Product Spotlight - August 2019

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Reinstating laterals can be an arduous process without the right equipment. And while Aries Industries has long offered many of  the products used in that process — including cameras and lateral location devices — the company had never produced its own cutter.

The Wolverine 2.0 cutting system changes that.

“Our customers have worked with a variety of cutters, so we knew what they were looking for,” says Jim Kraschinsky, vice president – sales for Aries Industries. “Our goals were to build a product with a longer cable length, better controls and maneuverability within the pipe. We’re excited about the result.”

Able to operate in pipes from 6 to 18 inches, the self-propelled, electric Wolverine 2.0 offers advanced ergonomic fingertip control and the ability to cut through materials with maximum speed and precision. Its linearly adjustable speed and axis movement offer maneuverability in a variety of pipe, coupled with a compact profile and all-wheel drive to navigate tough terrain. It is also designed to be modular, with spare parts readily available for in-field serviceability.

“It’s designed to be very quick to change out parts to get it back up and running,” Kraschinsky says. “The technicians can do the work themselves pretty easily. Our customers were looking for more productivity and uptime, so we designed the Wolverine 2.0 to be very user friendly to work on.”

With that in mind, every element of the Wolverine 2.0 is built for ease of use and maintenance. A long, 500-foot cable reduces truck setup time, saving labor and logistical costs, while its camera uses a fixed lens with field-replaceable glass. An electric two-speed milling motor is field repairable and rebuildable, while its desktop, dual joystick controller uses CANbus technology, with touch-screen display and integrated DVR and on-screen display. Multiple wheel configurations adapt to different pipe conditions, while a stabilizing lift ensures balanced operation. A built-in lens wiper and scraper keeps the camera clear while in the pipe, keeping the unit on the job longer.

“When our designers designed this unit, it was with our customers in mind,” Kraschinsky says. “The feedback has pointed to that. The techs who are already using it in the field are pretty excited. It is exactly what they wanted and hoped it would be.” 800-234-7205;


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