Fuse in tight spots with McElroy interchangeable-carriage line of fusion machines

Fuse in tight spots with McElroy interchangeable-carriage line  of fusion machines

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Until the late ’90s, pipe fusion machines had to be mounted on wheeled vehicles and manually pulled to the job site. Today, fusion carriages can also be mounted on self-propelled, tracked vehicles, and McElroy is continuing that innovation with the TracStar Series 2 line of interchangeable fusion machines.

“The TracStar Series 2 pipe fusion machines are self-propelled vehicles equipped with a four-jaw carriage that is used to butt-fuse thermoplastic pipe by applying heat and pressure,” says Jason Lawrence, director of product development for McElroy. “Prior to the Series 2, each carriage was paired with a corresponding vehicle. But the models for small- and medium-diameter pipe now share a common vehicle that is interchangeable with our full line of machines.”

The machines are self-contained, so everything — including the power source — is onboard, and can be moved as one complete unit. In addition, the fusion carriage itself can be removed for tricky fusion scenarios in tight spots.

“A rugged track system allows users to easily move the machine across rough terrain and inclines straight to the fusion site,” Lawrence says.

Made with enough fuel capacity for a full day’s work, the Series 2 has advanced emissions control technology that meets EU Stage IIIB and EPA Tier 4 standards, without the need for diesel exhaust fluid.

“We also redesigned the cowling to improve airflow and heat dissipation for demanding operating climates, and provided better access to the engine for maintenance,” Lawrence says.

“We’ve updated the electrical system for better circuit protection and incorporated a standard battery disconnect for a maintenance lockout.

“We work closely with our channel partners and end users in an effort to understand the unique situations they are faced with every day so that we can offer them a true job site solution that will allow them to work better and smarter,” Lawrence says.

For fusing long polyethylene pipelines installed with sliplining, pipe bursting and directional drilling technologies, the TracStars are offered in a wide range of pipe sizes from 2-inch IPS to 48-inch O.D. pipe. 918/836-8611; www.mcelroy.com.


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