Product News - July 2020

Product News - July 2020

Flomatic Valves Model Cycle Gard pressure pump control valve

The Model Cycle Gard IV CB152SST from Flomatic Valves is a stainless steel, direct-acting, constant-pressure pump control valve with tappings. The body is equipped with 1-inch NPT-size female inlet threads and 1-inch NPT union end female outlet connection. The valve’s standard pressure range is 15 to 75 psi with an optional 15 to 150 psi range. The valve body maximum pressure rating is 400 psi. All of the valve’s internal parts are corrosion resistant with a stainless steel spring and fasteners for long service life. It maintains a preset operating pressure, reduces rapid pump cycling and is proven protection for wells and booster pumps. 800-833-2040;

Thermo Fisher Scientific OdaLog gas data loggers

OdaLog gas data loggers from Thermo Fisher Scientific, distributed in the U.S. by CAS DataLoggers, are used to record the level of hydrogen sulfide emissions and other gas emissions in pumping stations, manholes and sewer lines. Originally established in Australia in 2009, the OdaLog was designed in conjunction with wastewater authorities to survive the hot and humid conditions found in those areas while recording parts per million gas levels. It comes in three models: the Type 2L-SL with a standard sensor, the Type L2-LL with a long-life sensor and the Type RTx with a cellular modem. Bluetooth is available on all of the loggers, and they are supported by OdaStat software for device configuration. 800-956-4437;

Pipeline Renewal Technologies Micro S Light+ rehab cutter

Pipeline Renewal Technologies’ Micro S Light+ is designed to tackle small-diameter rehab work. The versatile cutter can be used in a wide range of applications and has the flexibility to navigate smoothly through elbows in lined 4-inch pipe. The joystick control offers three axes of motion: 400-degree rotation, 90-degree swivel and 4-inch axial feed. Pressurized with nitrogen, the sealed head carries an IP54 rating, accepts various cutting bits and detaches for easy transport. The entire system weighs just 104 pounds and can be easily transported on a wheeled cart. 866-936-8476;

FLIR Systems GF77a Gas Find IR camera

The GF77a Gas Find IR camera from FLIR Systems is its first fixed-mount, uncooled, autonomous leak detection camera designed specifically to visualize methane, sulfur dioxide and other industrial gases, improving inspections and reducing the chance of false readings. Featuring a High Sensitivity Mode, the technology enables better detection capabilities by accentuating movement to make gas plumes more visible to the user. The radiometrically calibrated GF77a also measures temperature, making it a solution for monitoring tank levels and inspecting components that may overheat. The GF77a provides advanced connectivity protocols that allow for seamless integration into gas monitoring systems. 866-477-3687;

Generac Industrial Power G4.5L engine

Generac Industrial Power’s G4.5L naturally aspirated engine has an engine block that offers an integrated oil to water cooler for reduced oil temperatures and increased oil life. Five four-bolt main caps provide increased strength and rigidity. A forged crankshaft provides superior strength and durability with precise balance for long bearing life and reduced noise, vibration and harshness. Forged connecting rods with fracture-spilt caps provide strength and reduced cap shift, improving bearing life. High-performance cast aluminum pistons are designed for long engine life. Optimized skirt profile reduces friction and scuffing while chrome-coated piston rings ensure long life and reduce wear. A front-end drive with automatic belt tensioner extends the engine’s life and reduces maintenance. 888-436-3722; 

CUES SoLID FX multisensor inspection system

The CUES SoLID FX multisensor inspection system is for large-diameter pipes — 18 inches and larger. The system can do 2D condition assessment to determine the remaining useful life or 3D rehab planning to obtain accurate dimensions of bends and underground structures. The standard sensors, including the high-definition digital video camera, 2D-LIDAR and profiling SONAR can be deployed up to 3,000 feet from a CUES Steerable MudMaster crawler or up to 5,400 feet on a CUES SFX Float. 800-327-7791;


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