Product News - November 2020

Product News - November 2020

Hydra-Flex Reaper sewer jetting nozzle

The Reaper 1-inch sewer jetting nozzle from Hydra-Flex is designed for larger, 6- to 18-inch pipes. It cleans drains, industrial pipes, sewers and tubes by clearing blockages, grease and roots with fewer passes. It comes equipped with a rotating front jet that is a 0-degree, straight water stream, blasting at up to 4,000 psi while rotating to form a 30-degree cone of coverage. Unlike other Reaper nozzle sizes, it has eight rear jets instead of four, increasing the maximum thrusting and pulling power with a 20-degree angle. The Reaper 1-inch nozzles are field repairable. 952-808-3640;

Avanti International AV-100 chemical grout

Avanti International’s AV-100 chemical grout now comes in 30-pound bags; and it’s used to stop leaks, stabilize soil and rock, and permanently control groundwater. Using two 30-pound bags in a 60-gallon batch gives a 12% grout concentration without having to recalculate mix components. AV-100 is an ultra-low viscosity, chemically reactive gel that can travel anywhere water can travel, and it cures to create an effective, long-lasting water barrier while providing soil stabilization. It is designed to stabilize soils and stop water infiltration in manholes, mainlines, laterals, tunnels, mines and other underground structures. 800-877-2570;

OTEK hybrid panel meter

The SSAM-N digital panel meter from OTEK is a replacement for the analog DB40 and VS252 meters. The SSAM-N is designed to replace almost any 4-inch ANSI meter without requiring the surrounding panel and wiring to be changed or removed, using plug-and-play technology. Powered by the signal it measures, the meter is designed without any digital assets to avoid vulnerabilities to cybersecurity attacks. It uses CMOS logic to power the instrument and a receivable analog input signal, avoiding expenses related to cybersecurity protection incurred by the mandates of NEI 08-09. 520-748-7900;

Paramount Pipe Lining Products calibration tube

The high-frequency, light-duty, yellow calibration tube is the newest addition to the Solace family of calibration tube products offered by Paramount Pipe Lining Products. The tube uses an advanced, high-frequency seaming and sealing system. The seam/seal application includes a welded overlap seam to ensure an airtight calibration tube. Recommended for single use, it is manufactured using ultraflexible, lightweight polyethylene fabric with a PVC coating, and it can be installed via inversion or pulled-in-place. 833-663-2477;

Reed cordless portable pipe beveler adapters

The cordless, portable pipe beveler from Reed quickly and safely bevels plastic pipe on the job site. The battery-powered CPB trims edges of small- or large-diameter plastic pipe, including pipe already in the ditch. Adjustable for bevel length up to 1 inch, the required carbide router bits cut evenly and efficiently, and the guide plate eliminates guesswork and yields a consistent result. The adapters fit Milwaukee Tool, Bosch or DeWALT die grinders. The CPB also adapts to bevel pipe interiors. 800-666-3691; 


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