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Data Logger and Management

Hermann Sewerin GmbH SePem 155

SePem 155 data loggers from Hermann Sewerin GmbH can help reliably identify existing leaks and catch new ones early on. In relation to the size of a measuring area, the volume of water initially escaping from a new leak is usually so low that it cannot be clearly distinguished from minimum nighttime consumption when measuring the flow. However, the data logger is designed to report the leak after just one night. It is ideal for mobile use and can also be used for the stationary monitoring of water supply networks. Its simple and intuitive menu navigation provides fast and reliable results and can also be reliably operated by less-experienced users. The measuring times and periods of radio activity are freely programmable. 888-592-9916;

Flow Control/Monitoring Equipment

ADS Environmental Services ECHO

The ECHO from ADS Environmental Services is used for continuous monitoring of manholes and multiple associated pipe segments to determine when they need to be cleaned. The monitors provide visibility of water levels and changes that occur, preventing overflows. The ECHO has five alarms that are configured for each site and has 28 feet of total measure range. 800-633-7246;

Blue-White Industries Digi-Meter F-2000 Series

The Digi-Meter F-2000 Series electronic, digital paddle wheel flowmeters from Blue-White Industries monitor flow in a wide variety of applications. The units measure water ranges from 0.4 to 8,000 gpm and feature an easily visible, eight-digit LCD readout with up to four decimal positions. The meter is field programmable via the front panel touchpad, and the panel is equipped with a security lockout. It is designed to accommodate pipe or wall mount installations. The insertion-style F-2000 displays flow rate, total flow and includes an NPN open-collector output for communication with data loggers, SCADA systems and other external devices. Additional features include 4-20mA/0-10 volts DC, batch processing, a high/low flow-rate alarm output and front panel security lockout. It comes factory programmed with a calibration certificate. 714-893-8529;

FCI - Fluid Components International ST80 Series

The next-gen ST80 Series thermal mass flowmeter from FCI - Fluid Components International has Adaptive Sensing Technology that combines the advantages of thermal dispersion constant power and constant temperature technologies into one precision-accuracy, rugged meter with an extensive selection of application-matched flow sensors available. Its versatile transmitter outputs are compatible with DCS, PLC, SCADA, recorder or alarm systems. They include traditional 4-20mA analog or digital bus communications such as HART, Foundation Fieldbus, PROFIBUS or Modbus. The meter’s intuitive, easy-to-read local display is a graphical, backlit LCD that shows what’s happening in the pipe by providing flow rate, totalized flow and temperature data, which are continuously displayed in a digital and bar graph presentation. Alarms and/or diagnostic messages are displayed as needed to alert operators. 760-744-6950;

McCrometer FPI Mag

The FPI Mag magnetic flowmeter from McCrometer employs a configuration where the coils and electrodes are assembled in a tube that inserts into a pipe perpendicular to the full flow profile of the pipe. It measures flow at various points within the pipe diameter using a multielectrode sensor design. The ability for a utility to install and remove the flowmeter under pressure means significant cost savings and provides greater budget flexibility. Flanges are not required, pipes do not have to be cut and welding is generally not necessary. This means installation is simple and easy, making it suitable for retrofits, upgrades and maintenance projects, as well as sites never metered before. It can be used in pipe sizes from 4 to 138 inches and is available in both forward and bidirectional configurations. The unit comes precalibrated, requiring no recalibration in the field. 800-220-2279;

PMC Engineering VL4500 Series

The VL4500 Series transmitter from PMC Engineering ranges as low as 30 inches water column. It has a highly stable piezoresistive element manufactured from micromachined silicon. It is available with a rugged side-entry cable with optional wedge nose cone for use inside pipes where the level measurement is required under flowing conditions. This is offered as a standard option for 3/4-inch-diameter transmitters, but can also be provided for other series. This combination is suited for installations into sewer pipes to minimize flow restrictions and possible clogging. A titanium housing provides immunity to virtually all environments, including brackish or seawater, or other chemicals unsuitable for stainless steel. The polyurethane vented cable is molded to the transmitter, providing a high-integrity waterproof assembly. 203-792-8686;

PRIMEX Pump Watch Express

Pump Watch Express from PRIMEX is a comprehensive family of 4G LTE/3G compact cellular RTUs and gateways used for monitoring pumping systems. It offers a simple tool for management of multiple sites, including alarm notification, data logging and graphic system visualization. It includes a lithium-ion backup battery for power loss detection and notification, SMS/email/web portal alarm notifications, graphic HMI with simple and clear station status display, interactive pumping station map, data logging and historical trending, first year of service included, and optional web portal customization. The NEMA 4X control panels come in three versions: lite, premium and gateway. 844-477-4639;


AMETEK Drexelbrook DRX500 Series

The DRX500 Series from AMETEK Drexelbrook is a set of 80 GHz radar transmitters that covers applications with liquids, slurries and solids for both hygienic and nonhygienic requirements. All 80 GHz radar transmitters are especially beneficial for level measurements in narrow tanks with internal obstructions due to their small beam angle. The transmitters, with their flush-mounted polyether ether ketone lens antenna and wide process connection options, are suitable for hygienic liquids. They include a large, backlit LCD screen with a four-button keypad that can be assessed with a bar magnet without opening the housing cover. Each uses software that has a quick setup assistant for easy installation. Each conforms to NAMUR recommendations NE 21, NE 43 and NE 53 and can measure fast-moving processes. The transmitters are available with aluminum or stainless steel housings. 215-674-1234;


Greyline Instruments PSL 5.0

The PSL 5.0 pump station level controller from Greyline Instruments has redundant level sensing. It includes a noncontacting ultrasonic sensor and can be connected to a loop-powered pressure sensor for redundant sensing in applications with foam or grease. It will continuously recalibrate the pressure sensor and automatically switch back and forth from ultrasonic to the pressure sensor as required. It is designed for lift stations, wet wells and storage tanks. Calibration and relay setpoints are easy to enter through the user-friendly keypad and menu system. An automatic pump runtime logging and reporting system helps operators to plan pump maintenance and identify lazy pumps before they fail. It includes an isolated 4-20mA output and six programmable control relays for pump control, pump alternation and level alarms. An intrinsically safe sensor and a built-in data logger are optional. 315-788-9500;

Sensaphone sensors

Monitoring sensors from Sensaphone indicate when conditions fall outside of a safe range. They are compatible with most Sensaphone remote monitoring systems, which provide alerting and data logging functionality. Instant notification ensures prompt corrective action to keep water safe and equipment working properly. ORP sensors measure water cleanliness by detecting contaminants. PH sensors detect changes in pH that can reduce water quality and damage equipment. Toroidal conductivity sensors measure water purity based on ion counts. They monitor chemically aggressive process solutions in applications where conventional contacting sensors may become fouled or corroded. 877-373-2700;

SmartCover Systems UnderCover 2

UnderCover 2 from SmartCover Systems makes use of advanced microelectromechanical systems technology for intrusion detection and unauthorized opening of sewer manholes to combat illegal dumping, vandalism and other security issues. The MEMS technology improves the robustness of entry detection and expands the configurability of the systems at remote and hard-to-access locations for utilities, communications, nuclear facilities, border security, transportation infrastructure, military installations and other applications. UnderCover 2 is now an integrated function within all of SmartCover’s remote monitoring units, including leveraging Iridium satellite communications impervious to local power or cellphone outages. 760-291-1980;

Teledyne ISCO LaserFlow Ex

The LaserFlow Ex noncontact velocity sensor from Teledyne ISCO is designed for intrinsically safe locations. The subsurface flow measurement sensor is certified for hazardous areas classified as Class 1, Div. 1, Zone 0 and ATEX category 1G. The LaserFlow Ex can remotely measure flow in open channels with noncontact Laser Doppler Velocity technology and noncontact Ultrasonic Level technology. The sensor measures velocity with a laser beam pointed below the surface of the water or wastewater stream. It offers built-in diagnostic tools, simple installation and minimal maintenance, which reduces the number of site visits. With a variety of communication options, programming and data retrieval can be performed from a remote location. 800-228-4383; 


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