to maneuver. He needed a jetting unit compact enough to get into tight areas, and powerful enough to dislodge blockages from small lines.

Solution: Casteen chose the JM-1000 Mini-Jet from General Pipe Cleaners. The compact, lightweight, electric-powered unit lets him clear grease, sand and ice from small, 1 1/2- to 3-inch lines up to 50 feet long. It provides 1,500 psi of cleaning power. Pulse technology helps slide the hose around tight bends and down lines. It breaks the initial tension between the hose surface and pipe walls, increasing cleaning power. The JM-1000 weighs 23 pounds for easy carrying and is convenient for jobs completed by one person.

Result: Casteen used the unit in the crawl space to quickly clear the blockage. 800/245-6200;

Camera provides affordable inspection solution for small municipalities

Problem: In June, the wastewater utility superintendent of Saukville, Wisconsin, needed to identify some lateral piping going into the main sewer line for a new business being built in the industrial park. He stopped by Insight Vision Cameras’ office, wondering if he could borrow a portable sewer crawler that could inspect runs up to 350 feet. “We’re just about to dig and wanted to make sure the laterals were installed as originally specified.”

Solution: In a matter of minutes, employees had the IRIS portable mainline system loaded and on the job site. A 325-foot run of the 8-inch-diameter pipe was inspected, and the two laterals that the superintendent was looking for were identified.

Result: The portable mainline system provided the ability to inspect the underground infrastructure without having to dedicate a large crew and pay large sums of money. 800/488-8177;

Camera system allows company to expand services and improve efficiency

Problem: C.A. Taciak & Sons in Towson, Maryland, had always been on the lookout for solutions to understand how existing pipes are run on a job site, and how to more easily locate drainline blockages to help avoid ruptured pipes, excessive property damage and wasted service time. In the company’s early days it had to strap sondes to cables and send them down lines, using locators to find obstructions. It wanted a less complicated alternative.

Solution: For owner Frank Taciak, the solution was the RIDGID SeeSnake rM200 camera system paired with the CS65 digital reporting monitor for on-site reporting. The rM200 is capable of inspecting lines up to 200 feet in length and 1 1/2 to 6 inches in diameter, and has an integrated transport system for easy portability. The CS65 has one-touch image recording for fast, efficient documentation of inspections.

Result: The camera system and being able to digitally record inspections has enabled Taciak to be more efficient and strengthen customer relationships. With inspection services Taciak is able to build trust by including visual proof with any service recommendation. 800/769-7743;

Trailer jetter survives rollover accident

Problem: Drain techs from a Memphis, Tennessee, company were on their way to a job when they were involved in an accident and their Spartan Soldier jetter was flipped. A nonworking jetter would mean the loss of thousands of dollars in scheduled jobs, damage to the company’s reputation, and the cost to repair or replace the jetter.

Solution: In most cases, the solution would be an extensive repair job or to buy a new jetter. However, the Spartan Soldier is so durable that it was turned upright and the damage was only cosmetic. All Spartan jetter trailers are fully certified by the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers and provide professional-grade equipment that stands up to rough jobs. The entire jetter still worked correctly and ran as it should with no problems.

Result: All parties involved in the accident were fine, and the company was able to continue to do the scheduled jobs without the downtime to repair its jetter or order a replacement. 800/435-3866;

Vacuum unit used to clean up playground

Problem: Due to health concerns regarding chemicals in shredded tires, Buckeye Career Center in New Philadelphia, Ohio, decided to address removal of a 10-inch-deep layer of rubber infill in a playground area adjacent to its preschool facility.

Solution: “We approached Gradall Industries, and inquired about the capabilities of its Vacall vacuum machines,” says Kelly Ricklic, maintenance supervisor at the school. “Gradall welcomed the opportunity to test Vacalls on a specialized job, and we were very happy with the results.” The school’s track loader was used to push the rubber infill to the edge of the playground, where it was extracted with a catch basin cleaner hose mounted at the rear of the debris tank on an AllSweep machine. The catch basin cleaner is available with 8- or 12-inch-diameter hoses, significantly expanding the machines for ditch cleaning and leaf pickup. Independent tests show AllSweep models with a 35-inch fan deliver a maximum airflow of 31,000 cfm. When equipped with gutter brooms, they have a wide sweeping path ideal for cleanup in parking lots, airport runways, road resurfacing milling removal, and other jobs.

Result: Removing the rubber filled the machine’s 10-cubic-yard debris tank several times — a process made more efficient by the hydraulic tailgate design. “We were very pleased with the work that helped us transition to a more natural playground,” says Superintendent Bob Alsept. After the rubber infill removal, the area was redone with soil, grass, timbers and a garden. 800/382-8302;


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