Product Spotlight: Insertion valve designed for quick install, low downtime

Product Spotlight: Insertion valve designed for quick install, low downtime

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Access to constantly flowing, clean water is the lifeblood of a community. But delivering that water requires consistent maintenance and upkeep on the distribution system. That’s why it’s important that when components require upgrades, those repairs can be made as quickly and seamlessly as possible. That’s one of the main selling points of the PermaSeal Insertion Valve from Mueller Water Products.

The PermaSeal Insertion Valve, the newest member of Mueller’s popular 2300 series gate valve product line, is a true resilient wedge gate valve that meets AWWA C-515 and C-223 industry standards and is compatible with most major pipe types. Developed with “clean seat” technology, this insert valve solution offers reliable and repeatable watertight shutoff suitable for utilities’ exercise programs. The gate seats on the precision-cast surface of the valve body and not on the host pipe, with no recess/pocket in the bottom of the gate seat area to trap sediment or debris. It integrates the functionality and performance of the Mueller A-2361 Resilient Wedge Gate Valve with the Mueller H-600 Series Ductile Iron Tapping Sleeve to allow for insertion into existing water mains with minimal service disruption and dependable service life.

“Mueller continues introducing new, innovative products to help our customers realize efficiencies and lower costs,” says Adam Donnelly, vice president and general manager of the Iron Gate Valves at Mueller. “Combining our ductile iron tapping sleeve with our industry-leading resilient wedge gate valve, the PermaSeal Insertion Valve provides the ability to install a highly reliable, in-line valve without shutting off water service, lowering or eliminating water disruptions while saving on installation time and cost compared to other methods.”

Standard and oversized variants are available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inches, and can be inserted into an existing water main with minimal service disruption. The installation equipment adopts Mueller CL-12 and C1-36 drilling machines for cutting and valve insertion operations. Mueller also offers a line of PermaSeal Insertion Valve installation equipment that has been designed to ease common installation difficulties and comes as two independent sets intended to service individual size ranges of 4 to 8 inches and 10 to 12 inches. 800-423-1323;


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