New Technology Slated for WEFTEC 2021

WEFTEC, the Water Environment Federation’s annual Technical Exhibition and Conference, offers water and wastewater professionals from around the world exposure to the newest products, along with water-quality education and training. This year’s event, from Oct. 16 to 20 in Chicago, promises to show off some of the finest new products on the market for municipal and industrial water and wastewater professionals. Below is a preview of some of the newest products that will be highlighted at this year’s show.

New Technology Slated for WEFTEC 2021

Aerzen Rental Temporary  Oil-Free Blowers

Aerzen Rental provides temporary oil-free blower packages engineered for aggressive rental environments with onboard variable frequency drives, remote monitoring and outdoor builds with sound-attenuating enclosures. The rental units are available for immediate deployment in the event of a production failure or shortfall to longer-term operational leasing and rent to own. 844-400-2379;; Booth 1062

AllMax Software Operator10 wastewater

Operator10 wastewater software from AllMax Software is designed to address the issues that are most important in managing plant operations. It provides centralized storage for all wastewater operations data. Plants that record data from external labs, LIMS, SCADA, Historians and more need a place to house, organize, review, manipulate and report on their data. It includes multiple options to get data into the company’s database, and tools to perform calculations, create charts and run reports. It can handle issues in a budget-friendly, straightforward and secure database solution. 800-670-1867;; Booth 2908

Analytical Technology Entech EchoSmart

Entech EchoSmart sludge blanket monitors from Analytical Technology take the guesswork out of blanket measurements in clarifiers, thickeners and anywhere an underwater interface measurement is needed. Smart sensor technology allows for wireless networks with up to 16 sensors, reducing the per-tank price. In addition, the ability to remotely monitor the system via a cellular modem ensures support for even the most challenging processes. 800-959-0299;; Booth 3452

AquaStorm Cloth Media Filtration System

The new AquaStorm cloth media filtration system is an effective solution for CSO, SSO and stormwater applications due to its removal efficiencies and high-quality effluent, even under varying influent conditions. The AquaStorm system utilizes a disk configuration with three zones of solids removal to effectively filter wet weather flows without the use of chemicals. The system is designed to handle a wide range of flows in a fraction of space compared to other treatment methods, and offers simple startup/shutdown with unattended operation for remote locations. The system’s flexibility also allows for dual-use application for tertiary and wet weather operation. 815-654-2501;; Booth 4657

BDP Industries 3DP Belt Press

The 3DP Belt Press from BDP Industries is designed to provide high discharge cake solids at high flow rates. It has a 25-year track record of low operation and maintenance costs while providing suitable performance. It has been continually improved with the latest features and automation, and is a rugged, durable machine designed to provide years of reliable service. With its history of dewatering aggregates and minerals, as well as wastewater treatment plant solids, it is also especially suited for water treatment plant residual dewatering. 518-695-6851;; Booth 2402

Blue-White FLEXFLO M1 

Users can standardize one chemical feed solution with the FLEXFLO M1 peristaltic chemical dosing pump from Blue-White. It is self-priming and delivers consistent, precise chemical dosing with no vapor lock or lost prime. SCADA inputs include 4-20mA. The pump achieves a 10,000-1 turndown ratio and feed output range of 0.0001-5.6 gph, with pressures to 100 psi. It has a high energy-efficiency rating and is powered by efficient BLDC motor technology. A sealed enclosure and a display shield protect the pump’s controls and display from chemical spills and splashes. It has CNC precision-machined rollers for optimum squeeze, accuracy and extended tube life. 714-893-8529;; Booth 3442

Bright Technologies, Division of Sebright Products Inc., belt filter press 

Bright Technologies, Division of Sebright Products Inc., offers belt filter presses that provide high performance in a compact, high-value package. Complete belt filter press dewatering systems are skid or trailer mounted. The company designs and manufactures the skid equipment package for high throughput, low maintenance, superior cake solids and ease of operation. 800-253-0532;; Booth 4336

Centrisys/CNP MagPrex

MagPrex is a digestate phosphorus-removal technology offered by Centrisys/CNP. It is for all-sized plants that have high soluble phosphorus concentrations, struvite accumulation and poor dewaterability as a cost-effective way to remove the soluble phosphorus. Installing between the anaerobic digester and the dewatering equipment, it converts the orthophosphate into struvite crystals and the system is configurable to either sequester or harvest the struvite. With five operating installations across the USA, it has demonstrated it will reduce soluble phosphorus by at least 90%, reduce maintenance costs up to 50% and reduce polymer consumption up to 30%. 262-747-2384;; Booth 3256

Charter Machine Co. Elode Dryer

Charter Machine Co. is introducing a new way of increasing your cake solids dryness by use of electro-dewatering. The Elode dryer takes any dewatered cake and doubles the cake solids in under one minute by use of electrophoresis and electro-osmotic reactions that are generated from a DC field, according to the maker. No pressure, no chemicals, just a little electricity and your hauling costs are cut in half. The Elode dryer works well with cake solids in the 15-20% TS range to generate more than 40% TS cake. Stop by the Charter Machine booth for more info. 732-494-5350;; Booth 1623

Cla-Val Model XP2F

The Cla-Val Model XP2F is a flow-metering option available now for any Cla-Val control valve. It is a differential pressure-based solution and comes with pressure transmitters, a valve position transmitter and flow calculation module. It is IP 68 rated, with a 12-24V DC input, four analog inputs and four analog outputs with the ability to accept additional field instrumentation and retransmit measurements to PLC/SCADA via 4-20mA signals. 949-722-4800;; Booth 4621

CUES QZ3 Advanced

CUES has developed an advanced model of its lightweight, portable, HD wireless video inspection pole camera, the QZ3 Advanced, which can be operated by one person using any tablet. It provides safe viewing in industrial or environmental areas with no-man entry. Users can perform swift inspections and surveys of pipelines, manholes, tanks and other areas that are difficult to reach. It can also be used to locate lateral services or to identify blockages at manholes, access ports or other entry points without entering the line or structure. Added features over the basic model include motorized height and tilt, in addition to laser distance measurements. Many options are available to enhance the utility of the model. 800-327-7791;; Booth 1605

Emerald Coast Mfg. WAVE

The WAVE from Emerald Coast Mfg. is an all-climate heavy-duty vacuum wastewater sampler. The ABS/acrylic case provides superior weather protection. Its 7-inch color touch screen grants ease of programming and status viewing. This refrigerated sampler provides composite sampling with a high level of accuracy and the powerful vacuum system will lift nearly 30 feet. It is completely user friendly. Sample size can be programmed, and the system will automatically adjust to insure an accurate repeatable sample. 850-469-1142;; Booth 4257

Envirosight sewer inspection vehicles

Getting the full picture underground requires rugged, versatile equipment. Envirosight has applied decades of operator experience to deliver trucks with the capabilities and amenities needed. It features the ROVVER X inspection crawler platform, with options for lateral launch, push camera and zoom survey camera. It is available on many panel van and box truck options, with generator (gas or diesel), inverter or engine electric power. It comes with equipment washdown, safety beacons, site lighting, stainless work surfaces, climate control, overhead monitors, storage drawers and cabinetry, and washable surfaces. Options include cranes, sinks and winches. 866-936-8476;; Booth 2274

Flomatic Valves Model 745 AIS Swing Check Valve

Flomatic’s AIS-complaint Model 745 AIS Swing Check Valve is designed with a short disc travel distance, guaranteeing a fast valve closure for non-slam high performance. Constructed with a full flow area equal to nominal pipe diameter and a 45-degree valve-seat angle, accessories include a backflush device, position indicator and limit switch. Manufactured according to ANSI/AWWA C508 standards, it includes a Buna-N coated steel one-piece disc with an integral molded O-ring on the seating surface. Featuring NPT threaded and plugged side ports, it’s suitable for easy installation of gauges or accessories. 800-833-2040;; Booth 4248

Franklin Electric FPS NCX Series 

Municipal infrastructure operators have a safe and reliable solution for wastewater transfer with the NCX Series of explosion-proof submersible non-clog pumps from FPS, a brand of Franklin Electric. The pumps are certified for use in Class 1, Division 1 and Group C & D hazardous location requirements — making them suitable for applications such as lift stations; stormwater, flood and pollution control; and general fluid transfer. Available in single- and three-phase power options to accommodate flows up to 625 gpm, each unit is designed with a field-adjustable wear plate, dual silicon carbide mechanical seals, and chemical-resistant components. 866-271-2859;; Booth 2062

Gorman-Rupp EchoStorm

The EchoStorm, Gorman-Rupp’s new static venturi aeration device, is designed to add dissolved oxygen into pumped liquids, adding oxygen to wastewater, reducing the size of organic solids and degassing organic solids. It is available in sizes from 2 to 6 inches, with flows from 50 to 1,300 gpm. It is a suitable solution for municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications, including wet well influent, aerobic sludge digestion, lagoons, oxidation ditches, fat, oil and grease digestion and landfill leachate. The device can be combined with a variety of Gorman-Rupp self-priming, centrifugal and priming assisted pumps. 419-755-1011;; Booth 2012

Halliday Products Series F Flushmount  Floodtight Covers

Series F Flushmount Floodtight Covers from Halliday Products are made from highly durable aluminum and stainless steel, and feature EDPM compression gaskets, spring assists and stainless steel cam locks. They are structurally designed to support a 25-foot column of water. 800-298-1027;; Booth 648

InfoSense SL-RAT

The Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or SL-RAT from InfoSense is a portable and easy-to-use technology that uses sound waves to assess blockage conditions in gravity sewer pipe. It serves as the first step in a collection system maintenance process — providing a fast, low-cost but low-resolution view of blockage conditions. An assessment is provided in three minutes or less, allowing a two-person crew to screen up to 10,000 feet per day at less than 1/10th the cost of cleaning or CCTV. It is portable, with no-flow contact, GPS enabled and EPA validated. 877-747-3245;; Booth 7317

JDV Equipment Nozzle Mix System

The dual-zone Nozzle Mix System from JDV Equipment provides uniform mixing patterns that produce even distribution and a stable environment. It optimizes solids suspension and contact to promote efficiency in a wide range of applications. The system is designed with pumps installed outside the tanks and are typically chopper pumps or pumps incorporating in-line grinders. The high-velocity nozzles mounted inside the tank completely mix the tank contents. Applications include anaerobic digestion, biosolids storage, blending tanks, excess flow tanks, septage or leachate, anoxic zones, combined sewer overflow handling, aerobic digestion, secondary treatment and biosolids holding ponds. 973-366-6556;; Booth 3844

JWC Environmental Monster Stack

Since materials in the waste stream vary, grinders often need to address multiple challenges from the bottom to the top of the grinder. The Monster Stack from JWC Environmental addresses those specific challenges. No longer does the facility need to settle on a single cutter type. JWC uses individual cutters for its grinders, so you can mix and match different cutter types in the Monster Stack, and those changes can happen anywhere along the stack. Using the right cutter at the right location optimizes grinder performance and unit longevity. Wastewater debris varies. So should grinder cutters. 833-912-3331;; Booth 2043

Keller America Econoline

The Econoline pressure transmitter from Keller America combines a media-isolated piezoresistive silicon sensor with signal conditioning electronics to provide a compact pressure transmitter with less than plus or minus 1% total error band accuracy over 0 to 50 degrees C. The industry standard 4-20mA analog output is compatible with most existing monitoring infrastructure and SCADA systems and provides meaningful output in ranges from 30 to 10,000 psi. The design makes it suitable for use under harsh environmental conditions, including those with high levels of electromagnetic radiation and/or those involving aggressive media where small size, low weight and reasonable cost are required. Modular production provides short lead times and maximum versatility for customer-specific applications. 877-253-5537;; Booth 8013

Komline-Sanderson Multi-Wave Screw Press

Komline-Sanderson’s Multi-Wave Screw Press is designed for high volume reduction and high hydraulic throughput at a low polymer dose. The design has low maintenance costs and long operational life even with highly corrosive sludges. As a combined thickener and dewatering device, polymer consumption is reduced by the progressive stabilization achieved through aggressive water removal in the thickening zone. The unit self-regulates to achieve the highest cake solids in one step. 800-225-5457;; Booth 1841

Lakeside Equipment Raptor FalconRake Bar Screen 

Protecting downstream equipment in municipal and industrial applications, the Raptor FalconRake Bar Screen from Lakeside Equipment achieves high removal efficiency and low headloss — without the need for lower bearings, sprockets, bushings or guides that could foul or jam conditions in the channel. The all stainless steel, corrosion-resistant construction is designed with multiple rakes that continuously remove captured material. It is available in a wide range of bar shapes and depths, so that it can create an efficient, durable and dependable rapid debris removal system for a wide range of applications. In addition, its design and construction mean a low horsepower, energy-efficient drive system. 630-837-5640;; Booth 1826

Leopold, a Xylem Brand Texler

The Texler lamella clarifier from Leopold, a Xylem Brand uses inclined lamellas designed to fit in rectangular clarification basins, providing a large settling area within a small footprint. It provides a large clarification area basin and the numerous lamella sheets, installed at a 55-degree angle, increase the water treatment capacity by up to 100% compared to conventional sedimentation systems. Solids settle without blocking the pathway of the water. The trough covers have an integrated V-notch weir design to ensure even flow distribution throughout the clarifier. In this process, solids are reduced by over 80%, resulting in turbidity levels below 1 NTU. 855-995-4261;; Booth 1808

Mueller i2O Data Logger

With Mueller’s recent acquisition of i2O, the company now offers data loggers to cost-effectively monitor flow and pressure throughout water distribution networks. The data loggers are accurate, reliable and robust, with highly configurable data transmission and a full set of alarm functions on all data channels. They offer a wide range of interval and dial-up configurations and can detect transients and monitor pressure-relief valve conditions. The i2O three-pressure logger can also be used as a controller, meaning there is a minimal upgrade path to advanced pressure management. 770-206-4200;; Booth 2034

Penn Valley Pumps Double Disc Pumps

The Double Disc Pump from Penn Valley Pump are based on a free-disc technology and operate on the principle of induced flow. This positive displacement pump’s discs work in unison to perform the duties of both the pump and valve element, creating a double-acting, non-clogging pumping action. The pump handles sludge, slurry, scum and other waste liquids with up to 2-inch solids and is routinely used to feed a variety of dewatering devices. Thanks to a non-close tolerance design, it has less wear for longer operating life and can run dry without damage. When maintenance is required, the maintain-in-place system allows the pump to be serviced without disturbing piping. 215-343-8750;; Booth 3323

Sauereisen SewerGard Roll Applied 210XROL

Sauereisen SewerGard Roll Applied 210XROL is an epoxy lining system designed to protect concrete surfaces of municipal wastewater treatment structures and collection systems from chemical attack and physical abuse. Roll applied ensures ease of application on vertical surfaces, does not require a primer, zero VOCs and prohibits water inflow and infiltration. It is resistant to corrosive conditions common to the municipal wastewater treatment industry and suitable for application over damp or dry concrete surfaces. Depending on surface temperatures and substrate conditions, it can be applied up to 25 mils per coat. 412-963-0303;; Booth 1728

Sealing Systems Flex-Seal 2.0

Flex-Seal 2.0 from Sealing Systems is an all-purpose sealant that adheres to many surfaces and has over 800% elongation. It is designed to prevent inflow and infiltration and to provide corrosion protection at the grade adjustment ring section or joint section of manholes and catch basins. It is 100% safe and Prop 65 compliant. 800-478-2054;; Booth 1125

Sulzer Pumps Solutions HST Turbocompressor

The HST Turbocompressor from Sulzer Pumps Solutions offers an advanced design with digitally controlled magnetic bearing technology and a premium efficient high-speed motor driven through a built-in frequency converter. It has no mechanical wearing parts or lubricants requiring minimal maintenance. This is made possible by electronically controlled magnetic bearing technology, which levitates the integrated rotor/shaft/impeller single-piece assembly along the self-diagnostic features of the active magnetic bearing controller. The result is a compressor with no performance deterioration over time and no need for scheduled maintenance. They are widely used in wastewater treatment plants and in low-pressure industrial processes. 203-238-2700;; Booth 2038

Vaughan Company Chopper Pump

At its core, a true chopper pump consists of a rotating impeller with cupped and sharpened leading edges, cutting against stationary fingers at the entrance to the volute. The original patent was applied for in 1960 by Vaughan founder, Jim Vaughan. Vaughan has introduced many new chopper pump models covering a broad range of heads and flow, greatly improved efficiencies, all incorporating numerous patented cutting features. Including upper cutters, stationary cutter bars and other cutting features is fundamental to chopping and clearing problematic materials. This protects downstream components which is vital to the effectiveness of wastewater systems. 360-249-4042;; Booth 2379

Wachs Utility Products DWG 416

The DWG 416 diamond wire guillotine saw from Wachs Utility Products can be used to cut pipe from 4- to 16-inch O.D. Equipped with folding arms for ease of storage, transport and entry to tight locations, it uses a diamond-infused cutting wire to cut all materials quickly and precisely, including concrete lined and plastics. It mounts to the workpiece for safe operation, avoiding kickback injuries. It is hydraulic powered for long life, allowing for full water immersion. Its long-lasting diamond cutting wire delivers a low cost per cut. Two models are available — the DWG 208 for 2- to 8-inch O.D. and DWG 416 for 4- to 16-inch O.D. 847-537-8800;; Booth 743 

WinCan Web

Maintaining sewers starts with understanding sewer condition, and WinCan makes it easy to collect detailed, standards-compliant inspection data. It identifies trends, pinpoints hot spots, prioritizes maintenance and lets you forecast budgets. Its broad range of reporting and data visualization tools lets you drill down to the insight you need. Now, WinCan Web helps get more from the sewer inspection data collected. The cloud-based platform lets you share inspection data with anyone — instantly and securely online; view video, maps and observations on any device with a browser; safeguard your data with automatic offsite backups; and reduce IT costs and overhead. It replaces unreliable methods of sharing inspection data — such as printouts, DVDs, emails and thumb drives — with cloud-based collaboration. And it works with all brands of sewer inspection equipment. 877-626-8386;; Booth 2907

World Water Works inDENSE

World Water Works’ inDENSE system increases process throughput and performance through the selection of dense sludge aggregates with improved MLSS settling and the promotion of enhanced biological phosphorus removal bacteria. It’s a gravimetric selection technology that provides a method for retaining the denser biomass while wasting out the lighter (unwanted) fraction of the MLSS in the treatment system. It can enhance nitrogen and phosphorus removal, promote denser sludge selection, and serve as a solution for poor settling MLSS. It reduces and/or completely eliminates chemistry for settling/TP removal, and can be easily integrated into any existing plant. It offers a minimization of sludge loss and operational stability. 800-607-7873;; Booth 1861

YSI VARiON Plus 700 IQ H

The VARiON Plus 700 IQ H is YSI’s Class I, Division 2 rated sensor for measuring ammonium and nitrate in hazardous locations. It is an ISE probe and works directly with IQ SensorNet for process monitoring and control. IQ SensorNet is the only networked water quality monitoring system available that can measure ammonium and nitrate in C1D2-rated areas. The unit conforms with NFPA standard 820 to reduce the potential of fire or explosion in hazardous locations in wastewater treatment facilities. The sensor is reliable and a safer option for measuring nitrate and ammonium in aeration basins that are not preceded by a primary settling tank. 937-767-7241;; Booth 1808 


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