Product Focus - October 2020

Product Focus - October 2020

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1. CAS DataLoggers dataTaker DT90 Series

The dataTaker DT90 Series of compact, cost-effective and low-power data loggers from CAS DataLoggers are designed to provide an all-in-one data collection system with an integrated modem, specifically for remote applications. The rugged enclosure and wide operating temperature range provide reliable operation in virtually any environment. There are two models available, the DT90N and DT90L. The DT90N is suitable for smaller applications with digital or multiparameter sensors with a serial output. The DT90L is designed for larger applications with the ability to measure both analog and digital output sensors. 800-956-4437;

2. Hermann Sewerin GmbH SePem 155

SePem 155 data loggers from Hermann Sewerin GmbH can help reliably identify existing leaks and catch new ones early on. In relation to the size of a measuring area, the volume of water initially escaping from a new leak is usually so low that it cannot be clearly distinguished from minimum nighttime consumption when measuring the flow. However, the data logger is designed to report the leak after just one night. It is ideal for mobile use and can also be used for the stationary monitoring of water supply networks. Its simple and intuitive menu navigation provides fast and reliable results and can also be reliably operated by less-experienced users. The measuring times and periods of radio activity are freely programmable. 888-592-9916;


3. Assured Automation ABC-2020 Automatic Batch Controller

The ABC-2020 Automatic Batch Controller from and Assured Automation works with a water meter with pulse output and a valve. Simply set the volume of water to be dispensed, then press the start button. Common municipal applications include truck and pool filling. It can be used whenever a specific amount of water needs to be dispensed accurately and repeatedly. The big blinking blue start/stop button indicates the controller status through blinking patterns: one blink per second while dispensing and 10 blinks per second when nearing completion. The controller can be purchased as part of a complete batching system with a variety of valves and meters. Custom systems are also available. 855-871-6091;

4. Badger Meter Dynasonics TFX-5000

The Dynasonics TFX-5000 ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter from Badger Meter accurately measures the volumetric flow of clean liquids and those with small amounts of suspended solids or aeration, such as surface water or raw sewage. It is suitable for water and wastewater applications such as lift stations, booster pump stations and water mains. This meter provides accuracy up to 0.5% and flow rates ranging from 0.07 to 33,000 gpm on pipes as large as 48 inches. Designed to clamp onto the outside of pipes, the meter does not contact the internal liquid, allowing for installation without shutting down operations in new and retrofit applications. It is equipped with an internal clock and built-in 8 GB data-logging capabilities to log flow down to one second. It also pairs with dual clamp-on resistance temperature detectors for Btu energy measurement. 877-243-1010;

5. Blue-White Industries MS-6

The MS-6 ultrasonic flowmeter from Blue-White Industries uses transit time ultrasonic technology to offer a broad flow range. It has measurable flow rates down to 0.15 gph and up to 158.5 gph. Accurately monitoring the amount of chemical being dosed into the system is crucial to ensure effective treatment. An overdose or underdose of chemical can adversely affect the quality of the treated water and leads to wasted chemical, which has a financial impact. 714-893-8529;

6. Greyline Instruments PSL 5.0

The PSL 5.0 pump station level controller from Greyline Instruments has redundant level sensing. It includes a noncontacting ultrasonic sensor and can be connected to a loop-powered pressure sensor for redundant sensing in applications with foam or grease. It will continuously recalibrate the pressure sensor and automatically switch back and forth from ultrasonic to the pressure sensor as required. It is designed for lift stations, wet wells and storage tanks. Calibration and relay setpoints are easy to enter through the user-friendly keypad and menu system. An automatic pump runtime logging and reporting system helps operators to plan pump maintenance and identify lazy pumps before they fail. It includes an isolated 4-20mA output and six programmable control relays for pump control, pump alternation and level alarms. An intrinsically safe sensor and a built-in data logger are optional. 888-473-9546;

7. Mueller Water Products Hydro-Guard

Mueller Water Products’ Hydro-Guard industrial flushing system is designed for small-diameter waterlines where water-quality conditions, water age or excessive temperatures require water to be turned over frequently. The flushing schedule is managed by a Bluetooth controller that is powered by a single 9-volt battery. For more advanced system monitoring and management, the Hydro-Guard can be upgraded to include S.M.A.R.T. water-quality monitoring, an upgrade that triggers flush events when preset levels of chlorine, temperature, pH, turbidity, flow and/or pressure are detected. It can be installed either indoors or outdoors. The Hydro-Guard system comes with a 3/4-inch stainless steel Singer control valve and NSF 372 certified water-quality sampling point. 800-423-1323;

8. Orenco Systems OLS control panels

Orenco Systems Lift Station (OLS) control panels come with the choice of either integrated starters or variable-frequency drives that optimize system operation. These panels are suitable for a variety of pumping applications, such as lift stations, stormwater pump stations, water boosting, dewatering or sludge pumping. They can also be used as a SCADA patch, connecting peripheral equipment to future or existing SCADA systems. Parameters can be configured via a human-machine interface and include a user-friendly startup wizard. Engineers can preprogram user interfaces to the site-specific needs of an installation, making the panel virtually plug-and-play. Maintenance staff can easily adjust settings and monitor the system remotely. These weatherproof control panels are UL 508A listed and include service-rated circuit protection, phase and voltage protection, and level controls. 877-257-8712;

9. Siemens Process Instrumentation SITRANS FS230

The SITRANS FS230 flow system from Siemens Process Instrumentation delivers accuracy and 100 Hz data update speed while ensuring noise immunity and simplicity in use. It is not necessary to cut the pipe or shut down operations to install the flowmeter, as the sensors are quickly and easily mounted on the outside of the pipe, minimizing maintenance expenses and preventing deposits from forming. It has the ability to react to sudden changes in velocity, speed of sound in applications such as compressor stations. This allows the use of small volume provers for in-situ flow validation by measuring the smallest variations in flow 100 times every second. It offers accuracy of 0.5% to 1.0% of flow rate for all media/pipe sizes and repeatability of 0.25% according to ISO 11631. Its SensorFlash 4 GB micro SD card storage lets certificates, calibration data, sensor parameters and events be logged every 10 minutes for easy servicing and recordkeeping. 800-365-8766;


10. Hayward Flow Control HLS Series level sensor

The HLS Series level sensor from Hayward Flow Control provides a broad chemical resistance to acids, bases and oxidizers, like sodium hypochlorite, with its CPVC body and construction. It is typically placed at the bottom of a liquid storage tank or sump where the hydrostatic pressure is sensed and converted to an analog output signal (4-20mA). Pressure level sensors are not affected by liquid surface conditions like waves or foam or tank headspace conditions like vapors or thermal layers. No stilling well is required for accurate measurements. The sensors are provided in two measurement ranges: 0-15 and 0-33 feet of water column. Controllers and indicating transmitters for the unit are also available. 888-429-4635;

11. PMC Engineering VersaLine VL2000-SW Series

VersaLine VL2000-SW Series submersible level transmitters from PMC Engineering are designed for use in wastewater pump and lift station applications. The ceramic capacitive sensing element provides a rugged open-faced design that avoids clogging or sludge buildup from the materials often encountered in wastewater. The stainless steel construction will satisfy most applications, but a titanium option is available where chemical environments dictate. The sink weight SW2000 was developed specifically for the VL2000 Series and is replaceable. This provides a “cage” sink weight or anchor for transmitters installed on the bottom of wastewater or sewage lift tanks. The standard polyurethane vented cable is molded to the transmitter, providing a high-integrity waterproof assembly. 203-792-8686;

12. YSI, a Xylem brand, Alyza

Alyza analyzers from YSI, a Xylem brand, are available in single- or dual-channel versions and offer a MultiPort mixing valve that significantly reduces chemical consumption and maintenance requirements, lowering the overall cost of reliable data. They provide accurate measurements at low concentrations with minimal operator maintenance and include onboard diagnostics and automatic calibration and cleaning. The Alyza NH4 continuously measures ammonium and can be used to help control ammonia-based aeration and ensure regulatory compliance. They continuously measure orthophosphate to monitor and control chemical phosphorus removal, verify biological phosphorus removal and help ensure regulatory compliance. The analyzers easily integrate into existing YSI IQ SensorNet systems, which include a complete solution for monitoring throughout the municipal wastewater process. 937-767-7241;


13. ADS Environmental Services blockage PREDICT

Using either flow or level-only monitors that provide continuous, remote-site data from hot-spot locations, blockage PREDICT software from ADS Environmental Services analyzes subtle flow pattern changes. Prioritized by urgency and presented in the cloud-based software’s dashboard, more than 500 notices have been issued to 75-plus utilities. Consequently, sparse maintenance resources are arriving at the right location, at the right time. Moreover, sanitary sewer overflows have been avoided. While reducing contact, maintenance capacity is concurrently reduced, impacting critical hot spot cleaning. 800-633-7246;

14. Aquatic Informatics Linko

A web-based version of Linko from Aquatic Informatics automates cumbersome tasks and ensures compliance for the management of FOG. It automatically determines noncompliance by analyzing inspection results and other data to prioritize facilities that require the most attention. It automates time-consuming tasks including scheduling, data entry and violation notifications, freeing up inspectors to focus on high-risk areas before they become a problem. Customizable, intelligent inspection forms perform calculations and even assess a facility’s risk to ensure nothing gets missed during an inspection. Email features make it simple to share inspection forms and results with food service establishments, improving transparency and relations with establishments by giving them accurate, actionable data. 877-870-2782;

15. Hach Data Delivery System

The Data Delivery System (DDS) from Hach is an efficient flow monitoring service tailored to deliver relevant data when needed. For a fixed monthly fee, it provides all of the equipment, data transmission and technical support needed to acquire flow data — delivered in real time for immediate analysis. It allows operators to know their flow status anytime, anywhere, for either long- or short-term applications. 800-368-2723;

16. Syrinix RADAR

The RADAR pipeline network analysis platform from Syrinix analyzes data collected from installed PIPEMINDER monitoring devices and displays and notifies utilities in a format that is user customizable and easy to digest. The platform was developed to deliver network intelligence with a streamlined modern interface that is simple, fast and intuitive. Zone alarms notify a high or low pressure breach, elevation options plot total head pressures, and automated triangulation of major events and pattern recognition is available so users can easily focus on key events, providing deep network insights to save time, increase operational efficiency and build resilience by reducing disruptive pipeline leaks and bursts. The multizone alarms alert the utility when a minimum network pressure level is breached, automatically switching to more frequent data updates so customers can address network issues in real time. 844-279-7464;  


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