Product News - November 2019

1. GSSI StructureScan Mini XT ground- penetrating radar

The Geophysical Survey Systems Inc. (GSSI) StructureScan Mini XT portable ground-penetrating radar can help locate rebar, conduits, post-tension cables and voids. It can also help identify structural elements, including pan deck and concrete cover, and provide real-time determination of concrete slab thickness. The radar is equipped with a 2.7 GHz antenna, positioning system and control unit combination. It can reach depths of 24 inches and is positioned 0.31 inches off the surface, providing enough ground clearance that it can be used over rough concrete surfaces. 800-524-3011;

2. Toro TRX walk-behind trenchers

The TRX-250 and TRX-300 walk-behind trenchers from Toro feature Intelli-Trench technology, an innovation that optimizes the machine’s hydraulic flow for the digging conditions. The system automatically diverts the hydraulic flow from the traction motors, providing more power for the trencher head. As a result, the traction handle can be held in one place without requiring constant adjustment, reducing operator fatigue and optimizing performance. In addition, the Intelli-Trench feature decreases track wear and maintains engine revolutions per minute for efficient engine cooling. The TRX models also have a new hydraulic design that requires significantly fewer components than previous models, simplifying maintenance and potentially reducing service needs. 855-493-0088;

3. Avanti International AV-500 epoxy injection grout

The AV-500 epoxy line from Avanti International is used to stabilize soils and rock, restore structural integrity, stop leaks and control groundwater. The line includes the AV-502 injectable bonding series, developed for structural concrete repair by crack injection, gravity feed or patching. The AV-522 crack sealing paste is a two-component, nonsag structural epoxy designed to offer mechanical strength in anchoring and bonding applications. The AV-580 joint filler epoxy is ideal for filling saw-cut control joints and contraction joints in concrete. And the AV-590 joint filler is a two-component, 100% solids, VOC-free, rapid-setting polyurea system that cures to a semirigid resiliency to support joint edges. 800-877-2570;

4. Bricking Solutions rolling work platform

Bricking Solutions’ rolling work platform is designed for improved safety and efficiency during maintenance of horizontal vessels. The platform offers 25% increased productivity over traditional rolling scaffolds and features a durable, custom-engineered design. It is used in a variety of applications including water treatment, tunneling and mining. Coupled with a hydraulic jack system, the rolling work platform is erected in as little as 30 minutes and adjusts to maintain a level working surface in less than 20 minutes, while operating in vessels with an incline of up to 20 degrees. Four-inch swivel caster wheels further increase mobility on flat or rounded surfaces, such as those found in tunnels and pipes. 360-794-1277;

5. MyTana Mfg. PGR400 municipal inspection system

The PGR400 municipal inspection system from MyTana Mfg. is capable of inspecting up to 400 feet of pipe. The system’s structural upgrades prioritize mobility, ease of use and versatility. New features include a sturdier and more compact reel frame; balanced weight and anti-skid feet making it easier to tilt and maneuver; a monitor mount offering full swivel for optimal viewing while inspecting; a reel brake with adjustable drag to control or halt spin; and multiple push-rod lengths. Designed for small to medium municipalities, the inspection system is suitable for 4- to 12-inch lines. Additional features include a 12-inch daylight-readable screen, all-digital recording and wireless streaming to any mobile device. 800-328-8170; 


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