Mechanical system rehabs all pipe types without chemicals

Mechanical system rehabs all pipe types without chemicals

If a contractor is looking for a simple and easy way to reline a manhole without the cure times required by CIPP, Sekisui SPR Americas has the solution: going spiral wound.

This year the company introduced its SPR TF product. The SPR TF spiral wound process is a trenchless solution for restoring the hydraulic efficiency, reliability, and integrity of aging sewers, storm drains, and culverts.

“SPR TF can rehabilitate all types of pipe from corrugated metal, brick, concrete, clay, and so on,” says Joseph Dominguez, senior technical services engineer with Sekisui SPR Americas.

The system consists of a single strip of polyvinyl chloride profile, which is progressively wound into the existing pipeline by the SPR TF machine. The winding machine rotates and traverses within the pipe, interlocking PVC profile together against the host pipe wall. This process allows for the liner to be installed without additional steps to fill annular spaces.

“Some of the major differences between this and other lining methods out there is that the liner is PVC and installed via a mechanical process,” Dominguez says. “There are no chemicals involved.”

SPR TF requires only a manhole or existing access chambers for entry and can be installed in up to 30 percent live flow.

PVC profile is fed through a manhole or existing chamber using an aboveground spool. The SPR TF machine rotates and traverses inside the deteriorated pipe, lining the walls with PVC profile, which creates a tight fit. No grouting is required after winding is complete. As the winding machine travels the pipeline, the continuous PVC profile strip is locked in place. Profile lengths can be joined for the capability to rehabilitate larger runs.

The SPR TF is capable of lining pipes 40 to 60 inches in diameter. SPR TF profile material is made from a similar grade of PVC as new sewer and drainage pipe.

“A contractor only needs five to seven crew members to operate this equipment, depending on length of rehabilitation,” Dominguez says. “The smaller the length, the less crew members will be needed.”

The company also has an SPR EX model that will reline 8- to 42-inch diameter pipes. 866-627-7772;


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