Product Spotlight: Manhole shoring boxes keep utility workers out of harm’s way

Product Spotlight: Manhole shoring boxes keep utility workers out of harm’s way

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Underground sewer maintenance work today utilizes many trenchless construction and rehabilitation procedures designed to reduce the need to dig trenches or excavations to install and maintain these systems. However, many heavy-duty manhole construction and rehabilitation excavations still require wide, deep trenches suitable for entry. That’s why taking proper shoring precautions with every manhole excavation is paramount for keeping work crews safe and on the job.

Xtream Duty Manhole Boxes from Pinnacle Manufacturing are strong enough to handle the pressure from unstable soil conditions and provide a safe space for workers, protecting them from a trench collapse. Whether digging the foundation for a building or laying pipes or wires, these manhole boxes ensure worker safety and can play a major role in the prevention of cave-ins and injuries.

“Pinnacle Xtream Duty products are constructed with precision materials that provide the ability to reduce weight, offer the highest pipe clearance and maintain the ability to reach or exceed industry expected depth ratings,” says Matthew Bliss, director of engineering for Pinnacle Manufacturing. 

Manhole boxes help maintain a safe working environment for workers. They are specifically designed to offer protection on the third and fourth sides of a trench or excavation. Working in any kind of trench is accompanied by the risk of injury, as a dangerous situation can easily come up. Pipework can be a dangerous task, but fitting a manhole box around the work area is an easy way to avoid accidents and injuries.

Xtream Duty Manhole Boxes come standard with tapered dog doors for ease of access in regard to the municipal and maintenance sectors of excavations. These boxes are intended for use in excavations for water, sewer, gas and electrical installations. If the job requires, trench boxes are available for the more expansive projects.

“Pinnacle Manufacturing spent two years developing a product that meets and exceeds industry expectations while offering a competitive product, both in performance and delivery,” Bliss says. “Our customers have been impressed with the weight of our products first and foremost, as this reduces the overall logistics cost to the users. Secondly, customers have been impressed with the support from our quality, sales and engineering teams.” 256-840-8031;


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