Product News - May 2023

Product News - May 2023

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Festo VZXA actuated angle seat valves

The Festo VZXA family of pneumatically actuated angle seat valves delivers installation, maintenance, operational and inventory benefits thanks to a unique modular design. When a VZXA actuator is removed for maintenance or changeover, the stem, seat and seal stay inside the valve body, allowing the process system to remain pressurized. In applications containing hazardous materials, those materials reside safely within the system, saving cleaning time and lowering health and safety risks of contamination. The actuator does not have to be pressurized, which eliminates strain on the stem, seat and seal and lowers the potential of damaging the valve seat. The modular design is ideal for valve manifold applications where speedy assembly, ease of maintenance and compact size are advantages. The universal fit between actuators and valve bodies simplifies ordering and inventory management. 800-993-3786;

IDEC Corp. BTBH-H surface-mount terminal blocks

IDEC Corp.’s new BTBH-H easy-stack product line of surface-mount terminal blocks provide any number of connection poles without special tools or fittings. BTBH-H blocks are available in four different amp ratings — 10A, 15A, 30A and 50A — and can be ordered as individual components, or as complete assemblies by amp rating for 2 to 30 poles. The terminal blocks are assembled in a twist-and-snap-together fashion, without the need for special tools, connecting rods, or DIN rails, resulting in a very low installation height. Users can easily add or remove terminals at any time, as required by specification changes or maintenance work. Terminal blocks with different current values can be combined for applications with different wire diameters, and the blocks are mountable to the surface of any electrical or control back panel with standard M4 self-tapping screws. 800-262-4332;

Vermeer vacuum excavator with optional water kit

Vermeer expands the capabilities of its CS GT vacuum excavators with an optional water kit. The optional water kit for the Vermeer CS GT comes with a 100-gallon freshwater tank and a pump capable of delivering 2,500 psi at a flow rate of 3.5 gpm. The water kit is factory installed and available on all new CS GT models. 352-728-2222;

Cherne heavy-duty poly lift line

Cherne Industries, part of the Oatey family of companies, introduced its heavy duty poly lift line, engineered to outlast the harshest environments as pipe plugs are inflated or deflated. Available in lengths ranging from 10 to 50 feet, the poly lift line is designed with a 3/8-inch heavy-duty inside diameter hose, covered with an industrial grade, heavy-duty spiral wrap. Its hardware and fittings are made of stainless steel, and a heavy-duty rubber cover protects the line’s gauge. The lift line comes with clear-coated zinc-plated steel hooks and industrial quick disconnects. 800-843-7584; 

OZ Lifting XR Series davit cranes

OZ Lifting Products has launched its XR Series of davit cranes for wastewater and water operators. The Winona, Minnesota-based manufacturer has released the model in 500 and 1,000-pound capacities, but the long reach of the range is a standout benefit for operators. Where other davit cranes typically have reduced capacity when it is in the longest reaching position, this series maintains its maximum capacity rating in all configurations. This means wastewater and water professionals can lift more weight, further out, which presents many benefits for numerous lifting and material handling applications. The smaller crane weighs only 57 pounds and the larger crane weighs 95 pounds. Both have a maximum 62-inch reach and maximum hook height of 87 inches. 800-749-1064;


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