Product Focus: Flow Control and Monitoring

Product Focus: Flow Control and Monitoring

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Data Loggers and Management

1. Hermann Sewerin GmbH SePem 155

SePem 155 data loggers from Hermann Sewerin GmbH are suitable for mobile use and can also be used for the stationary monitoring of water supply networks. The SePem 01 Master, with its simple and intuitive menu navigation, provides fast and reliable results and can also be reliably operated by less experienced users. The measuring times and periods of radio activity are freely programmable. In a pipe network, water loss caused by a number of smaller leaks added together is likely to be considerably higher than the loss caused by a few spectacular pipe bursts visible on the surface. Noise loggers are capable of reliably detecting both types of leak site — slowly growing and spontaneously occurring. 888-592-9916;

Flow Control/Monitoring Equipment

2. Badger Meter ModMAG M2000

Water treatment and distribution applications can be complex and result in limited pipe runs to install flowmeters. When space runs out, the ModMAG M2000 electromagnetic flowmeter from Badger Meter is a solution, delivering accuracies of ±1% with zero straight run required or ±0.2% with appropriate straight run. It effectively measures water, wastewater, water-based fluids and other liquids that meet minimum electrical conductivity. It has a full-bore design, which means there is no size reduction resulting in undesirable pressure drops. 877-243-1010;

3. Blue-White Industries BW DIGIMETER F-2000 Series

BW DIGIMETER F-2000 Series electronic insertion style flowmeters from Blue-White Industries are quickly installed on IPS (ASTM-D-1785) pipe sizes from 1 1/2 through 12 inches. The electronic display and communication enclosure can be mounted directly to the sensor, or remotely mounted to a pipe or panel. Standard models display flow rate and accumulated total flow, and they include an NPN open collector output for communication with data loggers, SCADA systems and other external devices. Optional 4-20mA / 0-10 volts DC plug-in circuitry can be added for additional communication requirements. Optional batch processing plug-in circuitry includes an 8-amp relay board that adds manual or automatic batch processing capability, or a high/low flow rate alarm output. The electronics can be battery operated using four standard AA-size batteries, or AC powered using a 15-24-volt DC plug-in transformer. A battery backup option is also available. Battery life in standard mode is a minimum of one year. 714-893-8529;

4. Franklin Electric Cerus X-Drive

Designed for variable torque applications up to 600 hp, the Cerus X-Drive is Franklin Electric’s all-inclusive drive solution for a variety of markets. Available as a standalone drive and in multiple enclosed configurations, these panels are built to last, according to the maker, with every detail and component centered around the application’s specific requirements. It can be paired with a choice of motors and pumps to maximize the performance of the application. 866-271-2859;

5. Mueller Water Products Cellular Node

The Mueller Water Products Cellular Node is designed for water network agility, enabling utilities to connect meters to their AMI network in areas or across the entire distribution system by leveraging existing cellular infrastructure, eliminating the need for maintenance. The node is a Network-as-a-Service endpoint solution that communicates with encoded water meters, including meters that are already in operation. Like other Mueller nodes, it feeds consumption data directly to the Sentryx Water Intelligence Platform, which provides utilities with a holistic view and insights into the health of their distribution systems such as water pressure, meter management and operation service, and leak detection. On this secure platform, utilities can easily add more water meter data points to the metering module without having to reconfigure the entire platform architecture, providing a true network-in-a-box solution for water systems of any size. 800-423-1323;

6. Orenco Controls OLS Control Panels

OLS Control Panels from Orenco Controls come with the choice of either integrated starters or variable-frequency drives that optimize system operation. These panels are suitable for a variety of pumping applications such as lift stations, stormwater pump stations, water boosting, dewatering or sludge pumping. They can also be used as a SCADA patch, connecting peripheral equipment to future or existing SCADA systems. Parameters can be configured via a human-machine interface and include a user-friendly startup wizard. Engineers can preprogram user interfaces to the site-specific needs of an installation, making the panel virtually plug-and-play. Maintenance staff can easily adjust settings and monitor the system remotely. These weatherproof control panels are UL 508A listed and include service-rated circuit protection, phase and voltage protection, and level controls. 877-257-8712;

7. PRIMEX Eco Smart Station

The Eco Smart Station control system from PRIMEX provides a safe, energy-efficient solution for optimum pump control in municipal lift station applications. It uses the latest technology in VFD, microprocessor-based controller, data storage and communication capabilities available. It achieves up to 30% energy savings using an efficiency auto-tune algorithm that searches for the pump speed that will consume the least amount of energy per gallons of liquid pumped. It is housed in a multiple-compartment Arc Armor Enclosure, reducing the risk of injury resulting from electric shock and exposure to arc flash. It features the Energy View controller powered by kW Logix software, an energy-efficient solution. The color touch-screen HMI provides level control, pump alternation, flow monitoring, data logging, alarm logging and historical trending, and comes equipped with a SD memory card for data storage and download. It is available in 29 models, from 10 to 100 hp. 844-477-4639;



ABB has updated its KPM KC7 microwave consistency transmitter portfolio with a larger flow-through sensor to fit process pipes with a diameter of up to 16 inches, giving the choice to measure the total consistency of mixed pulps with a flow-through sensor. The enlarged flow-through model, extending from a previous maximum of 12 inches, expands ABB’s market reach to those with wider diameter pipes that previously could only use insertion types, but now can consider both. The larger size, capturing the whole pipe diameter, provides precise, reliable measurements of total consistency regardless of flow rate for superior process control. 800-435-7365;

9. Eastech Flow Controls iTracker Sensors

Eastech Flow Controls’ iTracker Sensors can pinpoint I&I problems down to adjacent manholes and generate data-rich analytics, alerts and sophisticated reports for municipal wastewater engineers. These devices install easily under manholes and have quickly located blockages in municipal wastewater systems that engineers previously spent years trying to find. They allow municipalities to become proactive and alert municipal wastewater engineers at the beginning of a storm or rain event as to where I&I issues will occur so that they can avoid what historically has resulted in very costly environmental problems. 800-226-3569;

10. Electro Scan ES-620 Sewer Probe

Electro Scan’s ES-620 Sewer Probe uses Focused Electrode Leak Location to unambiguously locate and measure all potential leaks in gpm. These include bad joints, cracks, holes, fractures, bad service reconnections and poorly cured liners. FELL uses a high-frequency low-voltage electrical signal to inspect the entirety of the pipe wall. A watertight pipe does not allow electricity to escape or “leak” from a piping system unless there is an opening in the pipe wall. The larger the opening, the greater the electric current, meaning a larger water leak, as described in ASTM F2550. The system provides reports and data within minutes of scan completion and is available as a standalone system or as an addition to an existing CCTV system, for pipes 6 inches and above. 916-779-0660;

11. Hawk Measurement CGR PoE Level Transmitter

The CGR PoE Level Transmitter from Hawk Measurement is a guided Radar Power over Ethernet product that provides secure in-plant and remote monitoring, as well as remote sensor setup, diagnostics and troubleshooting abilities. If any troubleshooting is required, it will communicate to remote service technicians for offsite diagnostics, sensor health and reconfiguration, without the need to climb a tank or enter the facility. It can connect to an online portal, the HawkEye365, which can monitor multiple tanks worldwide in real time. This monitoring portal provides accessibility to critical data such as the ability to view volume, space, material height, historical trending, alarms and alerts, sensor setup and diagnostics. Plant level operator screens are customized to the company’s specifications to include control room level and operations level interface screens. The graphical user interface is common throughout and permissions can be set for different tiers such as plant level, finance, or executive level. 888-429-5538;

12. Pulsar Measurement dBi-Modbus

Pulsar Measurement’s dBi-Modbus intelligent ultrasonic level sensors are suitable for remote installations. These transducers include DATEM (Digital Adaptive Tracking of Echo Movement) signal processing for precise and repeatable results in challenging applications, with measurement range options from 4.9 inches to 49.2 feet. It only takes one second to power on and make a measurement. When connected to a wireless telemetry device, power consumption is as little as 5 micro-amp hours. Alternatively, connect it to an existing Modbus network to take advantage of the performance full time. It is ready for challenging environments with ATEX approvals, IP68 protection and an operating temperature range of -40 to 176 degrees F. 888-473-9546;


13. ADS Environmental Services PRISM 3.0

The PRISM 3.0 solution platform from ADS Environmental Services equips users with the necessary tools to capture, analyze, store, report and visualize actionable answers to the industry’s most critical collections system problems — prioritizing sewer cleaning and preventing SSOs, assessing RDII and measuring and managing CSOs. Updates include a home screen map with updated notification tiles and GID mapping; a notification dashboard with customer level controls for setting alarms, tiered alarm escalation and contextual alarms using ANSR entities; and the ability to save configuration settings for the location dashboard. 800-633-7246;

14. Endress+Hauser Netilion Water Networks Insights

Netilion Water Network Insights from Endress+Hauser enables full transparency for water networks around the clock by providing reliable monitoring of flow, pressure, temperature, level, water quality and other measurements. The technology connects multiple sources in a single interface, including field devices, industrial controllers, data transfer components, data recording and archiving devices, analysis and forecasting tools, and others. The web-based interface provides users with complete system monitoring, and when limit values are exceeded, or in the event of failure, it delivers alarms to users via email, SMS or push notifications. All communication is encrypted and secure, even in remote regions with a self-sufficient power supply, providing data reliability and integrity. 888-363-7377;

15. WinCan Web

WinCan Web delivers a series of enterprise maps that give leadership a sky-high view of a city’s sewer system, and where inspections are taking place throughout the day. Designed for fast, easy project editing and defect coding, it provides avenues for processing and reviewing any type of data. Collect inspection data, then visualize results from anywhere with seamless integration with Esri’s ArcGIS online or on the WinCan Maps native mapping software. The program’s enterprise-tier inspection manager helps wastewater and sewer managers track maintenance and inspection work orders and determine the progress of each. This not only increases productivity for office teams creating and monitoring work orders, but allows tracking the progress of individual crews throughout the day, providing an enhanced layer of accountability and team management. 877-626-8386;


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