Diagnostic kit speeds up inspection troubleshooting

Diagnostic kit speeds up inspection troubleshooting

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CUES has developed a pipeline inspection tool designed to significantly reduce unplanned downtime. The CUES REDI (Remote Evaluation Diagnostic Inspection) Kit is a pipeline inspection troubleshooting kit designed to help diagnose electrical issues, allowing for quicker and more accurate troubleshooting and repairs of problems while in the field.

The kit includes a high-resolution web camera that allows for two-way video conferencing with CUES technicians, parts specialists and engineers to expedite troubleshooting, enhance parts identification and provide for specialized support by the specific engineers, who designed the systems. A diagnostic test box provides easy access to the TV cable conductors via test points. This makes taking voltage readings much safer and easier, and it can be done with the camera and transporter attached for a more accurate reading while under load. The diagnostic test box also contains a built-in minicamera, which can be used to send video back through the TV cable and truck if the technician believes they may have a problem with the camera. Having this backup camera helps to eliminate the need to locate an alternate mainline camera for video path troubleshooting.

“The REDI Kit makes taking voltage tests very easy,” says Chris Graybill, CUES customer service manager. “It also allows you to do that while your product is hooked to the end of the cable, so those tests would actually be under load. So any problems within a transport or camera that would be pulling that voltage down you’d be able to detect easily.”

The unit’s footage test box can be substituted for a footage head encoder, on both newer and older CUES reels. Test points are also provided to allow the user to verify that operating voltage is present at the encoder.

“Whether you have a newer or older reel, you can substitute the footage test box for the existing encoder on your inspection truck, so it will quickly eliminate whether that is your problem or not,” Graybill says.

A USB diagnostic tool is included to help troubleshoot computer issues relating to the 5-volt power supply and any USB peripherals that are connected to the computer. A user-friendly multimeter is provided. CUES technicians are very familiar with its operation and can assist, as needed. Video cables and adapters are also included, as they are sometimes helpful during troubleshooting. 800-327-7791; www.cuesinc.com.


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