Product News - December 2020

Product News - December 2020

CAS DataLoggers OdaLog gas data loggers

CAS DataLoggers introduces OdaLog portable gas data loggers, from Thermo Fisher Scientific, for wastewater odor and hydrogen sulfide control. OdaLog instruments are used extensively in the wastewater industry to record the level of hydrogen sulfide and other gas emissions in pumping stations, manholes and sewer lines. The loggers are designed to survive the humid and corrosive conditions found in these areas while recording ppm gas levels. OdaLog provides the latest sensor technology and weatherproof seals to prevent damage. All three OdaLog models now include Bluetooth communications and are supported with the OdaStat software, an easy-to-use application for configuring the devices and downloading stored data. 800-956-4437;

OTEK NTM-X explosion-proof digital panel meter

The NTM-X digital panel meter from OTEK features an explosion-proof metal housing that meets industry standards EX and ECex1M2 Case FM. Excellent for applications in which instrumentation shielding is important, the single-channel bar-digital meter carries dimensions of 4.3 inches wide and 3.9 inches high with a 360-degree rotating display. It is available in loop 4-20mA, AC signal or external power options. Ideal as a one-for-one replacement for older and/or obsolete explosion-proof meters, the NTM-X has an automatic tricolor bar display with intensity control and 4 digits at 0.35-inch apiece. The digital panel meter features an input fail alarm with runtime stamp that alerts in the event of a dead or lost signal. 520-758-7900;

A.W. Chesterton ARC MX FG for industrial coatings

A.W. Chesterton Co. added ARC MX FG to its high-performance range of ARC industrial coatings to protect equipment and vessels exposed to abrasion from fine particle flow and slurries. ARC MX FG is a two-part, 100% solids, no-VOC system suited for equipment like chutes and hoppers, mixers and agitators, transport screws/augers and pumps. It is trowel-applied, ceramic-reinforced epoxy that offers advanced protection over rubber linings and ceramic tile for fine particle wear. 978-469-6810;

CUES Micro pan-and-tilt camera

The CUES Micro pan-and-tilt camera is designed to work with the LAMP II lateral launcher as an optional pan-and-tilt push camera. The camera is steerable to navigate through multiple wyes when traversing 45- or 90-degree bends or sweeps. It can be easily deployed with or against the flow. The camera includes a detachable steering wand, an automatic, powered, self-leveling camera head, built-in lens wiper and two banks of LEDs with variable light intensity. Additional features include 360-degree pan and tilt, and built-in sonde with switchable frequencies. 800-327-7791;

Makita LXT brushless 9-inch power cutter

The 18V X2 (36V) LXT brushless 9-inch power cutter from Makita U.S.A. has the power to cut through concrete, masonry and metal materials with all the benefits and convenience of cordless operation. The power cutter is available as both a bare tool and a kit. The bare tool has a maximum cutting depth of 3 1/2 inches, which allows for single-pass cuts in many common materials, including standard residential 4-inch concrete slabs, common 3 1/2-inch paver/blocks, 3-inch Schedule 40 pipe and 3-inch conduit. Active Feedback-sensing Technology turns the motor off if rotation of the wheel is suddenly forced to stop. An electric brake stops the wheel in 4 seconds or less allowing for faster repositioning. 800-462-5482;


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