Product Spotlight - January 2022

Product Spotlight - January 2022

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WinCan Web continues to be a valuable platform to help municipalities streamline tasks. But that doesn’t mean WinCan has stopped attempting to improve the product. The company recently announced the release of Web Flex, a powerful new cloud-based platform for managing, sharing, editing and analyzing wastewater inspection data.

While the original launch of WinCan Web focused on project management and communication tasks, Web Flex adds functionality with creation and editing features. It allows users to create projects, drop media directly into the web, and instantly log observations from any internet-enabled device. Projects can be scored and reports generated from directly within the platform.

“It’s a unique link between the coding office and the field, allowing for more effective remote workflows and more productive inspections,” says Mike Russin, general manager of WinCan in the Americas. “But more importantly, it is a gateway to WinCan artificial intelligence via Sewermatics. Field teams can focus on collection and limit time on roadways as the Sewermatics’ AI-powered coding team processes the footage in the Web Flex media bucket. Paired with Sewermatics and WinCan VX, Web Flex ties the WinCan ecosystem together, creating a comprehensive inspection solution designed to get jobs done quickly and safely.”

These changes open up new workflows for sewer inspection teams, allowing them to prioritize speed and efficiency. It creates flexible remote workflows for field and office teams to work simultaneously on the same project. If legacy inspections need to be re-evaluated for precision, re-scored using new standards, or offloaded to a third-party like Sewermatics, you can do it all online in Web Flex.

“With COVID-19-related operational shifts putting an emphasis on remote workflows, more people are going mobile than ever before,” says Russin. “But even before the pandemic, the wastewater industry was trending toward digital sewer inspection workflows. WinCan Web Flex is a response to the growing demand for flexible, cloud-based inspection solutions that offer efficient collaboration between field and office teams.”

According to Russin, technology that gives utility workers mobility is a prized acquisition. “Customers love that they can work remotely and bring work materials home with them,” he says. “At the end of the day, not only does Web Flex allow them to employ more productive workflows in the field, it also brings convenience to the coding side of inspection work, which doesn’t need to be completed out in the field.” 877-626-8386;


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