Updating Inspection Standards

Certification programs get new revisions, expand to virtual classrooms.

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NASSCO’s Pipeline Assessment Certification Program continues to grow in a variety of ways. To date, NASSCO trainers have certified nearly 40,000 individuals in the proper assessment and coding of conditions, defects and other pipe features.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented the opportunity to expand PACP to include virtual classrooms, enabling students to become certified in PACP as well as ITCP (Inspector Training Certification Program) from the comfort of their own homes or offices. NASSCO is also expanding courses in South and Central America, as well as Canada and beyond.

This growth demands continual improvements to PACP and ITCP. This year NASSCO released PACP version 7.0.4 and is busy planning for PACP version 8.0. We are also updating ITCP for CIPP and Manhole Rehabilitation and are revising NASSCO’s licensing and certification procedures for software vendors. Below are a few highlights of recent (or planned) updates to NASSO’s PACP and ITCP:

Pipeline Assessment

PACP version 7.0.4 was released on Oct. 1, 2020. This revision includes minor updates and both imperial and metric measurements to address a growing international audience. Spanish and French translations of this revision are in progress. A timeline has also been established for the release of PACP version 8.0 in early 2023. NASSCO has gathered suggestions and recommendations to improve the program to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry, including new codes, grade alterations, photos, etc. 

Inspector Training

NASSCO is also updating the ITCP for CIPP and ITCP for Manhole Rehabilitation manuals and training materials. With the help of multiple NASSCO committees including Health and Safety, Operations and Maintenance, and Manhole Rehab, as well as help from our trainers, we hope to release new materials sometime next year. 

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding either program, please email heather@nassco.org. NASSCO’s Infiltration Control Grouting Committee is also working on curriculum for a new ITCP for Grouting to bring this important technology to the forefront.

Software Licensing

NASSCO regularly works with companies that provide tools, including software, for the industries we serve, and we seek to encourage innovations that support the efforts of our members, clients and constituents. However, we must protect and ensure the proper use of our intellectual property rights and the quality of products that use NASSCO condition assessment codes.  If you are a software vendor who uses PACP, LACP or MACP codes, please be sure to obtain a license by emailing heather@nassco.org


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