Product News - July 2019

SmartCover Systems UnderCover 2

UnderCover 2 from SmartCover Systems makes use of advanced microelectromechanical systems technology for intrusion detection and unauthorized opening of sewer manholes to combat illegal dumping, vandalism and other security issues. The MEMS technology improves the robustness of entry detection and expands the configurability of the systems at remote and hard-to-access locations for utilities, communications, nuclear facilities, border security, transportation infrastructure, military installations and others. UnderCover 2 is now an integrated function within all of SmartCover’s remote monitoring units, including leveraging Iridium satellite communications impervious to local power or cellphone outages. 760-291-1980;

Sherwin-Williams Dura-Plate 6000 epoxy lining

Sherwin-Williams’ Dura-Plate 6000 is a new, 100% solids, high-build, high-strength, reinforced epoxy lining for concrete and steel in severe wastewater service environments. Reinforced with glass flakes, the material can be applied more than 0.125 inches thick in a single spray, eliminating the expenses of renting a generator and using a plural pump operator. Dura-Plate 6000 has a long pot life, reducing waste material, as well as a 21-day extended recoat window, reducing missed recoats. In addition, the lining does not require a glaze coat. 800-524-5979; .

Reelcraft Industries Series 3000 ultracompact reels

Reelcraft Industries Series 3000 reels are all-steel construction and ultracompact for a wide range of bench mount or mobile applications with critical space requirements. These compact reels fit within a 1-by-1-foot space. The reels incorporate multiple slotted mounting holes to accommodate many configurations. An optional guide arm accessory is available for multiple adjustment positions of the hose or cord. Hose reels are available with up to 25 feet of 1/4-inch or 20 feet of 3/8-inch air/water hose. The cord reel models are available with 30 feet of 12/3 cord with multiple cord ending options including a new quad box receptacle. 800-444-3134;

CUES Pearpoint flexiprobe P540c portable push system

The CUES Pearpoint flexiprobe P540c portable push system is a user-friendly, reliable and dependable push camera system. Engineered to provide all-day use in rugged conditions, the system offers a variety of rods for different applications. The P540c is equipped with a new upgraded command module that produces automatic survey reports. Also, the new command module can be used on any of the six available push systems and can be used continuously for up to five hours on a single charge. A choice of a 1- or 2-inch camera is available and can be used interchangeably between most systems, and a built-in 512 Hz sonde is provided for locating purposes. 800-327-7791;

Sewer Equipment Model 400 ECO Mini Combination Sewer Cleaner

The Model 400 ECO Mini Combination Sewer Cleaner from Sewer Equipment has all-stainless-steel construction for durability, including its 4-yard debris tank, water tank with up to 600-gallon capacity, hose reel with 400 feet of 1/2-inch sewer hose, and full shroud. It offers a UDOR U.S.A. 18 gpm/4,000 psi water pump and a Hibon Inc. (a division of Ingersoll Rand) positive displacement blower at 28-inch Hg with a 4-inch system. The jet/vac truck utilizes a 19,500 GVWR chassis, requiring no CDL, and it also offers the ability to enter a standard 8-foot parking structure. 800-323-1604;

Teledyne ISCO LaserFlow Ex flow measurement sensor

The LaserFlow Ex noncontact velocity sensor from Teledyne ISCO is designed for intrinsically safe locations. The subsurface flow measurement sensor is certified for hazardous areas classified as Class 1, Div. 1, Zone 0 and ATEX category 1G. The LaserFlow Ex can remotely measure flow in open channels with noncontact Laser Doppler Velocity technology and noncontact Ultrasonic Level technology. The sensor measures velocity with a laser beam pointed below the surface of the water or wastewater stream. It offers built-in diagnostic tools, simple installation and minimal maintenance, which reduces the number of site visits. With a variety of communication options, programming and data retrieval can be performed from a remote location. 800-228-4383;

Matco-Norca 225 Series valves

The 225 Series American Water Works Association valves from Matco-Norca come in 3- and 12-inch and 3- and 24-inch models and sizes. The heavy-duty, ductile iron-resistant valves are manufactured to the latest AWWA C515-15 standard and are UL listed and FM approved. Its NSF 61/NSF 372 certifications are verified by UL Water Quality. The 225 Series valves have lift lugs, valve box centering guides, full-flow waterway, and a full 304 stainless steel stem, nut and bolt package. The valves are manufactured using a 300 psi ductile iron body, 304 stainless steel nonrising stem and resilient EPDM wedge. They can be fitted with a post indicator plate so both vertical- and wall-mount post indicators can be attached. 800-431-2082; 


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