CLADLINER combines cementitious and high-build epoxy characteristics

CLADLINER combines cementitious and high-build epoxy characteristics
CLADLINER combines cementitious and high-build epoxy characteristics

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The CLADLINER manhole restoration system combines the simplicity of a cementitious liner with the performance of a high-build epoxy liner in one product. That combination of technologies, according to the maker, makes it an ideal fit for difficult manhole restoration projects.

“It is the first new-generation hybrid epoxy coating of its kind,” says Scott Bevens, CLADLINER’s West Coast distributor. “It is the first coating on the market with high chemical resistance designed to perform in conditions with pH of 1 or less, and antimicrobial technology.”

CLADLINER incorporates a formula that contains a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent. This antimicrobial agent has been clinically tested and has been shown to react with key proteins in a microbe’s outer membrane, blocking the transfer of necessary nutrients into the cell. CLADLINER can be effectively used as a resurfacer and liner in a single simple application. It provides the easy and forgiving application of a traditional cementitious liner, with the performance of high-build epoxy. That combination makes it a fit across multiple applications.

“It can be used in the wet, humid conditions typically found in manhole environments,” says Bevens. “It is ideal for rehabilitating and lining structures in the wastewater collections system including manholes, lift stations and man-accessible pipe.”

In development since 2011, the high chemical resistance of CLADLINER offers more than 250 times the chemical resistance of calcium aluminate and is 200 times more chemically resistant than pure fused calcium aluminate, according to a 2016 study conducted by Florida Atlantic University. Bevens says the feedback from municipalities and private contractors that have used the product in the field has been encouraging.

“The feedback has been very positive,” he says. “Customers have been very pleased with the ease of application, including the easy surface prep, simple mixing procedures, and the fact that it can be sprayed. They also like the cost-effectiveness in combination with the great performance characteristics.”

Bevens points out that CLADLINER was developed with the idea that one lining product can serve multiple purposes, leading to cost and workload efficiency.

“To sum it up, CLADLINER gives customers the cost-effectiveness and ease of a cementitious liner with the high performance qualities of a high-build epoxy,” says Bevens. 702/516-7661;


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