Product Spotlight - February 2021

Product Spotlight - February 2021

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Couplings are a fit for difficult repairs

Connecting to existing pipes that have been sheared off isn’t an impossible repair, but still one that can pose difficulties and take time to fix properly.

Fernco’s ICON couplings are designed for easy installation in not only sheared off pipes in sanitary and storm systems, but for connecting pipes of differing or irregular outside diameters.

“This is an internal push fit coupling,” says David Donahue, marketing coordinator for Fernco. “They are ideal for above- and below-ground sewer and DWV pipes in vertical and horizontal applications.”

The ICON couplings are made from shear-resistant, rigid ABS plastic and create a watertight seal on any pipe material including plastic, cast iron and copper. “This coupling is a great solution for those tough situations where a standard coupling cannot be used,” Donahue says.

By coupling from the inside of the pipe, it can connect pipes that penetrate the ground, a wall, floor or ceiling where it’s not possible to connect to the outside of the pipe.

Each coupling features a rubber sleeve with a ribbed design to ensure a watertight connection. An internal lip creates a smooth transition between pipes. The internal ribs use a tapered edge to aid in natural flow and a built-in pipe stop helps users know when the coupling is installed properly and flush to the receiving pipe. Though watertight, the fitting is not permanent and can be removed and reused at any time.

No tools are required for installation, and with the help of some soap and water, Fernco says push-fit couplings can be fitted in under 30 seconds. To install, make sure the inside of the receiving pipe is clean and free of burrs. Spray a soap-and-water solution onto the ICON and press firmly into place making sure the leading fin does not get folded over. Follow the same procedure for the second pipe and the connection is complete.

ICON couplings are tested to 4.3 psi and come in two size options: 4- and 6-inch. The ICON 4-inch will fit inside diameters ranging from 3.90 to 4.06 inches and the ICON 6-inch will fit diameters ranging from 5.83 to 6.02 inches.

“We’ve received great feedback from customers using these in the field,” Donahue says. “It really is a great coupling for those tough connections.” 810-503-900;


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