Case Study - May 2020

Case Study - May 2020

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Grinder rectifies issues with rags and debris


For many years, a water reclamation plant in Texas successfully used six Penn Valley Double Disc Pumps for its primary sludge and scum applications. At its latest expansion project, the plant added macerators in-line ahead of all the pumps to enhance their process and grind rags and debris. With the installation of the macerators, they suffered severe problems with plugging of the pump suction lines. That led to increased workload and man-hours and frequent pump rebuilds. 


After years of frustration, they turned to the 10K Muffin Monster from JWC Environmental. It is a compact grinder that’s tough on solids in sludge applications. It fits into areas with limited space requirements while still providing the necessary power for downstream protection. It also saves on electrical costs, using half the energy needed for high-speed macerators. The pump grinds the primary sludge and debris that is pumped to the digesters.


Its efficiency has proven so great that the plant no longer keeps all six pumps running. They have installed three Muffin Monsters and are now grinding more reliably with less energy. There’s no need to rebuild or stop sludge pumping to manually cut away the debris. 800-331-2277; 


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