Product Spotlight - March 2020

Product Spotlight - March 2020

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There’s a simple reason to take steps to prevent inflow and infiltration into sewers: It’s an expensive problem that has affordable solutions. Manholes are often the most common source of infiltration, as when the grade adjustment (chimney) area begins to deteriorate, they can virtually serve as a sieve, allowing inflow to flow freely into sewer systems during wet-weather events. It simply doesn’t have to be that way, though.

The Infi-Shield Uni-band from Sealing Systems is an inexpensive and permanent method of externally sealing the grade-adjustment ring area of a manhole. The one-piece molded seal has a reinforced, preformed L-shaped corner. Accommodating ground movement, the Uni-band’s high-quality rubber and nonhardening butyl mastic provide a flexible, watertight seal around the structure. The method saves taxpayers money by not having to treat the extra clearwater and by avoiding expensive repair and maintenance costs.

“It is made of EPDM rubber and is fully assembled so there are no modifications needed in the field and no special tools needed,” says Pam Sawatzke, sales/marketing director for Sealing Systems. “The preformed L-shape at the top of the seal assists in the ease of installation and provides a watertight seal onto the casting frame.”

The Uni-band seals the casting frame to the cone section of a manhole/catch basin so no infiltration can get in between the adjustment rings. Multiple sizes are available to fit most cone sections and manhole castings, and they can be used on regular manhole cones or top slab installations. 

“There were years of research and development that went into designing the improved angled seal,” Sawatzke says. “With all variations of manhole designs throughout the world, there was a need for extensive research on different size casting frames, adjustment ring sizes and cone section styles. After testing was complete, the final sizes were put into production to accommodate almost any structure out there.”

The Uni-band has an inspection tab attached at the top of the seal, and an aerosol primer is also included. A clean surface is necessary, but no special tools are required for installation. The Uni-band can be immediately backfilled, saving work crews valuable time on the job.

“Customers like it because of the price and ease of installation,” Sawatzke says. “When we ask the right questions, we can get them the perfect watertight seal for the chimney sections.” 800-478-2054;


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