Product Focus: Pipeline Inspection, Surveying and Mapping

Product Focus: Pipeline Inspection, Surveying and Mapping
General Pipe Cleaners

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Acoustic Inspection

General Pipe Cleaners Gen-Ear LE

The Gen-Ear LE from General Pipe Cleaners is an easy-to-use, economical water leak locator with strong sound amplification. It can be used to pinpoint water leaks in residential and commercial waterlines. The compact amplifier fits easily in the palm of your hand. It provides noise-free amplification with built-in preset audio filters, so you don’t have to guess what settings to use. High-performance headphones with noise cancellation block out interference from surrounding ambient noise. The advanced acoustic sensor listens for the gurgling or hammering of water escaping from a cracked pipe under any surface, like concrete, tile, grass or carpet. For especially hard to find leaks, the Sound Amplification Module adds air to the line, increasing the water pressure, thus amplifying the leak sounds and making them easier to locate. 800-245-6200;

Crawler Cameras

Aries Industries Mobile Pathfinder System

The Mobile Pathfinder System from Aries Industries is a lightweight, portable system for accurately inspecting mainlines that are 6 inches or larger. It includes a powerful transporter, camera and lightweight reel; these components are operated by an all-in-one remote control. The transporter comes in a variety of wheel sizes and is equipped with a rear-viewing camera and an adjustable electric lift to keep the camera centered in a range of pipe sizes. It features a WiperCam pan-and-tilt camera with an in-the-pipe cleaning system and field-replaceable wipers. The camera has a 300-degree viewing angle and LED lighting system to capture pipe details and ensure accurate assessments. The lightweight reel has 1,000 feet of low-friction, multiconductor cable, making the system fully portable. 800-234-7205;

CUES Steerable Pipe Ranger II

The CUES Steerable Pipe Ranger II is a rugged and versatile robotic camera transporter designed to traverse silt, mud and debris commonly found in storm and sanitary sewers. It is designed with single-point wheel removal to facilitate speedy configuration changes for various pipe diameters and conditions. The unique built-in two-speed transmission doubles the torque of the unit to produce maximum pulling power in large-diameter pipe when the 10.5-inch-diameter tires are installed. 800-327-7791;

Envirosight ROVVER X

The ROVVER X from Envirosight is the pipe inspection system that lets an operator do everything, including run inspections, view and record video, log observations, generate reports, and link directly to asset management software. The Flexspection sewer video capture platform adds even more capabilities to this versatile system. Three video resolution options (SD and HD) allow operators to change file size and resolution depending on the needs of each inspection. Twelve wheel options enable ROVVER X to inspect lines from 4 to 96 inches. Its six-wheel drive with proportional steering navigates past obstacles, and overlapping wheels climb offsets with ease. Powerful motors and a geared drivetrain maximize travel range. Not only can you add side-scanning, laser profiling and lateral launch, you can view data from onboard sensors and assess defects on-screen. The system’s firmware updates automatically to the latest features. 866-838-3763;


The TROGLOTREK municipal-grade pipe crawler from Medit is a robotic inspection camera for everyday tough jobs that can inspect pipes from 4 inches and up and requires no additional equipment such as a dedicated truck or generator. This system is fully contained and only has two pieces: a 984-foot cable reel with an integrated control post and a tractor. The tractor offers front and rear cameras and interchangeable rechargeable batteries as the primary power source, making the vehicle zero-emission. In addition, the tractor comes with different diameter wheels, and an extension kit can be added for larger pipes. The whole system can be carried and operated by one person, and this portability allows the crawler to be deployed in minutes in places a vehicle-based system can’t access. 877-613-2210;


RapidView IBAK North America 3D GeoSense

Included in all IKAS Evolution bundles is a revolutionary system that gives you the power to map mainline and lateral pipelines with accuracy and speed. Starting from the mainline sewer, the 3D GeoSense sensor from RapidView IBAK North America tracks the movement of the camera as it travels through the lateral, capturing distance, position and depth in three-dimensional space. The XYZ coordinates can be determined when the camera is moving both forward and backward, immediately providing the operator a real-life site plan with the width, length and elevation data of the lateral being inspected. This data can then be exported directly into all common sewer data formats and is compatible with other sewer software. The NANO, ORION, POLARIS and ORPHEUS 2.0 cameras all have the option of having the sensor installed. This powerful tool opens up options for acquiring and using positional data for underground utilities. 800-656-4225;

Mainline TV Camera Systems

Electric Eel eCAM Pro 2

The eCAM Pro 2 from Electric Eel has a built-in battery cradle that accepts a Milwaukee M18 battery. This allows for operation in remote locations or anywhere electricity is not available. This feature is now standard on all eCAM units. Features include a 1.68-inch self-leveling color camera with sapphire lens and housed in rugged stainless steel, a 20 LED light ring with an impact-resistant polycarbonate light ring cover and a high-resolution element. A flexible camera spring navigates 3-inch elbows. The unit comes standard with 200 feet of premium 1/2-inch-diameter pushrod (reel capacity available up to 400 feet), industry-standard 512 Hz sonde, 10.4-inch daylight-readable monitor with click-touch controls, and one-touch recording directly to a USB flash drive, voice-over recording, an 8X zoom function, 8-inch wheels for easy maneuverability and a secure-locking reel brake. 800-833-1212;

EPL Solutions Gvision V7

The Gvision V7 from EPL Solutions is a ruggedized, elite camera system that can be purchased as a mainline with 200, 300 or 400 feet of stiff yet flexible pushrod, or a 150-foot mini-camera. Instantly capture video recordings and snapshots with the press of a button and access them anytime within the internal storage. The tech will never have to wonder where a video was taken as geolocation information is automatically attached and displayed on recordings. Add text overlay using the camera reel or a USB keyboard. Copy recordings and snapshots on two USB flash drives at once, or share them using the Gvision app. The app allows the user to remotely control, preview and download video inspections for easy sharing. Users can capture every detail with the color camera head clearly displayed on a 10.4-inch TruView LCD screen. Add an internal battery for up to six hours of runtime. 714-453-9760;

Hathorn Wi-Fi DuraSCOPE

Hathorn’s Wi-Fi DuraSCOPE inspection cameras offer the convenience of streaming video inspections to an Apple or Android mobile device using the free PipeSTREAM app. It can be used to take screenshots, overlay voice commentary and share videos with up to four devices. It has the choice of DuraCAM self-leveling or straight-view camera heads in multiples sizes and an on-screen footage counter. Municipal-grade camera reels are built tough, with butt-welded steel-frame construction, stainless steel camera heads and a choice of HDPE premium pushrod size. It has 512 Hz sonde control and external 18-volt Milwaukee battery compatibility for quick swap-outs and longer time in the field. 866-428-4676;

Minicam Proteus LAT150

The Proteus LAT150 from Minicam can inspect lateral pipes up to 150 feet and has an overall tractor crawl distance up to 1,150 feet. The launch mechanism can be adjusted and serviced on site, minimizing downtime and reducing running costs. The unit has 8x8 wheel drive, keeping inspections moving through potential obstructions in the pipe. A hinged midsection on the tractor allows for easy access into 12-inch manholes and runs in mainlines from 6 inches and up. The pan-and-rotate camera is less than 2 inches and includes twin lasers, providing accurate pipe diameter, defect and object measurements every time. 734-744-5557;

MyTana PGR400

MyTana’s PGR400 push camera has the range and rigidity to inspect long laterals and small mains, with the choice of a 400- or 325-foot pushrod for use in lines 4 to 12 inches in diameter. The reel has a brake with adjustable drag to help manage the pushrod as you work. A self-leveling camera head with adjustable LED illumination delivers crisp video footage and includes a built-in 512 Hz sonde. The control box mounts securely on a full swivel bracket so you can position the 12-inch daylight-readable monitor for best viewing. All-digital recording lets you save footage to internal storage or USB flash drive. Operators can also stream video wirelessly to multiple devices. The rugged frame has balanced weight and anti-skid feet for easy maneuvering. A skid and camera guides for the camera head help jump offsets and navigate bends. 800-328-8170;

RIDGID SeeSnake microReel APX

The RIDGID SeeSnake microReel APX is designed to optimize inspections and engineered with a lightweight, compact profile for easy portability. It has bright LED lights with high color accuracy and auto-flip imagery delivering crisp, detailed images and ensuring upright viewing angles in a variety of pipe conditions. Paired with TruSense technology, this tool delivers an in-pipe image with superior clarity, detail and fewer blown-out areas and sections of the pipe that are too dark to see. TiltSense measures the camera’s angle and, when connected to a SeeSnake series monitor, the camera can convey the camera’s degree of tilt on the monitor. This gives professionals a useful indicator of the pitch of the camera in-pipe. It also comes with a built-in kickstand for in-field versatility with multiple configurations for optimal operation. 800-474-3443;

Spartan Tool Explorer

The Explorer modular camera system from Spartan Tool has a control box that is compatible with five different pushrods up to 400 feet in length, letting the user quickly adapt to any environment. Included WinCan software allows the user to map full plumbing systems for future reference, and files can be saved to a WinCan account, the cloud, external USB drives and the system’s internal storage. The stainless steel camera head provides a crisp color picture to the superbright, sunlight-readable LCD. Change out reels to create a system that provides the ability to tackle any size job. 800-435-3866;

Subsite Electronics Private Eye II

The Private Eye II inspection system from Subsite Electronics is a suitable solution for easements, off-road manholes or any hard-to-get-to location. It is also well suited for smaller municipalities or contractors desiring the power and capabilities of a full mainline inspection system in an affordable, all-inclusive mobile package. It is compatible with all the company’s mainline cameras and tractors. When combined with the Compact Portable Reel with single-conductor cable, it can inspect 4- to 200-inch-diameter pipelines up to 1,000 feet in length. 800-767-1974;


Vivax-Metrotech VMMap Utility Mapping App

The VMMap Utility Mapping App from Vivax-Metrotech records data from the field, which is instantly available online via the VMMap Cloud web portal, or can be shared using the email function in the app. Location data is obtained from the mobile phone, or an external GPS device of your choice. Depth readings, GPS coordinates, the distance between locates and more are captured as data logs and can be saved as .xls, .txt, .shp and .kml extension files. The image capture feature allows the user to attach a JPEG format image to the surveys. This is useful to add points of interest or a snapshot of the completed survey. The app generates maps in real-time, giving confidence to the field technician that the data being collected is accurate. 800-446-3392;


AllMax Software Antero

Tracking equipment and assets is a core part of Antero from AllMax Software. The equipment section creates comprehensive records on equipment with as much detail as needed, including description, location, original value and vendor information. Enter consequence of failure and probability of failure numbers to calculate asset criticality. Review work order templates and procedures that have been created for a piece of equipment, open work orders and maintenance history. Keep track of equipment with the mapping feature. It sets up reporting success with numerous built-in stock reports, including usage and cost reports, vendor and ordering information, and employee labor. Custom reports are also available as a service through the technical support department. 800-670-1867;

ITpipes Esri Solution

ITpipes provides CCTV pipe inspection planning, prioritizing, field collection and data management tools in the fully integrated Esri Solution. This integration allows agencies to turn pipe inspections into mapped, actionable intelligence. Streamlined data management and powerful reporting with dynamic mapping help agencies to take their infrastructure maintenance program from proactive to predictive. Consuming its feature services, maps are automatically updated within ITpipes Web. With ITpipes Sync, the maps are automatically updated on ITpipes Mobile on the field inspection vehicle every night, assuring that all team members are working from the same GIS map. With asset management system integrations, agencies can increase efficiencies thanks to seamless bidirectional automated integrations. It transfers, reassigns and organizes work orders, tracks planned and unplanned completed work, and gives inspection access to all AMS users. 877-487-4737;

WinCan Web Enterprise-Tier Features

WinCan Web’s tier of enterprise features enable fast and simple work order management with a detailed inspection manager, built-in dashboards and enterprise mapping capabilities. The dashboards offer an array of inspection metrics that give users the ability to drill down into individual wastewater assessment results and crew progress. A series of enterprise maps also give leadership a sky-high view of a city’s sewer system and where inspections are taking place throughout the day. It helps wastewater and sewer managers track maintenance and inspection work orders and determine the progress of each. This not only increases productivity for office teams creating and monitoring work orders, but allows tracking the progress of individual crews throughout the day, providing an enhanced layer of accountability and team management. 877-626-8386; 


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