Case Study - March 2020

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Rapid acoustic inspection leads to focused cleaning efforts


With a time-based maintenance program, Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority in Arkansas annually serviced 40% of its small-diameter collections system using high-cost resources such as CCTV or cleaning. Some of these serviced segments had plenty of flow capacity, while blockages in other parts of the system were being missed and causing overflows. Despite having a highly sophisticated cleaning program, Little Rock looked to enhance its program and reduce sanitary sewer overflows by implementing new technologies.


In January 2017, Little Rock started utilizing the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or SL-RAT, from InfoSense to rapidly screen 100% of its small-diameter pipes for blockages on an annual basis at very low cost. The authority focused high-cost resources such as cleaning and CCTV on 20% of the system that was determined to have blockages through acoustic screening.


By deploying resources based on condition, rather than time, Little Rock reduced time spent cleaning clean pipes. By utilizing acoustic technology to screen before cleaning, Little Rock cleaned 32% fewer linear feet but increased cubic debris removed by 116% in 2017. By 2018, they reduced SSOs by approximately two-thirds without hiring any additional personnel. 877-747-3245; 


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