Easily bring a meter pit to grade

As an alternative to housing a water meter inside a structure, a meter pit can be a convenient timesaver and typically is available with many options. But while there are many benefits surrounding this meter housing option, there is always room for improvement. A.Y. McDonald took that idea to heart with their new 795 Series Top Adjustable Coil Meter Pit Assembly.

With the ability to be adjusted at the top after the pit has been installed, the meter pit assembly improves on the typical meter pit. It is designed to provide up to 18 inches of adjustability on 15- and 18-inch-diameter PVC due to the addition of a molded poly top on the PVC pipe.

“This allows the installer or municipality to adjust the pit to grade after the pit has been buried without digging up the entire pit,” says Rick David, a water works product manager for A.Y. McDonald. “This adjustable retrofit top can be utilized on any 15- or 18-inch PVC irrigation pipe.”

At the end of the day, according to David, the adjustment makes it easier to set the top of the pit to the final grade, which leads to an added convenience and timesavings in the field. Constructed of robust rotomolded poly material with UV inhibitor, this top-adjustable feature allows the installer to set the pit before the finish grade is determined, saving time and money. The top adjustment is designed for 18 inches of adjustability to allow for the pit to be set to final grade when the time is right. If ground settling occurs, this simple design allows for easy adjustment many years after the pit was set in place without digging the entire depth of the pit. The adjustment came at the behest of the company’s clients.

“Inquiries were made to our customer base to define pain points our customers were having with existing settings on our meter housing,” David says. “From that point, our engineers defined what would be required to eliminate these pain points and then find a supplier that could make this for us. The total process took a couple of years.”

The 95 Series Top Adjustable Pit Retrofit kit can be easily installed on top of any 15- or 18-inch diameter SDR-51 PVC pit that is already installed and is in need of adjustment. 800-292-2737; www.aymcdonald.com.


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