Product Spotlight - June 2020

Product Spotlight - June 2020

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When choosing a crawler camera for pipeline inspections, you must consider the cost of ownership. Repair costs can be daunting, regardless of the brand.

The parts that typically need replacing first on these units are the wheels and tracks. TruGrit Traction has specialized in these replacement wheels for most types of crawlers on the market for several years, and it now offers replacement track assemblies for tracked crawlers as well. The company recently unveiled a new steel track assembly designed to solve traction issues in slippery or greasy pipes.

Following the company’s mission statement — focused on making a contractor’s equipment perform better, regardless of the brand — the new steel track assemblies not only use a softer rubber that provides better grip on slippery surfaces, but they also have carbide-gritted steel cleats for additional traction.

“The steel cleats are placed in an orientation that allows for at least three of them to touch the pipe at once,” says Tom Rebozo, director of sales for TruGrit Traction. “This serves to optimize the performance of camera transporters in varying pipe types and conditions.”

According to Rebozo, adding the carbide-tipped steel cleats to the tracks will also prolong the life of the rubber cleats, as less pressure is being put on the rubber cleats during inspections. That means more inspections and a longer time between track replacements.

He says the product was developed at the request of several of the company’s customers. “One of the biggest complaints we hear from contractors using tracked crawlers is slipping and not being able to get traction in greasy pipes,” he says. “We’ve been making our carbide crawler wheels for years, so offering tracks was a logical step for us. We believe the carbide technology carries over very well to the tracks.”

The steel track assemblies can be manufactured for any tracked crawler or tractor currently on the market, no matter the age. The tracks can easily navigate through greasy pipe, where wheels can be slowed or stopped. Tracks are also useful for smoother video in corrugated steel or HDPE pipe.

“Solid stainless steel carbide tracks aren’t a new idea, but as far as I know, we’re the first manufacturer to offer them,” Rebozo says. “People are excited. They solve a pretty big problem in the industry.” 407-900-1091;


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