Product Focus - March 2020

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Crawler Cameras

Aries Industries Mobile Pathfinder System

The Mobile Pathfinder System from Aries Industries is a lightweight, portable system for accurately inspecting mainlines 6 inches or larger. It includes a powerful transporter, camera and lightweight reel; these compo- nents are operated by an all-in-one remote control. The transporter comes in a variety of wheel sizes and is equipped with a rear-viewing camera and an adjustable electric lift to keep the camera centered in a range of pipe sizes. It features a WiperCam pan-and-tilt camera with an in-the-pipe cleaning system and field-replaceable wipers. The camera has a 300-degree viewing angle and LED lighting system to capture pipe details and ensure accurate assessments. The lightweight reel has 1,000 feet of low-friction, multiconductor cable, making the system fully portable. 800-234-7205;

Envirosight ROVVER X

The ROVVER X inspection crawler from Envirosight lets an operator control inspections, view and record digital video, log observations, generate reports and link directly to asset management software. All these capabilities are packed into a simple, three-piece layout, with no CCU or other components to clutter the workspace. Twelve-wheel options — plus camera lift, carriage and illumination accessories — mean it transforms in seconds to inspect any size line. The crawler is six-wheel drive with proportional steering to navigate past obstacles and has overlapping wheels to climb offsets. Powerful motors and a geared six-wheel drivetrain maximize travel range. It is built on an expandable digital backbone, with the ability to add side scanning and laser profiling, view data from onboard sensors, automate tasks with macros and measure defects on screen. Its firmware updates automatically to the latest features. 866-936-8476;

Insight Vision Cameras IRIS

The Insight Vision Cameras IRIS crawler system is compact and portable, and it comes complete with a motorized crawler and a motorized power-rewind/feed-assist cable drum. The reel has 600 feet of Kevlar coax cable. The corrosion-resistant brass-body crawler will stand up to harsh conditions. The camera has a 180-degree pan and 360- degrees of tilt, allowing the user to inspect pipes from 6 to 12 inches, and up to 18 inches with an optional pneumatic wheel set. The module has USB, HDMI and SD external ports. The reel has a 10-inch, daylight-readable touch screen. Its easy-to-use software runs on Windows 10. 800-488-8177;

RapidView IBAK North America PANORAMO

The PANORAMO method from RapidView IBAK North America changes current processes into data collection in the field and data analysis back in the office. At the core of the system are the wide-angle (185-degree) twin digital cameras, found on both the front and the rear of the system. As it moves through the pipeline, the two cameras simultaneously capture still images in 4K resolution. To achieve such high resolution and allow it to be displayed and stored, a Gigabit Ethernet standard is being used for the transmission of images and other data. This allows a data transmission rate of up to a gigabit per second. 800-656-4225;

Ratech Electronics Mini Crawler PNT 

The Ratech Electronics Mini Crawler PNT is a self-propelled four-wheel-drive multiconductor camera transporter. The 12 super-bright LEDs with variable intensity light the way through 5- to 30-inch-diameter pipes. Using the full 360-degree-rotation pan-and-tilt camera, users will be able to see defects and obstructions more closely and in more detail. This same camera head is interchangeable with the head on the company’s push camera system. The power and controls to operate the crawler are in a handy remote control device. It comes with a manual lift and built-in 512 Hz sonde for locating purposes. 800-461-9200;

Inspection Vehicle

Subsite Electronics inspection vehicles 

CCTV pipeline inspection systems from Subsite Electronics include ergonomic layouts and hand-crafted cabinetry that actually fits the equipment. Choose a turnkey, ready-to-survey system or specify your own productivity machine. Various layout plans are available for high cubes, sprinter vans, cargo vans, step vans, transit vans, trailers and all-terrain vehicles. 800-767-1974;

Laser Profiling Equipment

RauschUSA KS135 Scan

The KS135 Scan from RauschUSA has two laser diodes integrated into a mainline TV camera head that projects lasers onto the pipe wall. It is designed to perform three tasks in one complete system: CCTV inspection, crack measurement and laser profiling. It is a full camera connected to the L135 steerable tractor. No lengthy, manual field calibration is necessary — simply place the profiler in the pipe and begin instantly. As it travels through the pipeline, it performs conventional CCTV inspection while taking accurate joint and crack measurements using the integrated laser diodes. On the return trip to the manhole, the rotating camera head analyzes the pipe profile via spinning laser technology. All data is instantly and accurately generated on site using the POSM software. There is no third-party analysis involved, thus providing immediate and reliable evaluation of the pipe right on site. It can be used in 6- to 48-inch pipes. 717-709-1005;


General Pipe Cleaners Gen-Eye Hot Spot

The Gen-Eye Hot Spot pipe locator and transmitter from General Pipe Cleaners/General Wire Spring includes a total field antenna and on-screen icons to help lead users to their targets without a long learning curve. It can be used to quickly and accurately locate inspection cameras, sondes, active power lines and utility lines. Rated at IP65, it is water resistant and dust- and dirt-proof. The 5-watt transmitter, in tandem with the locator, makes finding buried utilities quick and easy. More power means more signal to locate. Choose one of four frequencies to best suit the application. 800-245-6200;

MyTana Locate and Leak Detection Package

MyTana’s Locate and Leak Detection Package helps save time finding leaks in utility lines. The LD40 leak detector works like a stethoscope to detect hissing, trickle or seeping sounds while filtering out background noises. It can detect through any surface and has an easy-to-understand, real-time visual response meter, enabling operators to listen and watch for leaks. Five frequency bands help users home in on hard-to-find leaks, so the LD40 is suitable for use on vertical line leaks, slab leaks and irrigation leaks. The package includes the RL8873 locator and RT8872 transmitter, which can locate most buried utility lines. 800-328-8170;

Radiodetection RD8100

The RD8100 cable locator from Radiodetection is engineered to deliver high precision for damage prevention when locating buried cables and pipes. This advanced range of underground utility locators offers optional integrated GPS and usage logging. Containing an arrangement of five custom-manufactured, precision ground antennas, it allows the user to choose the best method to locate specific pipes and cables. Integrated GPS and usage-logging options automatically generate data for customer reports or in-house quality and safety audits to promote the best working conditions. 877-247-3797;

RIDGID SeekTech SR-24 line locator

The RIDGID SeekTech SR-24 line locator paired with the RIDGIDtrax app simplifies locating jobs and streamlines the creation of accurate maps of underground utilities to protect critical assets. It is a locating receiver that uses integrated Bluetooth communications to transmit data and GPS coordinates to a mobile device. Its omnidirectional antennas capture the complete signal field, making it easy to locate a line and follow its path. Pairing it with the RIDGIDtrax app for iOS or Android allows for creation of visual maps of underground utilities using a phone or tablet. Multiple lines can be traced, color-coded and named on an overhead satellite image of a job site. It weighs 3.5 pounds, has a battery life of eight hours, wireless range of 200 yards and can be programmed to detect any active frequency from 10 Hz to 35 kHz. 800-474-3443;

Superior Signal Smoke Fluid Systems

Superior Signal Smoke Fluid Systems Smoke Fluid Systems from Superior Signal are used to find faults and sources of surface water inflow in collections systems. Smoke fluid is both high-quality and economically priced. Blowers are engineered for smoke testing, using a double-insulated heating chamber with stainless steel injector to maximize dry smoke output and produce quality, liquid-based smoke. Blowers can be configured to work with Superior Smoke Candles. 800-945-8378;

Mainline TV Camera Systems

Aquam Pipe Diagnostics Investigator

Investigator from Aquam Pipe Diagnostics is a pressurized pipe inspection and leak detection system designed for 3-inch and larger pipework. It has a tri-sensor head incorporating HD CCTV, a hydrophone for leak detection and a high-powered sonde for mapping and leak verification. Access is gained through 2-inch access points such as hot taps and air release valves. Fire hydrants can also be used as an entry point with a dry barrel fire hydrant adapter. The system is mounted onto pipework through a selection of fittings with operational pressures up to 150 psi. This process makes access into the pipework simple and cost-effective. Monitoring the real-time data captured by the camera and hydrophone sensor head allows the operator to understand internal pipe conditions, document asset inventory and condition, and accurately detect and verify leaks with no disruption to the water distribution system, allowing the pipeline to stay in service. 904-456-7926


The CUES MPlus+ XL push system is designed for easy operation with an all-in-one setup and flexibility by quick removal of the control unit to be used separately. It includes a coiler configuration and pan-and-tilt camera for mainline and larger pipeline applications up to 500 feet. It integrates video observation coding, observation coding interface and digital recording. The lightweight system includes large, durable wheels for portability and a balanced footprint for stability. It is manufactured to handle rigorous field use. 800-327-7791;

Electric Eel Ecam Pro 2 

The Ecam Pro 2 mainline pipeline inspection camera system from Electric Eel has a stainless steel-housed, 1.68-inch, self-leveling color camera with sapphire lens; 20-LED light ring with an impact-resistant polycarbonate light ring cover; and high-resolution CCD element. The auto-iris adjusts light automatically. A flexible camera spring navigates 3-inch P-traps. The unit comes standard with 200 feet of braided fiberglass premium 1/2-inch-diameter pushrod (with a capacity of 400 feet available on the reel), industry-standard 512 Hz sonde, 10.4-inch daylight-readable monitor with click-touch controls, and one-touch recording directly to a USB flash drive. It has an on-screen footage counter, a two-hour battery with built-in charger, adjustable light controls, 16 pages of text writing with memory saves, voiceover recording, an 8x zoom function, audio/video out jacks, 8-inch wheels for easy maneuverability, a secure-locking reel brake, and rugged powder-coated steel tube and bar construction. 800-833-1212;

Forbest Products FB-PIC3188XX/4188XX

The FB-PIC3188XX/4188XX portable lay-flat camera system from Forbest Products comes with a 1-inch waterproof color camera head or 1-inch self-leveling color camera head with a built-in 512 Hz sonde transmitter, stainless steel spring kit and bright LED lights. It comes with 130 feet of 5.3 mm or 200 feet of 6 mm fiberglass cable, with a high-resolution 7- or 10-inch color control station with USB and SD recording. Typing and editing is optional for the 10-inch multifunction control station. The lay-flat design is convenient for one user to operate the camera independently. 877-369-1199;

Pearpoint (USA) P540c

The Pearpoint (USA) P540c offers an intuitive graphical user interface with built-in user manual, a full-size QWERTY keyboard and a choice of six different languages at launch. Context-sensitive, ATM-style buttons on both sides of the display provide access to the easy-to-use menus while an additional seven buttons offer direct control of the most-used functions. It has the capability to use the newly designed command module with any reel system. This will provide customers the flexibility of having multiple rods for different uses while only needing one command module. 800-688-8094;

Spartan Tool Explorer

The Explorer modular camera system from Spartan Tool has a control box that is compatible with five different pushrods up to 400 feet in length, letting the user quickly adapt to any environment. Included WinCan software allows the user to map full plumbing systems for future reference, and files can be saved to a WinCan account, the cloud, external USB drives and the system’s internal storage. The stainless steel camera head provides a crisp, color picture to the super-bright, sunlight-readable LCD. Change out reels to create a system that provides the ability to tackle any size job. 800-435-3866;

Vivax-Metrotech vCam-6

The vCam-6 HD inspection system from Vivax-Metrotech includes features such as text writer, voice-over, locatable sonde and traceable pushrod as standard equipment. The standard reel is available with 200, 300 or 400 feet of pushrod and choices of 1.3- or 1.8-inch self-leveling HD camera. The system includes a daylight-viewable control module with a 9.7-inch HD LCD monitor, distance counter and internal rechargeable batteries with five-plus hours of battery life. Video recording and JPG-format pictures can be saved to the internal 1 TB hard drive. The control module has built-in Wi-Fi to stream live video and snapshots to smartphone apps or directly to a computer for recording to the hard drive. 800-446-3392;

Recording/Archiving/Data Devices

Hermann Sewerin GmbH SePem 155

SePem 155 data loggers from Hermann Sewerin GmbH can help reliably identify existing leaks and catch new ones early on. In relation to the size of a measuring area, the volume of water initially escaping from a new leak is usually so low that it cannot be clearly distinguished from minimum nighttime consumption when measuring the flow. However, the data logger is designed to report the leak after just one night. It is ideal for mobile use and can also be used for the stationary monitoring of water supply networks. Its simple and intuitive menu navigation provides fast and reliable results and can also be reliably operated by less-experienced users. The measuring times and periods of radio activity are freely programmable. 888-592-9916;

Orbis Intelligent Systems Prodigy SmartCap

The Prodigy SmartCap from Orbis Intelligent Systems is a noninvasive pipe-monitoring device that can turn any hydrant into a smart hydrant. Using sensors and wireless Internet of Things connectivity, it provides real-time infrastructure management by simply swapping the existing pumper nozzle out. Designed to fit on any style of fire hydrant including wet and dry barrels, it permanently monitors distribution pipes (12 inches or less) from the hydrant for leaks, tamper incidents, flow events, temperature and pipe condition (average pipe wall thickness and more). Installation can be completed within minutes without disruption or system shutdown. It monitors, processes and records multiple channels of data from a variety of sensors and uploads it to the cloud via Cat M1 cellular connectivity. Reports and data files are transmitted daily unless events occur, in which case it will transmit real-time data to ensure alerts and notifications are received as they occur. 858-242-1603;


POSM Software

POSM Software can present data collected from a CCTV inspection in a way that helps everyone, from the sewer manager to the third-party engineer who needs detailed plans for inspection. Engineers can color-code GIS maps for inspection, sending those orders to the inspection truck either through the asset management tool of their choice or using GIS mapping. It was designed from the perspective of the inspector in the truck while still addressing engineering and management needs. 720-636-0532;


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