Product Spotlight: Flexible inspection platform a fit for remote sites

Product Spotlight: Flexible inspection platform a fit for remote sites

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Sewer inspection requirements tend to vary with every job. Sometimes a crew needs crystal clear footage to assess every inch of a pipe’s interior. Sometimes, though, they need to minimize a file size for easy data transfer. And there’s often a call for something in between.

Flexspection from Envirosight is a flexible, unified sewer video capture platform that provides those options. With three video resolution settings to choose from, it lets operators strike just the right balance for the variety of jobs they face on a day-to-day basis. And it’s built to adapt and change as your needs change, too.

“There’s no such thing as a typical sewer inspection anymore,” says Allison Symonds, senior marketing communications manager for Envirosight. “Sometimes you need flexible data that can quickly transfer from remote work sites. Sometimes you need high-resolution images to pinpoint exact defects in a pipe. When demands vary from pipe to pipe, you need powerful technology that can keep your team on track.”

With Flexspection, resolution can be throttled according to your needs and digital bandwidth. Users can choose from SD resolution, which is nimble and easy to share; 720p HD, which is robust, detailed and portable; and 1080p HD, which is crystal clear and high res.

“Choose the resolution that meets your needs — your workflow, your upload capacity, your client’s preferences, your data storage method, your asset management solution, your everything,” Symonds says.

Flexspection was designed not just for today’s work orders, but for future inspection protocol, too. Using its multiresolution capabilities means the user is ready to adopt emerging technologies like AI-assisted inspections and automated defect coding. And rolling out things like photogrammetry and on-screen feature measurement is easy when your digital platform is built to adapt, according to Symonds. Flexspection makes it easy to adapt to changing demands and keep regulators satisfied. And contractors deploying Flexpection can easily use the same crawler and software across multiple clients, projects and standards.

“Wastewater requirements for inspection can vary across cities, states and regulatory jurisdictions, and standards are changing,” she says. “Municipalities need to stay up to code, now and in the future, ensuring that inspection data remains compliant and actionable.”

Flexspection is exclusively available with the ROVVER X sewer inspection crawler system. 866-227-9845;


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