Product Focus: Pumps, Lift Stations and Conveyance

Product Focus: Pumps, Lift Stations and Conveyance

Legacy Building Solutions tension fabric buildings

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Lift Stations/Components

Legacy Building Solutions Tension Fabric Buildings

Combining rigid-frame engineering with the proven benefits of tension fabric membranes, Legacy Building Solutions offers fabric structures that are fully customizable. They utilize a durable rigid frame in place of the hollow-tube, open web truss “hoop” framing traditionally used for fabric structures. The strength of the structural steel frame provides several engineering advantages, most notably the ability to easily customize buildings to the exact width, length and height required. In addition to long clear spans, the buildings have straight sidewalls that maximize the usable square footage inside the structure. The design allows for much more structural flexibility than traditional fabric structures, including the ability to add lean-tos, mezzanines, sidewall doors and more. The structures are also engineered to provide desired overhangs or handle additional loads for items such as sprinklers and conveyors. 877-259-1528;

RELINER/Duran conveyance products

RELINER/Duran provides a full range of products specifically developed to provide efficient, controlled conveyance of flow through manholes. Inside Drop Bowls capture inflow and convey it directly to the invert channel though the drop pipe. They are available with outlets ranging from 4 to 24 inches and are available to fit most round and flat-walled structures. Force line hoods are available for high velocity inlets. Stainless pipe support brackets securely fasten drop pipes or any other pipes to structure walls. Available in type 304 or type 316 stainless, they are noncorrosive and adjustable to align the drop pipe properly to the Drop Bowl. Modular manhole invert channels are made from marine-grade fiberglass, providing a consistent cross-sectional area with very high-flow capacity for the most efficient conveyance through the manhole. 800-508-6001;

Sauereisen RestoKrete No. 208

RestoKrete No. 208 epoxy modified cement mortar from Sauereisen is a substrate repair material and water-resistant barrier for the prevention of inflow and infiltration in concrete or brick substrates including pump stations and manholes. It is designed to fill voids, irregularities and air pockets in concrete. It is pumpable and sprayable, is easily applied by spincast or straight shot method, is trowel-able up to 1/2-inch thickness, is moisture tolerant, and is compatible with all SewerGard and ConoFlex systems. When mixed at the proper ratio of powder, liquid and hardener, a regular unit will yield 449 cubic inches per unit at 1/8-inch thickness. 412-963-0303;

Smith & Loveless CAPSULAR Underground Pump Station

The CAPSULAR Underground Pump Station from Smith & Loveless provides an operator-friendly and economical solution for large-flow pumping up to 20,000 gpm. With a Safe-Stair entryway module and integrated HVAC, the pump station design meets the OSHA definition of “designed for continuous human occupancy” and therefore does not require classification as confined space entry. It comes with simplified, yet powerful QUICKSMART touchscreen controls and a spacious interior offering a variety of user options including shelving, work desks, sinks and storage. The station is pre-engineered and fabricated, allowing for simple installation and future flow capacity increases via adaptation of additional pumps or larger rotating assemblies. 800-898-9122;



The AV|Max from ADS is an area-velocity sensor for the ADS TRITON+ monitors. The wetted sensor is installed directly in the pipe flow to provide consistent, high-quality data collection capability. Its low-profile, impact-resistant polycarbonate housing with recessed sensors brings new levels of durability in sewer flows. The sensor design is tested and proven to collect accurate and consistent data in depths from 1 to 60 inches and in flows of up to 30 feet per second. In areas of intermittent no-flows (dry-pipe) the company recommends the sensor can be used in combination with one of their non-contact sensors. The sensor measures four key parameters: depth — using ultrasonic UpDepth, depth — pressure, velocity — continuous wave ultrasonic Doppler, and water temperature. 877-237-9585;

Mueller Water Products EchoShore-DX

The EchoShore-DX leak monitoring system from Mueller Water Products has expanded to include the new valve-based sensors to complement the existing hydrant-based leak detection system. Both sensors are rugged and non-invasive, and they work together seamlessly. Ramp up your reliability with up to 10-year battery life and 5G network compatibility. Get coverage where you need it, and detect, locate and monitor leaks before they form. 800-423-1323;


A.Y. McDonald E-Series DuraMAC Water Pressure Booster System

A.Y. McDonald’s E-Series DuraMAC Water Pressure Booster System comes complete with easy setup instructions, all metal connections, a half-gallon pressure tank, and check valve. In addition, users experience a quiet operation due to the TEFC single-phase motor. Designed to shut off when no flow is detected, this solution gives an extra boost to water pressure. 800-292-2737;

Boerger BLUEline rotary lobe pumps

Boerger BLUEline rotary lobe pumps are a self-priming, valveless, positive displacement pump used for conveying viscous and abrasive materials. They are resistant to wear and provide pulsation-free operation. Operation is fully reversible, with dry run capability and flow rates up to 7,000 gpm. They are constructed with maintenance-in-place design, allowing for all wetted parts to be easily replaced through the front cover without the removal of pipe or drive systems. The pump conveys biosolids (primary, WAS, RAS, digested, thickened, etc.), grease, sewage, scum, lime slurry, alum sludge, permeate and polymers. 612-435-7300;

Crane Pumps & Systems Barnes RAZOR

The 2 hp Barnes RAZOR grinder pump from Crane Pumps & Systems is suitable for light commercial and residential solids-handling applications. It is designed with axial cutting technology to reduce solids like flushable wipes, diapers and other nonbiodegradable items. Maintenance is convenient with only a single tool needed for disassembly. The plug-and-play cord also provides easy servicing without requiring removal of epoxy in the conduit. Its 1.25-inch discharge is suitable for preconfigured packaged systems and turnkey solutions. It is available in the Barnes EcoTRAN Pressure Sewer System for grinding in tough terrain. It provides a practical and environmentally safe alternative to traditional gravity systems. Numerous configuration options are available. 937-778-8947;

Duperon Dual Auger System

Serving as an alternative to grinders and chopper pumps in the collections system and plant headworks, the Duperon Dual Auger System is comprised of two vertical, electrically driven, counter-rotating augers that catch, dewater, compact and remove rags, wipes and other debris from the waste stream. Each unit has a brushless, 0.71-inch bar screen that passes organics and conveys compacted nondissolvable debris to a discharge extension chute for disposal, as well as a built-in-bypass to avoid the risk of sewer backups during power outages. Utilities save time and money by eliminating the manual cleaning of clogged pumps. The compact, fully submersible unit can be installed in a wet well or manhole as small as 17 inches. 800-383-8479;

Industrial Flow Solutions OverWatch

Industrial Flow Solutions’ OverWatch pump system lifts influent at the point of entry, eliminating the wet well. Effluent is contained, eliminating odors and reducing maintenance. The stainless steel body is designed to withstand the effects of corrosion from harsh materials and solutions, making OverWatch an ideal solution for the municipal, industrial and commercial industries. In addition, the system has HMI touch-screen controls to further simplify operations. 860-631-3618;

JAECO Fluid Systems FRAM pumps

FRAM pumps from JAECO Fluid Systems are hydraulically actuated and designed for accurate, completely leakproof metering of difficult-to-handle liquids. The durable cast iron pumps are available in simplex or duplex with capacities ranging from 0.86 to 56 gph at operating pressures up to 1,200 psi. Liquid end options include 316 stainless steel, PVC or Alloy 20 and include single- or double-ball or poppet spring-loaded check valves. The pumps are customized to each customer’s specific needs and are designed for continuous use with minimal downtime. 877-778-3456;

Pioneer Pump Diesel-Driven Pump Packages

Pioneer Pump, a brand of Franklin Electric, offers a comprehensive range of diesel-driven pump packages including options for fixed and portable installations. These packages are built for tough environments and are available with vacuum-assisted priming, self-priming and standard centrifugal pump ends. Available in sizes up to 18 inches, the centrifugal pumps are designed to provide better flow, higher head and greater efficiency to meet unique challenges. Sound-attenuated enclosures are available for select models. Enclosures are manufactured from heavy-duty sound-deadening material to meet industry standards for noise reduction. All enclosures offer lockable door panels that can be removed in minutes without tools for easy and direct access to the pump. 503-266-4115;

Romtec Utilities site-specific pumping systems

Romtec Utilities specializes in the engineering and supply of sophisticated site-specific pumping systems for any application. The company supplies wastewater, stormwater, industrial, clean water, and potable pump stations. These packages include complete plan sets, specifications, all station components, documentation, warranty, and on-site services such as startup and testing. Custom designs include wastewater lift stations, stormwater pump stations, industrial process water pump stations, clear water pump stations, booster stations and flood control. 541-833-0761;

Zoeller Pump 72 HD Series

Zoeller Pump’s 10 and 15 hp 72 HD Series is an expansion to its existing grinder product offering now ranging from 1 to 15 hp. The units include a dual-carbon ceramic shaft seal, moisture and thermal sensor, a buna-n gasket to protect the 3,450 rpm motor, and class F windings. Pumps are available in 208, 230, 460 or 575 volts using a three-phase connection. The 3- or 4-inch ANSI flanged horizontal discharge allows for easy adaption to competitor grinder or solids handling rail systems. Pumping performance ranges from 250 feet at shut off and a max flow at 150 gpm at 50 feet TDH. Removable legs clear the bottom of the pump to allow debris to flow easier into the cutter assembly when used with a guide rail assembly. This assembly uses a 440 stainless steel with a Rockwell C hardness of 55-60 cutter and cutter plate in a scissor-like cutting motion that reduces solids down to 1/8 inch. 800-928-7867;


Flomatic Model 4082S6 Stainless Steel Ball Check Valve

With today’s increasing use of nondegradable sanitary products, Flomatic offers the AIS compliant Model 4082S6 ball check valve. It is now available in a full 316 stainless steel 8-inch design. It is designed according to AWWA C508 standard lay lengths, and incorporates a self-cleaning nitrile (Buna-N) covered metal ball featuring no sharp edges or snag points — helping to prevent clogging from nondegradable sanitary products. There are no moving parts except for the Buna-N vulcanized metal ball, which moves out of the flow path, resulting in reduced headloss. 800-833-2040;

SCADA System

PRIMEX icontrol

icontrol from PRIMEX is a suitable solution for operators seeking all the benefits of a full automation and control system without the expense and hassle of owning and maintaining these technologies. The cloud-based solution provides full SCADA functionality with secure remote access to an existing control infrastructure through a managed data center. There is no SCADA-related hardware, software, or licensing to buy, manage or maintain. It interfaces to an existing local PLC control and telemetry network, offering accessibility, full SCADA/HMI, process control, monitoring and alarming, data and reporting, and asset management. Process information is transferred via secure data connection (cellular, broadband, satellite, etc.) to PRIMEX’s data center. Each client then has secure access to its individual system from nearly any internet-enabled device. 844-477-4639;


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