Product Spotlight - February 2020

So you’ve used your new Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or SL-RAT, to inspect thousands of feet of your municipal pipeline. Now how are you going to organize that data?

The Sewer Line Data OrGanizer, or SL-DOG, is a secure, cloud-based web portal from InfoSense that complements the company’s SL-RAT. As the only data management software specifically designed to work with SL-RAT’s acoustic assessment data, it allows users to view their acoustic scores, add notes or edit a measurement’s GPS coordinates. The data is archived in a secure cloud environment for continued access. Users can create reports and visualize their inspection data by exporting to industry standard programs such as ArcGIS, PDF, Excel or Google Earth. According to Diane Ryu, product and marketing manager for InfoSense, helping keep utilities organized and efficient is the end goal.

“Over 300 utilities are already using the SL-RAT to rapidly screen their system for blockages before deploying cleaning or CCTV resources. With so much data generated each day, users need ways to manage and understand their acoustic scores,” she says. “Using SL-DOG to comprehend and visualize acoustic inspection data can help with the decision-making process for where cleaning and CCTV resources should be deployed. Furthermore, the acoustic scores are archived for future access, allowing users to improve asset management with historical data as their program matures.”

In the field, operators can use the SL-DOG mobile app to add notes to each measurement while conducting tests. Notes such as segment ID or basin ID can be meaningful when referencing the data at a later point. After testing is complete, users upload the assessment scores to the web portal. The comprehensive list of all measurements historically uploaded to the portal can generate useful reports and visualizations.

“Utilities today are looking for ways to optimize their resources to better tackle mounting challenges such as aging infrastructure or population growth,” Ryu says. “Transitioning from a time-based cleaning program to one that factors in conditions of the pipe can significantly reduce unnecessary cleaning and allow resources to be focused on areas with the greatest identified need.”

According to Ryu, that increased efficiency may be the program’s most important feature.

“SL-RAT is already used by hundreds of utilities to rapidly inspect and understand pipe conditions,” she says. “SL-DOG helps them optimize those acoustic inspections by facilitating data collection, management and data visualization.” 877-747-3245;


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