Product Spotlight - September 2020

Product Spotlight - September 2020

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The ability to visually inspect wastewater infrastructure and locate areas where cleaning and rehab are needed is critical for municipal utilities. Investing in a lateral inspection crawler can improve those capabilities and add a new dimension to a cleaning program.

The ROVVER X SAT II lateral launch crawler from Envirosight is designed to track down the origin of illicit flows and provide visual inspections to ensure infrastructure meets required specifications. They are also useful for determining the location of sewer laterals before gas lines are installed.

“The ROVVER X SAT II has a long list of capabilities,” says Jake Wells, director of marketing at Envirosight. “It’s the only lateral crawler with steerable eight-wheel drive. Half the challenge of lateral launch inspection is navigating down the mainline to a launch point, but with its unique traction and maneuverability, this system can climb over offsets, power through sludge and avoid debris.”

To make deploying in a manhole easier, the crawler was designed with a hinged midsection so it can bend through the transition between manhole and mainline. It is also equipped with quick-change wheels and launch chutes, allowing for fast, toolless modifications to the wheel setup and launch chute length to accommodate mainlines ranging from 6 to 80 inches in diameter.

The ROVVER X SAT II has three onboard cameras. “Launching in large lines requires precision aiming,” Wells says. “To improve accuracy, we added a 5-megapixel digital pan-tilt-zoom aiming camera. With it, you can see exactly where you are launching in any size pipe and at any position.” Along with the aiming camera, the crawler has a pan and tilt launch camera and backup camera.

“Speed and range are critical to being productive when you perform lateral launch inspections,” Wells says. “The ROVVER X SAT II travels 984 feet in mainlines at up to 98 feet per minute and launches 147 feet into laterals at 23 feet per minute.”

The ROVVER X SAT II also features a push mechanism to deliver powerful force while inflicting practically no wear on the pushrod, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. “We spent hundreds of hours testing it under all kinds of conditions to make sure it would live up to its promise,” Wells says. “We introduced grease and sediment into the mechanism, launched it at every clock position and pushed it through all kinds of bends and branches.”

Wells says feedback has been glowing, with people saying the power, maneuverability and reliability of the new push system helps avoid downtime and complete more launches. 866-936-8476;


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