Product News - June 2021

Product News - June 2021

DeZURIK’s APCO Brand Valves

DeZURIK’s APCO Swing Check Valves prevent the backflow of stormwater by closing before flow reversal, preventing slam and water hammer. The designs meet or exceed the current revision of AWWA standard C508. The APCO ASV air vacuum valves allow large volumes of air to be exhausted from or admitted into a pipeline as it is being filled or drained. Four of the 60-inch APCO brand CVS-6000 swing check valves and ASV air vacuum valves are installed at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport Pump Station. This pump station directs stormwater away from the airport to protect against flooding damage during tropical storms. The valves are part of the extensive post-Katrina infrastructure modifications that are critical to the protection of the City of New Orleans and its transportation system. DeZURIK has extensive experience manufacturing large valves for water distribution, water treatment, wastewater collections  and wastewater treatment. 320-259-2000;

Vermeer roller cone hole openers

Vermeer roller cone hole openers are available in diameters of 8 to 24 inches in 2-inch increments and include a range of customizable options. The cutters feature metal-faced seals similar in style to what is on a dozer or excavator rather than conventional rubber seals. The openers are also built with a precision machining manufacturing process that allows the tool to have equal loading on each cutter. With a wide range of sizes and centralizer options, as well as two different cutter options for hard and medium hard rock and a multitude of customizable options, Vermeer roller cone hole openers are equipped to meet the specific needs of any job site. 800-837-6337;  

Aries Industries TrailBlazer enclosure

Aries Industries introduced the TrailBlazer operations and transport enclosure, a self-contained equipment housing that can get critical equipment into tight work sites. The TrailBlazer mounts onto a pickup truck, all-terrain vehicle or trailer, allowing pipeline inspection equipment to be brought into locations too small for larger vehicles. The lightweight, lockable enclosure can house either an Aries Industries Mobile Pathfinder System or Master Controller System, both ready to send remote-control inspection robots into pipes and record interior conditions with video cameras. It has a weatherproof and corrosion-proof shell to protect and transport the control systems. Inside are two 250-pound-capacity drawers to securely store tractors, cameras and accessories. Two installed monitor options are available: one 17-inch sunlight-readable screen, or two 15-inch sunlight-readable units. The TrailBlazer has four 120-volt outlets and two USB outlets. 800-234-7205;

Watson-Marlow Bredel heavy-duty hose pumps

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group’s Bredel heavy-duty hose pumps are a reliable and easy-to-maintain solution for handling the viscous slurries and grit-filled sludge in wastewater treatment plants. Unlike diaphragm, rotary lobe and PC pumps, the peristaltic design of Bredel hose pumps contains no moving parts that come into contact with the product, and no seals, ball-checks, diaphragms, glands, immersed rotors, stators or pistons to leak, clog, corrode or replace. Bredel hose pumps also remove the need for ancillary equipment such as dry-run protection, seal water flush systems and inline check valves. A simple hose change takes only minutes and can be performed in situ without special tools or skilled personnel. The hose pumps are dry-running and self-priming, and allow no slippage, for true positive displacement to provide accurate and repeatable metering. 800-282-8823;

Hawk Measurement Systems laser level products

Hawk Measurement Systems’ OptioLaser L100 and L200 laser level transmitters are ideal for level, distance and position measurement of solid and liquid surfaces. The laser has a very narrow beam that can measure long and short distances at virtually any angle. They are completely stainless steel and extremely rugged, built for the harshest of environments. The transmitters are fully programmable and include simple-to-use software, and can be configured for either distance or level measurement. 888-429-5538;

SmartCover H2S monitoring mobile app

The H2S monitoring app from SmartCover has a range of 0 to 1,000 ppm and 1 ppm resolution. Adjustable alarm settings allow for faster response when high H2S levels are detected, and calibrated sensors ship automatically every 90 days. No confined-space installation with manhole covers, lift stations and treatment plant biofilters. The app can overlay H2S with level, flow or rain data. 760-291-1980;

Vac-Con VJ375 and VJ750 sewer jet models

Vac-Con recently released its next generation trailer-mounted sewer jet units under its VecJet portfolio. The VJ375 and VJ750 feature a low-profile silhouette and various configurations. A choice of a single-axle, 375-gallon water capacity or a tandem-axle, 750-gallon water capacity, is available with either gas or diesel engine. Some of the standard features include a rotating hose reel with 500 feet of sewer hose, hydraulic feed and retract with manual swivel, and an electronic, weather-proof control panel. Models are available at 18 gpm at 4,000 psi, 30 gpm at 3,000 psi, or 40 gpm at 2,000 psi with Tier 4 diesel engines. Other options include a range of gas engine configurations, wireless remote, anti-freeze tank system for cold weather use and various lighting options. 904-284-4200; 


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