Case Study - July 2019

Root infiltrations removed from sewer main joints and lateral connections


An 8-inch vitrified clay sewer main was overrun with multiple tree roots infiltrating from joints, cracks and laterals every few feet in Los Angeles. The roots were so thick and the root masses were so dense that a conventional jetting truck was not able to clear them.


The Sewer Robotics USA WJ125 water jet robot with camera and pan-and-tilt water jet nozzle was used to drive into the obstructed pipeline to apply a high-pressure, low-flow water blast directly to the root obstructions. The water jet cutting robot is easily controlled by an operator from inside a van and includes a camera to oversee the targeted operation. The system can be used to remove any solid obstruction and deposit settled, including roots, calcium, scaling, grout and concrete from inside 6- to 40-inch sewer, storm and water pipelines.


All roots, including the masses infiltrating from joints and laterals, were cleared within just seconds; and a clean pipeline, ready to be relined, was left behind. 717-251-2279; 


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