ICUEE Product Preview - 2019

The International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE), also known as the Demo Expo, is the premier event for utility professionals and construction contractors to gain comprehensive insights into the latest technologies, innovations and trends affecting their industry. This year’s event, slated for Oct. 1-3 in Louisville, Kentucky, promises to show off some of the finest new products on the construction market. Below is a preview of some of the newest products that will be highlighted at this year’s show.

Boss Industries Bullet D The Bullet D from Boss Industries is a compact, strategically designed system that integrates all major components on to a single frame, enclosed in a tough, weather-resistant canopy. Its design provides output of up to 80 cfm at 100 psi. Because it measures just 20 inches wide by 48 inches long by 40 inches high, it can be set on any class truck with minimal effect on load capacity and visibility. It is narrow enough to fit into standard industrial gates and doorways, as well as service elevators for highrise or underground construction. The width of the unit makes it suitable for mounting on top of 20-inch-wide service body compartments. See ad page 55 - 800-635-6587;; Booth L475

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas R30Z-9AK Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas will exhibit nine equipment models, including a prototype of an electric-powered model, the R35E, developed in collaboration with Cummins Engine Co. They will also exhibit six conventional diesel-powered models from the 9A series of compact excavators, ranging from its smallest (the R17Z-9A) to its largest (the R80CR-9A) and including the R30Z-9AK. Also on display from the full-sized HX series of hydraulic excavators will be the HX140L, powered by a 127 hp Cummins QSF3.8 engine. Rounding out the exhibit from the HL900 series of wheel loaders will be the HL940TM model. See ad page 37- 877-509-2254;; Booth K345

Ox Equipment MTS Dino Series Advanced technology allows the MTS Dino Series dry suction excavator from Ox Equipment to powerfully dig without the use of water, eliminating issues related to slurry disposal as well as overweight loads. It uses a twin-fan system, which generates over 24,000 cfm. The large 10-inch-diameter suction hose, which extends up to 30 feet off the back of the truck, is precisely manipulated via the mechanical Power Arm. The functional side-tipping feature allows for efficient dumping from the 10-cubic-yard spoils container, allowing the unit to stay on site all day, effectively doubling productivity. See ad page 41 - 888-290-4044;; Booth K373

Oxford Plastics Systems LowPro 23/05 road plates Oxford Plastics Systems’ LowPro 23/05 road plates are HS20-44 load rated for up to a 36-inch-wide trench. Two workers can transport this composite modular system in a work truck and install coverage for 6 feet of trench in 10 minutes. Interlocking sections have a high-visibility, anti-skid surface. The chamfered Flexi-Edge is easy to grip and reduces noise. Gravity-fed underside pins prevent lateral movement. EasiLift handles lock into the sections, making installation easier and more ergonomic. See ad page 43 - 800-567-9182;; Booth 3044

Rival Hydrovac T7 The T7 from Rival Hydrovac was designed primarily to be a unit that could be loaded with debris and driven within legislated road limits with most types of debris on board. Additionally the unit comes standard with a scale that reads real-time weights both in the cab and on the wireless remote to confirm weights prior to travel. It is operator friendly, and the operating system is engaged through one PTO switch. The remainder of the operation occurs from the rear panel or the wireless remote. The components used in this truck are high performance in nature, and the unit will dig at levels competitive to large units. See ad page 59 - 403-550-7997;; Booth 5142

Sonetics wireless headsets Sonetics wireless headsets enable natural conversation in the most challenging environments. Talk hands-free with a crew and protect hearing from dangerous noise. Listen-Through Technology provides control of when and how much outside sound to let in to maintain situational awareness. High audio quality and an auto-leveling, noise-cancelling microphone lets the user understand the subtle differences in what they hear — even in the middle of a loud work zone. See ad page 45 - 800-833-4558;; Booth 3706

Super Products Mud Dog Super Products offers a safe, efficient and versatile alternative to traditional digging equipment with the Mud Dog hydroexcavator product line. The Mud Dog is designed for operator convenience and consistent performance in the harshest environments. It is available with 12- or 16-yard debris capacity and has a 1,500- to 2,000-gallon water tank capacity to meet the challenges of a variety of applications, excavation projects and job site conditions. See ad page 47 - 800-837-9711;; Booth 3422

TRUVAC by Vactor Paradigm Designed for utility, municipal and contractor customers involved in the installation, maintenance and repair of underground water, sewer, gas, electric and telecommunications lines, the versatile Paradigm subcompact vacuum excavator from TRUVAC by Vactor can dig holes with water or air; vacuum, contain and dispose of drill mud; power pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical tools; and provide transport and storage of replacement parts, equipment and tools. The truck’s Park-n-Dig design minimizes the time between arriving on the job site and excavation, including the ability to dig up to 6 feet in depth without additional pipe and hose. The standard air compressor powers utility tools such as jackhammers and tampers that may be used on the job. See ad page 51 - 800-627-3171;; Booths 1531, N2013

Underground Magnetics Mag 8 With an easy-to-use interface and the ability to go up to 360 feet deep with the Echo 110 extended range transmitter, the Mag 8 receiver from Underground Magnetics allows the user to go deep. Even with the standard Echo 50 transmitter, this receiver provides a depth range of up to 160 feet. Bore-To mode is always displayed on both the receiver and display at all times, with no programing required. This locator is easy to operate. Once set up, the operator never needs to press a button to accurately know where the transmitter is and where it is going. It includes the ability to change not only 10 frequencies downhole, but also change between high and low power. See ad page 53 - 515-505-0960;; Booth 2956

Vactor 2100 Plus  A water recycling system, available as an option for the Vactor 2100 Plus sewer cleaner, reuses water already in the sewer to clean sewer lines, eliminating the need for clean water. The system helps municipalities save thousands of gallons of freshwater, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and promote sustainability. The system can also increase operator productivity by up to 100%, enabling operators to clean twice the number of lines. The five-stage filtration system combines settling, centrifugal separation and absolute filtration to 100-micron particle sizes, preventing most abrasive solids from entering the jetting system. The filter cleaning system allows the machine to operate continuously at full operating flows and pressures throughout the day. 800-627-3171;; Booths 1531, N2013


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